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Found 1 result

  1. Hello and welcome, First off i would like to give a big shout out to Dutch Passion Tony for sending me these test seeds free of charge. Il be starting this seedling under one of Grow Northern's HS1 LED with three extra units to be added later. The seedling, after propagation will be transplanted into the 55 Litre Alien Pro Single Bucket system. To avoid any root diseases and to add an organic super boost to the regime, a Beneficial Tea will be brewed weekly using ingredients from The Nutrient Company. Strain Information : New variety! Available from 1st January 2016! Think Big® is a new high performance AutoFem based on the legendary Think Different genetics. Think Big® was created after a small number of special XXL Think Different plants were selected from hundreds of plants grown from seed and used as the genetic basis for Think Big®. Think Big® can grow taller (1.5m+) and bigger than Think Different AutoFem and takes a couple of weeks longer to finish. The two to three extra weeks that Think Big® needs to finish are responsible for the amazing big yields she offers when treated with love. Resin coverage is often sensational, the cannabis is strong and numbing with a soaring sativa high. The taste has hints of citrus, lemon and incense. Harvest time is typically 13-14 weeks after germination and yields both indoors and outdoors have XXL potential. Exceptional autoflowering genetics have just been pushed to the next level! The Set Up : Prima Klima PK 125mm 420m3/h Extraction Fan PHRESH FILTER 400M3/H Carbon Filter WINFLEX CLIP FAN 13W (x2) Desk-Top Fan 60w 18 inch DarkRoom DR 120 II ISOBOX BOX-IT-YOURSELF FOR EXTRACTOR FANS THERMO-HYDROMETER WITH PROBE (x4) Dime-able Oil Filled Electric Radiator 1800-200w Blue-Lab PH Pen Blue-Lab EC Pen Growing Equipment : Grow Northern HS1 LED (x4) 55 Litre Alien Hydroponics Single Bubbler Bucket 6 Inch Green Net Pot Hi-Blow XP-80 Air Pump 4" Air stones (x2) Electric Heated Propagator 15w Black Silicon Air Tubing Growing Medium : Growth Technology Root It Cubes Grodan Rockwool Cubes Gold Label Special Hydrocorn Clay Pebbles Nutrients : Advanced Nutrients Sensi Grow A+B Advanced Nutrients Connoisseur Bloom A+B Advanced Nutrients Bud Factor X Canna Boost Canna Rhizotonic Canna Pk13/14 Canna Zym Canna Mono Trace Elements Grotek Silicon Evoponic Calcium and Magnesium Beneficials : TNC Mycorr-Hydro Mycorrhizal Fungi TNC Tricorr Trichoderma TNC Bactor Bacteria Unsulphured Organic Black Strap Molasses Organic Earth Worm Castings Pathogens & Pests: Hydro-Garden Fungus Gnat Off Hydro-Garden Bud Rot Stop Growth Technology Liquid Oxygen Canna Cure Cana Flush Miscellaneous: PH Up PH Down PH 7 Buffer PH 4 Buffer PH Probe KCL Storage Solution PH Probe Cleaning Solution EC 2.76 Buffer