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Found 3 results

  1. Hi guys!running 3 autoflower lost track of flower!but one plants seems to be maturing good!!and the other two I think one is doing okay and the other I don’t seem to notice the maturing of the buds any guess??also attached some photos of all three flowering sites please let me know if may just be younger stages of flower compared to main one using GHE 3 parts also atami bloombastic statin is lemonberry haze
  2. Hey guys it's been a while since I last posted. This is my second year growing outdoors and Iv learned a lot from my previous mistakes, now I'm nearing the end of this years cycle I thought it would be a good time to hit you up and try to get some opinions and tips Strain picks - Dinamed CBD by Dinafem Critical + by Dinafem Red Purps by female seeds Killer Kush FV by sweet seeds Blue Dream by Humboldt Seeds Dinemad Cbd has proved two years running that it's not ideal in the U.K. Climate lat 51 as both years they have had stunted growth at around 3 foot regardless of my technique (which I'll document at the end of this post) So I will be concentrating my questions and pictures on my critical + plants which are not at an average of 7 foot Here's some pictures that were taken 5 days ago, note that Iv been experimenting with fim tops this year, one of which has grown to a tidy 6.5 foot and bushes out like a beast!! https://ibb.co/dkhcNU https://ibb.co/cgQLbp https://ibb.co/msMtwp https://ibb.co/gXPfbp https://ibb.co/bvCBhU https://ibb.co/bK7Np9 https://ibb.co/jAZP2U (Iv never uploaded pictures this way so not sur did it will work, if you can't see them let me know and please advise how to upload pics on here) So here are my questions - How much should I be pruning at this stage? And when should I get rid of most of the leaves? When should I stop feeding the nutrients? Currently theyr on Biocanna Flora . How much longer should I expect them to be finished by? (I'm thinking second week of October or once the hairs change colour although last year I had a lot of mould issues but then I started a little later then this years) following from the previous - I have read a lot about creating a cover for the plants so they are protected from rain.. I was thinking about making a roof for the plants soon with some thick plastic sheeting but not completely cover the sides so it doesn't create too much humidity and only water the roots until they are done, what do you guys think about that? Any experience ? The critical + plants and Cbd are together on a private garden so allows for a lot more time spent to help them out, the other strains are guerila style and so I will just leave them to the weather but in my garden this year I want to do eveything possible to give them the best chance of success so any thoughts on this would be much appreciated. My technique - Planted seeds on the 15th March using the wet towel method and once sprouted I put them in biocanna bioterra soil and placed them into in a makeshift closet space with diamond reflective sheeting and several CFL lights - https://ibb.co/kLonp9 10-14 days later I loved them into bugger pots to let them grow stronger roots - https://ibb.co/cfbkbp (At some point here between 5-9 nodes I tried a few fim tops) Then on the 9th April I moved them outside to the garden - https://ibb.co/eFigGp I used some manure to put a layer around the top of the holes and filled the holes with the last of my bioterra soil. Once a week approximately I used Biocanna Vega and then Flora which they are currently still getting. Thats about it, Iv been supporting the plants with bamboo sticks as they have grown, the tim top bushes have needed it and I'm guessing will need a lot more support in the coming weeks. Thanks for reading! I look forward to hearing your feedback and advice and also hope your Own grows are going well, it's been an incredible summer so I'm guessing a lot of you have some nice crops going!! Feel free to share your threads int the comments so I can take a peak at your grows Big love and happy harvests. WC
  3. So im wondering, what strains out there can hit the 15+ Oz mark indoors ive already done the berry strains pulling over 20oz a plant with 6 week veg an 9 week flower from clone, im after a medicinal strain or something that will help decrease pain, all help will be appriciated,