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Found 5 results

  1. So the 2021 season is now upon us, and the time has come for us gorillas to get at 1 with nature and do what we do best... so let's do this... Big thanks to @panik for inviting me into the RGSC outdoor competition and also for all the hard work put into creating these vars for guys like me to grow. First time in a comp for me so I will do my very best to do these beans justice and hopefully grow some beautiful plants that make my fellow guerrillas proud. Good luck to all and everyone entering the comp, I look forward to reading all your diarys and sharing your experiences as the season moves on.. exciting times guys and girls So the vars I will be running in this diary are as follows.. Affiedaze Purple freeze bx1 Fast zkittles Opg x freezeland The plan for these is to grow them out on my main plot, the plot is pretty established now after a few seasons and always seems to produce big fuk off trees as opposed to plants so this should be interesting.. All my plants will be grown and fed organically and watered from the nearby brook if and when needed. Germination will take place in the next week or so as temps are still very low for this time of year. I want to give these beans the best possible chance of rewarding me to there full potential so feel this to be the correct approach to take. I will be documenting everything i do in growing these girls out including pics from start to finish of there progress. I welcome all advice from anyone who wants to give it as we will never stop learning in this game.. questions will always be answered so feel free to reach out if there is anything you want to no that hasn't been explained. I just wanted to get this going so will be updating in due course once I got some beans wet.. anyone interested in the finer details I have another diary running that will be getting updated regularly with practically everything I have done and the steps taken to achieve it. So there you have it welcome to.... Revives RGSC outdoors antics... let the games begin To be continued... Peace out dudes and dudettes, have a cracking Bank Holiday and keep it green
  2. Hello & Welcome First off, massive thanks to Paradise for the opportunity to run these We shall endeavor to do the fabled strain justice. Paradise SENSI STAR. Blurb says; So, according to that I should have flowered 20 instead of the ones I did. I try to keep below 20 at all times so I am just running these with a long veg. Whoop whoop for guidelines Packaging details; Environmental aspects; Seedlings go under a 2 tube T5 for a couple of weeks, small mother/seedling cabinet. They then go under a 250w in a DR90 while they get potted up and topped etc. They then go into a Hydrolab 120s, under a 600w adjustable. I grow in coco, using hesi (softwater) feed, some root stim during early stages and at each pot up. I do not use boosts or other snake oils. The story so far; They went into Jiffy pellets around the 14th of August, by the 16th we had movement; and by the 19th we had life; You will notice that only 4 of the initial 6 sprouted. 4 weeks later (all units are estimated), we have the following to ogle; You will see the runty one on the front right, more on mutant later. Speed forward 8 days and the following sight greets you; And if we skip on a few more days to October the 7th we see this; On the 10th I topped 2 of them; Today, we mark the day that they went into the flower tent. 9 weeks today will see me chopping on December the 16th, 10 weeks will be the 23rd so christmas chopping is in order. Today they looked like this; You can clearly see the extra height that the non topped plant has. This one will be bent and tied over the next week IF she gets to big during stretch The album which contains the above images plus those I chose not to post is found here; I will do an update on the mutant next time, she seems to have topped herself As they are now in flower, we should really do updates frequently. As always though, expect a lot of bollox, no regard for ceremonies and a liberal dosing of flying fucks. No doubt Zem will be along soon, telling me I am doomed from the off as his grow is better nannnaanana Stay safe and well and avoid pebbles. Cheers
  3. Welcome everyone! Thanks to @HSO-Mark & the gang for the seeds& comp ..good luck to all taken part Started off by rolling out the red carpet .... INGREDIENTS... And then this happened!!... Decanting sesh over I poped all 3 in some water to have a wash & cool down.....
  4. Hi RGSC fans. The season is moving quick. Hope no-ones been caught out by the cold snaps Anyone who knows my previous identity, knows I like to do things differently (the hard way) About to move onto some land with an empty building, no internet etc, no reception, and lots to do. Not conductive to creating a diary I know. But I like a challenge, and I couldn't resist the temptation of @panik's prizes Thanks for having me mate. Felt out of the RGS loop over the winter, so it's nice to be part of your comp. For those that don't know, I'm in west wales, about lat 53. It's wet and humid. Even when it's not My old patch ain't perfect, but it'll do. About to soak 6 x greengold reg's to go out. Also have feck loads of whitey freeze x whitey freeze to try out. These are going to be a right mix up I think, throwing out lots of variation. Given lots to my friends to plant out too, so hopefully we'll get something good to play with in the end. Also have a whitey freeze mum from my indoor grow, so I might stick some late cuttings out and see how she does outside. Although they came in a RGSC pack, I don't think the sagexfucktard panik gave me count as RGSC seeds, but they're going out too May all your seeds sprout, and turn into monsters
  5. High from us all at underground originals Well here is the 5th annual ugorg flower and extract show Now most will know the rules of the comp by now but lets just refresh for the newer members amongst the community ! the comp can be entered by anybody and can either be an extract or flower shot perhaps both together the choice is yours , the competition will start from the 1st of Feb and will end on the 31st of May which gives plenty of time to get things blooming you could even germinate now and still enter ! Now as ever our prizes have always been very well received but this year we do have something rather special ! the overall winner of the comp will win a very special prize indeed !! Prizes 1st place - The ultimate selection box !!!! What a prize dont you agree look at all those pieces of A+ canna and some really rare packets in there i might add , a prize of all prizes !! 2nd place - Any 2 packets of seeds from our store + Grinder cards & stickers 3rd place - Any packet of seeds from our store + Grinder card & stickers All the best for the comp to those that enter this really is something worth being involved in and being in it to win it ! i look forward to seeing all the new entries this year ! Good luck UndergroundOriginals