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Found 646 results

  1. Hi all. complete newbie here. ive started off a couple of “big bud” from seeds. I have them now in 20l airpots filled with “hydro coco 60/40 gold label. i was assuming this is coco coir and ok however I’m having doubts whether this product is for hydroponics or something as my plants don’t seem to be growing much. im over 7 weeks since seed now and the plants are only 7” high and even if I wanted to I couldn’t do any low stress training as they aren’t tall enough to be pulled either way so ast to tie them down or to anything. I have them under 2 kosckeal 2000w led’s maybe 6” from canopy. seem healthy enough and obviously new growth emerging slowly but i was expecting them to be a lot quicker/bigger after 7weeks so suspecting the medium as the cause. been on 24 for the first 4 weeks and the last 3 weeks 18/4 temp always around 26day and no less than 22 during night. have just received my 600zeus pro G.A.S enviro controller G.A.S inteleigent humidity controller 200 system air v2 silenced 150 system air v2 silenced Carboair filter 1.5mx1.5mx 2000 bud box pro various other bits so I am genuinely committed and looking for good advice to get up and running but at the moment my wee tent with my wee plants is a bit concerning. any advice really appreciated
  2. Hi guys, i am newbie and i need help. I have 2 Green Posion autoflower seeds which i want to grow simultaneously in SOIL and COCO. I have: - PLAGRON GROW MIX (White peat moss, black peat moss, peat moss fibre and worm casting) - BIOBIZZ COCO MIX (just plain Coco) - MYCORRHIZAE - PLAGRON WORM CASTING - CAL-MAG - GHE FLORA TRIPART - PERLITE I need help how to prepare medium. Where to put MYCORRHIZAE and WORM CASTINGS? And how much? I suposse i need to give GHE Tripart nutritiens after few weeks? Or should i give it to COCO before that? I am posting pictures of what i own. Thank you for your help.
  3. Hello all, I have recently prepared my coco for pots and instantly wished I had bought pre pepared coco coir. The hydrating process, rinsing and buffering and mixing with perlite took me hours of labour intensive work and it did make a rather large mess! I didn’t have time or space to leave the media to soak in a cal mag buffer solution for 8hrs per pot, I soaked it for probably half an hour per pot, constantly agitating. will this be enough and am I going to be ok. I have a sinking feeling in the back of my mind telling me I’m doomed. after much deliberation I decided to place my seedlings straight into their final pots (30l fabric pots) in a 70/30 mix of coco and perlite. Things are looking good so far and no sign of any calcium or magnesium deficiencies yet. it has been around 4 days and have been watered twice daily with ph 6.0 water at 21degrees c, with only cal mag, a wetting agent and some roots exelurator. growing under a Mars hydro tsw2000 light. it is my very first attempt so any and all advice would be greatly appreciated. seedlings only have 1 pair of single point leaves and are around 3 inches tall. (About 11 days old)
  4. My first LED grow coming soon !!!
  5. Ok so im around day 53 roughly of 12/12 and Running coco for the first time, curious on what people would advise as to flushing for harvest. Iv currently reduced my feeds down to 1.0 E.C at 60/40 (r.o/tap) so 0.3 E.C+ calmag up to 0.4 then A+B up to 1.0EC PH 6.0. My thoughts were to drop to just the r.o/tap or even straight tap water ph'd. Not sure on weather i can just flush it with ph tap water only or weather it would be best practise to reduce down to 0.8 E.C then down to just a mix of tap and R.O with cal mag for the rest of the flush as this is what the plant has been getting the whole grow with notes added on top. Im thinking to flush for probably 7 days
  6. Hi guys, new on here.. im trying to work out wether or not it is worth me buying some Fulvic and humic acids in addition to my existing nutes. I’m using terra aquatica tri part- micro bloom and grow, I’ve also got a gold label root exeluator and I’ve got advanced nutrients overdrive for my late flower stage. I’ve read lots of contrasting opinions about the use of humic and fulvic acids and many growers say less is more... sticking to a more basic set up will work well however I also feel that manufactures would bother making the product if it didn’t add something to our arsenals. Anyone on here used them before and had better results compared with a grow previous without using acids. ive for coco coir and perlite in 30l fabric pots. Using 2x small led fan driven lights with a veg and bloom setting and have 1x Mars hydro TSW2000. I’m running a comparison to see the different results in each half of my tent. I have a humidifier and heater in my setup to keep everything exactly where I want it and also have 2 XL co2 grow bags hanging towards the bottom of my tent by an inlet. I’m fairly new to this so any advice would be greatly appreciated. regards
  7. I got busted by the coppers in May 2019. Lost three flowering plants and a hundred grams of dry flower, along with my paraphernalia etc. Went to court and all that (conditional discharge), and now it's time to set up a new grow since I have some disposable income to use on the grow tent, lamp etc. I got the grow tent (2ft x 4ft x 6ft) from the local grow shop, and I'm planning to put in a 300w (give or take) Mars Hydro LED. This'll be my first grow entirely on LED lights, the two plants are already under a 100w led waiting for the big lamp to arrive. You can check out my grow diary for pics (more to follow):
  8. Hi guys, I’ve got 11 plants growing currently. 8 Do Si Dos auto flowers from Barneys farm and 3 x White widow x big buds autoflowers. So far they are growing well. Are around 10cm tall and filling out with leaves nicely. I’m at day 24 of seeds being planted. They went straight into rock wool cubes in a prop box. I have topped each plant once (controversial in autos I know) and have just began low stress training. Tent is 2.4 x 1.2 x 2.0m tall with 6” charcoal filter and a 2 speed inline fan. I’m using 1 x Mars hydro TSW2000 (300w led) and 2 x lunar fan cooled leds (120w each). The tent internal temp is 28deg c (or 80f) and RH is maintained by a humidifier and sits between 55 and 75% RH. I’ve got 30L fabric pots and plants are in a 70/30 mix of coco and perlite. plants are being fed once daily (as recommended in coco) using a few different bottles. Shogun Cal/mag 1ml per litre, Terra aquatica micro terra aquatica grow terra aquatica bloom (all as advised on bottles) Diamond nectar (fulvic acid) 1ml per 10L A wetting agent 1ml per litre, Roots exelurator 3ml per 10L and PH down where needed. recently I’ve noticed that the White widow x big buds have started sprouting some very strange looking leaves. Very wrinkly, very crinkly, very strange indeed. The look almost like mint leaves im unsure how to link photos on here but have photos of the plants. Other than the surface texture of the leaves I would say they look healthy. Not brown, brittle, curling, or showing any obvious signs of nute burn or deffiency. I am measuring ph before every feed at 5.5-6.5 and the water temp for feeding is exactly 21deg c (or 70f) im very new to all this and doing my best to learn what I can but the leaves have stumped me. any advise would be great. Thanks in advance
  9. Hi Everyone, Because of the fantastic support we have had since joining UK420 we have decided to run our 15% discount (code UK420) for another month. So you have up to the 30th of November to take full advantage of the 15% discount off all products on the website. After November we still want to support you so we will give you guys a permanent discount of 10% off everything online. A new code will be provided on here via a message and our adverts. If you have any questions or queries please feel free to get in touch. Thank you to everyone that has supported us and we look forward to building a strong relationship with customers both old and new Take it easy, One Tree
  10. Hi I need some advice on harvest please I grow in Coco using Canna nutes wich I stopped feeding a couple weeks ago, The two plants have been in flower for 8 weeks now and are really looking good. They where on 2ml A+B, 2ml Rhizo, 2ml Zym, 2ml Boost, all per 1L they did have some pk through weeks 5 and 6 with week 5 being a slow build up and 6 a full 1ml feed. I have started flushing my two plants Special Kush(SK) and Royal Domina(RD) around 11 days ago now and the leaves dont seem to be going that yellow at all. My two plants had a bigger flush 5 days ago in the bathtub where I put a bunch of ph water through each pot till the runoff was clear. Only a handful of leaves have started to yellow up and I am not sure if I should continue flushing for some more time or if its okay to harvest. I know for sure SK needs a week or so extra as I can physcially tell with the swelling the pistils and the trichomes are more clear on SK so not as mature. As for RD she is looking ready, buds look very full and swolen even the lower ones have swolen pretty nice the pistils seem mature and most importantly the trichomes are a really good cloudy covering across the plant with 10-15% amber. Is it okay to chop RD based on her being very filled out and her trichomes being a good cloudy coverage with amber mix or would it be adviseable to flush more allowing the leaves to yellow up ? Here is Royal Domina(RD) The one im looking to chop now, you can see near the back of the plant only the one small leaf starting to yellow. Here is Special Kush(SK) I am looking to give her a bit longer anyway due to her trichomes not yet being milky or amber they are mostly still clear but you can see the nug I have my hand behind the tips of the fan leaves are the only signs of yellowing on this plant.
  11. Base trays

    From the album hydro

  12. Hi guys, Hope someone can help I flipped some bag seed GG4 X GSC which have unfortunately put out a few seeds themselves. Nothing too bad, they're continuing to fatten up and are hella frosty, but i'm seeing a seed or so on every other cola they're at day 42 and maybe 2 weeks from chop, i've just started flushing them. I've got two GMO's ready to flip and I want to put them in with the glookies now whilst they're finishing. I don't forsee the GMO's to have really started flowering after 14 days and expect them to be just finishing stretching when i come to chop the hermies - so how unadvisable is this? I don't see any naners so i don't see why there should be any pollen? And if they did put out any pollen would it have already happened by now? Will attach some pics. Pretty long winded and thanks in advance
  13. Please post any general questions you may have and we'll get back to you ASAP
  14. How is everyone? When @HSO-Mark offered me these Sherbs I thought he must be fucking nuts, having a serious moment, a midlife crisis or trying to finish me off for good. But the seeds arrived, and even though he said I didn't have to, I knew I had to do a diary here with them, so here I am, brave, stupid and switched to Coco just for the fun of it. Hold on tight.... Ridiculously or not, im running San Bacio Gelato and Sunrise Sherbert. Two of the juicy offsprings of the steamy affair between Humboldt and Sherbinskis. I thank them both for the extreme generosity, and Mark for even considering me. I'm now fully supported by Shogun, who have been so helpful and understanding of my position. I've use their coco products for a while and I've had nothing but grow perfection once I'd settled into Coco. I started this grow a few weeks back and after a planned slow pause they're at week 5 having just upped the PPM and feed rate. Here are my future plans.... Ingredients - Ecothrive Coco Pro . Shogun Coco Multipack. 2 X 150W CMH Digital with G12 bulbs. 6 inch inline extraction and carbon filter. 12 inch Ram self oscillating fan Here's the method.... I do nothing out of the ordinary for germination just soggy kitchen roll in a ziplock back like a goldfish. Once popped they go straight into the coco with a solid dose of Katana Roots to give them some pep. After breaking ground it goes something like this.... 1 - Veg straight up to 6th node in 8 inch pot. 2 - Top down to the best node/ pair of branches on offer, save all prunings for cuts. 3 - Repot to final pot (8ltr tall square) positioning the chosen node level with the pot top, across which is fixed a 70cm cane. Engage each branch L/R on to it. 4 - Veg and tie until each branch is near the end of the cane. From each pair of flower sites select the sturdiest and prune away the other for more cuts. Allow each branches main/top cola's to form, only removing small low down fluff from it if needed. I dont remove any fans unless really in the way. 5 - Veg/recover for a week then into flower. This method gives me a dead straight plant with a mohican of flowers, 8 - 11 usually. They're kept within the width of the pot top, enabling pot to pot growing as if rows in a net. My flowering space is W70cm x L135cm x H140cm and I can squeeze 7 in like this but its normally 6 two weeks apart. Because of the close proximity I squeezed in the biggest fan I possibly could to give bags of air movement around the comparatively tightly packed plants. The 12" Ram internal oscillating fan is an excellent product for the money and even in a confined space you can see the directed flow passing around the canopy. Yes, I would prefer much more space but I'm doing all I can to moderate the risk and I need to keep the strains coming and going. There we are then, started and rolling, see you next week with a normal update.
  15. Hi guys, long story short. Been growing a unknown strain under a 600w HPS ( got 3 of these unknown strains) just shy of a month since popping through coco. Growing in Canna Pro Plus Coco GHE Full range Shogun Cal/Mag 600w HPS dimmed to 400w about 28inches away from top of the plants RVK extractor and filter plenty circulating air. Currently Running PH @ 5.8 - 6.0 with a Base EC of around 1.7(mS) All is well apart from today I've noticed one of the fan leaves have this on them. Only one, can't see any signs of mildew across any of the plants etc. just this one fan leaf here's the original diary. any info would be greatly appreciated. Cheers!
  16. I try my best to grow healthy plants. I have a decent amount of knowledge - Im not new to this but I keep running into the same problems again and again. This thread will be a continuation of my mishaps in my grows. I hope to get an informed response and provide helpful reading to those who struggle with the same issues in the future. This is a Green Poison plant about 3 or 4 weeks old. Just been transplanted and topped 24 hour's later. The weird yellow thing happened after it was topped. The leaves are a light green and the sister plant seems to be doing just fine - a bit bigger and nice waxy leaves. I can't help but think the plant looks hungry but I don't want to overdo anything if growth is fine. I will keep anyone interested updated on this plant and a few others which are struggling. This is gonna get complicated really quickly so please have patience! Will be back shortly to update concerning what I think will happen to this plant and others.
  17. Morning people. It's been three days since my seedling sprouted and it's looking better than ever. Anyway, there seems to be so much conflict on when you should feed seedlings in coco. I've got the whole CANNA coco range apart from CANNA Canazym. Some people say to feed after two weeks of sprouting as the seed has enough nutrients... Some say to give a light feed from the beginning... Which one is it? I'm using canna coco natural... Any coco experts that can help me?