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Found 478 results

  1. I agreed with the owner I would do a diary now I received the prizes after he contacted me to see what happened. Good of him to reach out... I decided to germ one Bubba Kush to see how it goes. It’s already up within three days , used my normal method of nitrozyme added to fish tank water ph 6. For now she under a Zeus xt lm301b panel. When bigger she go under the big Diyleduk scope 375. If you looking for led he’s a top guy. Bubba Kush Thats it for now till next time take it easy..
  2. Greenhouse rearranged

    From the album Summer 2019

  3. Exodus cheese repot

    From the album Summer 2019

  4. Exodus cheese structure

    From the album Summer 2019

  5. Exodus cheese 50cm wise pot coco

    From the album Summer 2019


    From the album Dinafem girls part IV

    getting new lot ready, mixed some super compost in with the living coco.

    © bluntz27

  7. Good morning guys, me and a friend had a discussion last night that sadly is impossible to settle without a science lab I’d imagine, but long story short, I was gifted two dr krippling auto seeds after a seed bank screwed up an order a little. The seeds come as they would in the vial with the dr krippling business card with strain ticked off, sealed in plastic. Both were taken from the same pack which I am 100% sure of as I sow and name tag each one as I go. Both were started the exact same time but are both so different in appearance and structure, I never tipped or trained with either other than repotting they have been left to do their thing in coco. The breeder site doesn’t give info other than taste and parents which are : Mango chutney auto Kripplicious anyway heres the pics, anyone else want to chuck in an opinion? ’pheno’ 1 is further along and showing a bit more indica , it has also taken on an interesting shape with some big old knuckles! And below is the ‘second phenotype’ which is a good 35-40cm talker with a different look in my opinion, less far along than the first even though the same age but throwing out pretty long pistols which I’m hoping is gunna make for a monster!
  8. Mango bubble cloud structure

    From the album Summer 2019

  9. Alright there Uk420. As the title suggests a quick one with 2 plants of Dinafems new Quick Critical. I started these a while ago, not exactly sure how old exactly they are, the plan was to run them in a dwc system but that is not to be at the moment, unfortunately the girls that I started that way didn’t end well, same story for the clones I tried to save from the pair or dwc plants, so I decided to stop fucking about and pop a couple more and get this show on the road. So as of now there are 2 plants in 3.5ltrs of coco, being fed AN, a&b grow, 1ml per litre, so far so good. As you can see they have both been topped once. They are not alone in the cab, quite full really, 2xQuick cirtical, 3xanimal stomper x psychosis,1xHso Black dog, 2x rgsc Spgsc and me noodle pot, so 9in total, all in smaller pots for a shorter veg period, I should be flipping soon. Temps are a bit up and down at the mo, to hot for heating fully to cold for none, so I have just the tube heater on at the minute, but the mats are coming out of their summer hibernation shortly, I should get some kind of relay for them. So that’s what I am doing, feel free to chip in, Take care, Jj.
  10. Mango bubble cloud (dr krippling) Anyone grown out the autoflower version of this strain yet? Not found much about it online in way of grow diaries, I was given two seeds free because an order was messed up, cracked and they’ve both been an interesting grow so far, both made unusually slow progress in veg to the point I thought they were stunted , then one has stayed fairly middle size after shooting up but has three prominent colas,the pictured one is now 104 centimetres from top of the coco in the pot , hope this lady knits herself some fine buds together. Interested to see if anyone has pics of a finished plant. Only had one of them out to get pics , both in coco using canna a and b along with seaweed, molasses and pk boost at different stages
  11. living coco euforia auto

    From the album Passionate dutch girls

    © bluntz27

  12. Coco hempy bucket

    From the album CPK & BS

    Roots on the smallest lack Sugar
  13. Hi, can anyone help with this please? I posted about this in my grow journal - here. Im growing 4 x sensi purple haze fems in coco, currently handwatering, will eventually multifeed. Temps are fine - 25 to 27 lights on, 23 to 25 lights off, canna coco pro+, GHE nutes with RO water, adding 0.5ml of mag cal+ per litre as using RO water and under LED's. Currently getting 1.0 ec .The only things thats a bit off is the humidity, which is down to 45% at times (I really need to get a humidifier for this stage of the grow). And the other 3 plants look superb - to me anyway. I'm using a liquid pH test kit as my pH meter has gone kaput, and according to that the nutrient pH is between 6.0 and 6.2 One plant is twisting/deforming, and has a strange mottled look to some of the leaves. It seemed to improve a bit,but after topping the new growth is showing the same thing. I have had this happen on previous grows, although on the last grow the plant grew okay, and occasionally threw out a deformed/twisted leaf just like this, but it grew and yielded ok. But that was a different strain (sensi skunk) Can anybody help me with what is going on here? First pic - mottling/twisting from about 10 days ago - and what it looks like now - note, the mottled effect is still there, but didnt show up well on the pics. One of the big fan leaves has twisted badly, and the new growth is also twisted/deformed (sorry, pics are not great, I can try to get some better ones later today if that helps) And finally, one of the "good" plants for comparison: Can anybody help? Thanks.
  14. Hey guys, this is my auto grow (perpetual) experimenting with something i came across on sinistergram ........ bio char I bought about 30 seeds over the past 2 months and just planting them with a few weeks in between 10 at a time. I'm mixing coco, biochar and worm castings for a 'soil like environment' with a coco way to grow, the biochar houses the bacteria and pulls in food, really don't know what am talking about but i'v done some youtube research n shit, i think biochar is ph up in large amounts so i've just been adding a good handful per pot and inoculating with the worm tea. I bought this drunk (img below) and it said npk 2-5-6, realized it wasn't but it's all good, this stuff is packed with micros, the N is bat shit which is unknowingly good for flower said an oldtimer once, i didn't disagree after testing, Liquid seaweed all good for denser buds with natural pgs. Anyways, my phones lost atm amma get a new one and upload some auto pics in the few days or so. Seeds -- little kushy, ak-47, ak-48, ak-49, ak-420, ak-someonesmom, and some others i forget easy :/ Lights -- 2 400w hps, 1 600w hps, and 2 mars 300w leds that i add as and when, just hang over one plant with the shit footprint. Food -- as above but with added chicken shit pellets (not much), dextrose, and some other shit Grow room -- bedroom size 20-30 plants atm, could get more at a push Trim gets turned into hash n oil (learning but doing all good!) god bless sonnyB
  15. living coco

    From the album Food and stuff

    Its been fed with fish meal, kelp meal, remin volcanic rock powder, molasses, gypsum and mycorrhizal funghi. It heated up for a few days now cooled. Will be mixing 20 liters of vermicompost to the coco.

    © bluntz27

  16. I’m currently on week 2 of flower with 6 stardawg girls. I’ve been using canna nutrients from the start and have been following the guide Almost exactly, I’m currently feeding at EC 1.7 but I’m reading that this is too high?? They seem to be happy but now I’m worried about bumping the EC up which is what the guide says to do as you get further into flower. Any tips or advise would be much appreciated
  17. Hello again everyone. Run down of the environment - 240w LED light 24/0 coco coir Growers Ark hard water nutes, currently feeding 3ml/l of bloom a+b with 2ml/l of traces which gives an EC of 1.7-1.8, PH'd to 6.5 temps are always between 23-28 degrees Humidity sits between 45-55 currently I have 5 plants in my tent, 3 zkittlez autos which are doing fine and 2 gorilla glues which are having slight issues, one more so than the other. I have been a bit lazy and been feeding both plants the same amounts of nutrients etc so I know that most likely is somewhat to blame. The GGs are showing a couple of different symptoms that has got me not knowing what route to take so I thought I would ask you knowledgeable folks your opinion before taking action. So as you can see in the photos, it's the top of the plants that seem to be affected with spots, you can also see that they are a bit pale and the leaves are also curling up / canoeing. If they were just pale, I would have upped the amount of feed they are getting. If they just had the black spots and paling, I would have guessed that it might be mg deficiency, and if my temps were too high then perhaps that could solve the canoeing and curled up tips, or even nute burn but then they wouldn't be pale? I dunno However, they are all present, so what do you think? They seem to be doing OK otherwise...only a few weeks til i chop them as well I reckon, if that! Hope the ramble makes some sense...Let me know if you need anything clearing up Cheers
  18. Hi fellow coco nuts! Im planning my next grow, just wanted some advice as to the following: I will be vegging 6 to 8 weeks, manifolding the plants so as to get 8 colas per plant, then flower under 400w HPS. I have previously been using 15 litre round pots, which reading here, are way too big. The rootballs from previous grows bear this out, roots circling at the bottom and pockets of unused coco throughout the rootball. So I am planning to use air pots, and also build an automated feeding system like in the sticky, to feed multiple times daily, when rooted out. Idea is to go more hydro experience, rather than treating coco like compost which is what I have been doing. I am unsure of what size airpots to go for - 3.5 litre, 6.5 or 9. And also is it necessary to pot up with air pots? I understand its not due to the air pruning effect? I usually start with root riot cube then 1 litre pot. I would be very grateful for any comments or advice, thanks