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Found 507 results

  1. gorilla breath sugar breath sapphire scout ogkz and 3 blue kings and one blue fire! this is what is going on atm in my main cab. i received these seeds from hso as a win of my review and i thought am gonna sow them to reveal their beauty.plus i dont dont know when i am gonna do indoor again so popped them while they were fresh. some of them failed my mistake as a i started them in root riot cubes then i have changed my mind fast when i saw that the roots going everywhere but down in these shite plugs. my fav method is jiffy plugs.so i removed them from the root riot plugs and transferred them too jiffy but some did not survived. the ones that survived are strong and healthy. here they are am growing in straight canna coco with floracoco nutes and some organic additives.i dont use ph meter nor checking pm.mix the nutes in rainwater and bottom-feed them.cab size is 110x55cm and they are growing atm under 1 mars hydro ts 1000 but next week i will put another light there. i hope to veg them for a few weeks and flower them in sog style which i have never done before as am a scrog fan but worth a try. i love them already.all of them a bit different is size and shape and knowing that i will not clone any of htem am sure it will be hard to part these babies.
  2. Hello there, For the first time Im growing in coco soil, and Im using canna range. Now I am gonna be soon in week three of 12/12 period and I want to find out from experienced canna users how are they using it. What I gathered from schedule and my own experience with NFT, that I need to use all their products once a week and then just top it up everyday with PHed water and AB as its the base nutrient solution. Can someone give me any tips how are you using Canna coco range, maybe im doing something totally wrong? And Im also using canna boost from day one of 12/12, increasing it until I will reach max usage in about week 4 of 12/12 according to their Medium feed shchedule, and using it only once a week as everything else in their range. Tips are very appreciated.
  3. Happy New Year to all at UK420. May your 2020 be blessed with great fortune and green gardens. I've decided to take a little break from the Sativa doms I've been focussing on and see what all the fuss is about with The New and OGKZ. The other diaries on here have well and truly whet my appetite and my body-melt jars are getting low... so these beans have jumped the queue and were put down on New Year's Day. This will be my maiden voyage with Humboldt gear - have sampled Choc Mint OG and Blue Dream but that's about as far as it goes. They'll be grown in Canna Coco Pro Plus (with added Charge - as always) using Grower's Ark feed range. Starting life in the veg tent (120x60x120cm) lit by PAR+ 275W LED by DIYLEDUK. Finals will be 8 x 9l air pots. Moving on to the flower tent (240x120x220cm) lit by 2 x LOGIC 500W by DIYLEDUK. Plan is to top them twice and a bit of LST to get them wide - aiming for around 16 leaders as they'll probably end up in individual scrog nets/mesh. Jiffy plugs were soaked in a 0.8 EC solution of Grower's Ark First Feed and Root Tonic and given a little squeeze. pH was unadjusted at 6.3. The seeds were planted straight in (I'm not one for soaking) at a depth of around 2cm, then placed in a temp controlled prop and kept at 26-27°C, 70-75% RH. The prop was covered with a cloth, filtering out most of the direct light from the PAR+ (currently set at 180W - there are a batch of cuttings from my current grow also in the veg tent). UPDATE - 3 days under ground Well, I really should have listened to my instinct which told me to wait until I was a bit less discombobulated to get this show on the road. But it was New Year's Day and I was feeling all inspired and motivated, with none of the mild anxiety I normally get when about to sow expensive seeds... Upon checking them last night all but 2 of the OGKZ had broke the surface. 2 of The New were a sad sight indeed - a decapitated stalk. I thought this must be my fault. I'm using new/different Jiffy plugs from the flea bay and failed to notice just how hard and tough the puckered surround is around the opening on top. I broke open the plugs to inspect - the partially opened seed coat and cotyledons were left right where they'd been planted Of the 3 OGKZ that are up, 2 have a missing cotyledon, 1 of which has just a suggestion of a true leaf. Hoping these pull through. Not the best start to the growing year, but onwards and upwards... I need 8 plants to put in to flower, so some more beans got buried last night. I had a seed each left over of The New & OGKZ, and I've also put down a freebie Bubba's Gift and Blue Dream as back-ups (and to keep this diary Humboldt). I reverted to the style of Jiffy plug I've always used in the past and cut away the surround on top, just in case. As long as I have 8 plants fighting fit for flowering, I'm a happy man. Sprout well my pretties! All the very best for your projects this year guys and gals - hope they get off to a somewhat smoother start. Until next time.
  4. Hi All, Hope we are having a good day. I'm growing Gelato in Tropic Batmix which is a 40% COCO 60% PEAT mix. What should my PH and EC be and when should I increase EC? Thanks
  5. Good day fellow growers, I have a question, I'm currently 3 weeks 3 days into flower on my first grow using coco and am considering going for the urban R-DWC 8 pot setup for the next grow. Currently in a 1.2x.1.2x2 with a single 600w hps and 4 plants but if moving to the dwc considering just using the room itself instead of a tent, is this viable and have others here had much experience/luck with that particular brand/setup? Cheers.
  6. Not a massive coco user, but I'm trying to get away from perlite and clay balls for more natural substances. Rice husk or buckwheat? Any thoughts anyone? They would not break down in one standard cycle. My main concerns were sprouts rotting in the coco, cation exchange.
  7. Hey 420 Please help, my plants have been under the weather for the last few days, so today I decided to test some run off to see is ph was ok..... I flushed some ph adjusted water though the pots and I was a bit bummed it came out reading 6.7. I’m growing in coco and aim for 5.8 6.2. Any hoo after draining the runoff I notice little small white things popping/jumping about in the runoff.. I’ve been researching and it looks like I have springtails!! Ok so it says they’re harmless, don’t panic! But wait..... there’s more! At even closer inspection I can see tiny tiny translucent worms wriggling about in there as well... internet suggests fungus gnat larvae... Thing is I have no gnats in my garden, well except 2 that we’re caught on sticky traps couple weeks ago.... I have at least 10 traps dotted about and they’re all clean?? I see nothing of the above on top of the soil.... they must just be inside my pots? can anyone please help me get rid of these things... any suggestions what I can do to kill them off and return my garden to full health? Thanks guys
  8. I agreed with the owner I would do a diary now I received the prizes after he contacted me to see what happened. Good of him to reach out... I decided to germ one Bubba Kush to see how it goes. It’s already up within three days , used my normal method of nitrozyme added to fish tank water ph 6. For now she under a Zeus xt lm301b panel. When bigger she go under the big Diyleduk scope 375. If you looking for led he’s a top guy. Bubba Kush Thats it for now till next time take it easy..
  9. Kush SOG in 3.8L pots of coco

    From the album Various Grows

    A 28 Kush plant SOG in 1.5m2 grown using a RTW dripper system on Medusa Trays under a 1000w DE MH & HPS.
  10. Hi guys I'm new to growing and will be using 2/3 week old cuttings of GELATO I have 8 pot wilma which I will be using clay pebbles and 6 cloth pots with canna coco which I will hand feed for now All pots are 11l Now for the questions Regarding ph I was going to sleep ph between 5.8 -6.2 for both media is this ok? Regarding nutes and ec can they both be fed the same in both media? So I was going to start the ec around 1.0 since there cuttings and through veg up each week until around 3 /4 weeks by say 0.1 so at the end off veg will be around 1.4 ec ? Is this ok ? Then I flower start around 1.4 and work mg way up week by week until around 1.8/2 ec and flower for around 6-8 Feed timings veg will be 2x 15 mins in wilma 1x big hand feed in coco Flower 4x 15 wilma 2x big feed a day coco Does this sound ok for gelato and both medias clay and coco ?? I'm new so any advice is great Also what the ideal temps for lights on and off ?? And humidity Thanks
  11. Good morning, On my first run with new environment/set-up and running into problems. The plants were in lock out start of last week due to my own errors - they got a bit over-watered second feed after transplanting into 3l pots 11 days ago, about the same time as I put a humidifier in the room, pretty much halving the rate of transpiration - they stopped drinking and showed deficiencies. I think this was made all the worse by running a higher pH than normal, possibly causing P and micro deficiencies (pH 6.3 - got talked into trying it - back to 5.8 now) I gave them a foliar of Root Tonic and Formulex which seemed to perk them up and get them drinking - when pots were light enough fed them again with good run-off - 1.1 EC / pH 5.8 They seemed back to health so I gave them a second topping. Upon checking this morning things have gone downhill again for the Chocolope... Didn't manage to get a photo this morning but the roots seem to be dying back looking at the holes on the bottom of the pot. By comparison, the roots on the other strains in the tent seem healthy, and the plants seem happy again after the lock out... (Jack's Cleaner 2) 2 x Logic 500W LED (Diyleduk) - both set at 275W / distance from plants 90cm 2.4m x 1.2m x 2.2m tent Intake - 6" (heated) / Outtake - 8" - controlled by G.A.S Digital Fan Controller 2 x 5ft 200W tube heaters controlled by thermostat w/probe Coco (Canna Pro Plus with added Charge) Drain To Waste ENVIRO - Ambient 27-28°C • Leaf 25-26°C • RH 68-72% FEED - 1.1 EC (background 0.16) • pH 5.8 • GA Root Tonic 5ml/l • CalMag 0.6ml/l • Ionic Coco Grow ~4ml/l • 20-22°C • Hand watered I was using Tribus in the feed at the recommended dose of 0.22ml/l but have now omitted this as it's just another variable I could do without. The sachets you can see are predatory mites for an early thrip problem - haven't seen a trace of them for last 2 weeks, which is great. This will be my 6th run in coco - the last ones were pretty much plain sailing from the get go so really trying to wrap my head around what's going on here! In keeping the ambient temp up to 28°C, as recommended for LED, I've noticed my root temps are much higher than on previous grows (around 26°C). Could this be causing me issues, especially when the feed is going in at least 4°C cooler? Does the Chocolope just hate being topped? Am I missing something obvious? Any help and guidance much appreciated, BQ
  12. fade

    Hi am fairly new to Organics and coco I have been watching how people achieve different colour fades in amended organic coco buy letting the plant starve of nutrients come end of harvest just wanted to know if this is possible in a full hydro system like Nft or in hydro clay has anyone ever achieved pinks reds and purple leaf fade in a Nft system I flushed mine for over 2 weeks and still plants healthy and bright green maybe I should flush for a month with plain none ph tap water and change the tank everyday? Or is it down to the strain genetics? I chose to grow organically in coco as I prefer the cleanliness to soil and less chance of pest but I prefer hydro to the eas of watering Thanks Any info appreciate
  13. Bubblicious greenhouse cola

    From the album Summer 2019

  14. Bubblicious cola semi trimmed

    From the album Summer 2019

  15. Bubblicious from the back

    From the album Summer 2019

  16. Hi guys new on here am using a 8 pot Wilma system 18 litre 2 inch of clay pebbles and coco. I keep reading about having run off ( I have no run off) I’ve got my timer set at 2x 15 minutes a day using the black drippers. My baby’s are 3 weeks in veg. Shall I up the feed till I get run off or let the plant tell me. Any advice be great cheers guys
  17. Bubblicious flowering

    From the album Summer 2019

  18. Bubblicious flowering

    From the album Summer 2019

  19. Bubblicious bondage

    From the album Summer 2019

  20. Mong-u-mental flowering

    From the album Summer 2019

  21. Exodus cheese growth

    From the album Summer 2019