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Found 23 results

  1. I had some old cbd crew widow seeds, planted them around 2 months or so ago and have some monsters vegging both outdoor and indoor very healthy plants, with one close to 1.5m tall. I know next to nothing about them other than google and seed shops, I bought them over 2 yrs ago in spain, anyone ever grown these or know anything about them? The only info i could find from their website states that they are suceptible to mould, if anyone know anything about this breeder or seeds any info appreciated as I want to know what to expect and how would it differ from white widow, sweet n sour black etc tx
  2. Pre Chop Medi-Haze (10 Weeks)

    From the album First Indoor Grow

    CBD Crew Medi-Haze
  3. I rearly post these days as I usually dont run into problems but this last grow I've run into something I've never experienced before. Area : DR240 [2m x 1,2m x 2,4m] Lights : 2x600w HPS Ventilatsion: TD silent 500, pulling hot air through CF and causing enough vacuum pressure inside the dent to pull fresh air straight from outside. Single fan blowing on lamps for more even/better air circulatsion. Temps: Lights on 25-27c, lights of 18-20C Genetics: Dinafem Critical+2.0 and CBD Crew Critical mass. All from seed. Soil: Plagron light mix Nutrients: BioBizz soil range (Fishmix,growmix,bloommix) And here's an overview photo of my setup: Problem! Now my problem is this, since mid Veg all of the plants have turned dull shade of green, I've allways had nice shiny healy green colour leaves but this grow, all the leaves seem fragile/soft and just dull. My first though was I must have over watered them, but to be honest I think I have a good Wet/Dry cycle. I water em 1,5l-2l every 2 days, and they sit in 10l pots. Some of the lower leaves are showing signs of MG def I think as they strongly resemble the images on the right side of the following photo: At this point my ladys are 7 days into flower, already starting to show some small bud sites and past week they have grown a lot, I have heard Critical crosses are heavy feeders? and past week I've fed them 2ml Fishmix, 1,5ml Bloom and 1,5ml Grow from BioBizz every watering. They do not show any nutrient burn. Neither are leaves overly dark green, by the looks I don't think I've over fed them, as they keep growing quite fine. But they do not look top notch as my plants usually do, and if I did not have 2 different strains from different breeders I would be thinking it might be genetics witch are causing this dull shade of leaves. My Q to you fellow growers would be, what might cause the natural healthy vibrant green color of leaves to turn dull, Only thing I can think of is over watering, from my experience. How severe can MG def turn out if untreated? My local grow shop does not stock Epsom Salts, could I just add extra MG to my feed or that's not the way to go? Link to gallery with better quality photos I recon.. http://www.uk420.com/boards/index.php?app=gallery&album=10617 http://www.uk420.com/boards/index.php?app=gallery&album=10617
  4. update 05/07/2014 #3

    From the album All new LED Flower Tent

  5. Hey guys, Well - a few months ago I told my story on the Outdoor Grow section of this forum. It failed horribly. It was just an experiment. I am trying to find out if a medical grow of CBD rich cannabis is something that will work for my stress condition. It means I am very particular about what I try smoking. So I need to grow my own and I need to do it right. I messed up the outdoor grow when the season was right, I didnt have enough time to tend to it all. Anyway - now I am thinking of buying some seeds from CBD. Crew - something I know for sure is rich in CBD. I am thinking of doing an indoor grow now. I am quite afraid of it though. I feel the risk factor is much higher. A plant growing in a random place outdoors, I can just deny I know anything about it. A plant growing in my room, I can't deny. Can someone tell me a good place to start my research on this matter? Am I right in thinking I need to look into growing in a tent? I was thinking a small grow tent with a light on a timer in my room would be fairly private. I am not into this culture so forgive me for not being more researched, I am relying on you all to point me in the right direction and then I WILL look it up and read into it and try to do this properly to see if this is a solution for some of my medical related issues. I haven't smoked in years. I'm 30 now. I used to smoke regular when I was a teen but I got fed up with not having an option on what I was buying. It was anything, usually shitty hard brown and stuff mixed with tabacco that made me dizzy and paranoid. I need something mild and low in THC and see if that works. I recall a very few times when I smoked, being offered some good quality proper weed and it was a completely different high that chilled me out with no side affects. I need to hone into this and find what it was that worked. CBD Crew SHARK sounds the ticket to try. Also considering using vapes for true health and medical intentions.