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Found 374 results

  1. The seeds have arrived! I wont be germinating until april/may as my greenhouse has been destroyed so no early plants this year. This years grow will be a garden centre job i think ill probably still keep it organic which means i get to go poop shopping anyway these are the seeds i ordered (nice 1 @Dinafem-Mark) no doubt ill run other dinafem strains as i have plenty of others
  2. Mango bubble cloud auto bud shot

    From the album Summer 2019

  3. Hello fellow growers and erb lovers. First time here on the site and I’m glad to be here to share my experiences with you. I’ll tell you a brief little bit about myself and then elaborate on my plans for this summerI first started growing autos back when I was a young lad a fair few years ago. My and my mate picked up a Critical 2.0+Auto seed from Rhino seed bank? If I’m not mistaken back in 2010. We used a small plastic green house in the middle of a big gauze bush on a southernly facing slope near some farm land to grow it out. We visited it every couple of days using basic equipment, cheap tomato feed blah blah. To our surprise it grew almost 5 ft in height almost wanting to outgrow the green house. We couldn’t believe it at the time, being still kids and all that. I’m not mentioning any ages but you know. Safe to say we were young snappers. We didn’t know much about the anatomy of the plant although we just knew you smoked the flowers. 2 months and a couple of weeks into the grow we could tell it was starting to flower and things were looking amazing for our first ever grow! Our dreams were quickly cut short when the farmer clocked onto us. There was a corn field at the top of the hill which you had to get over a fence to get into but we believe when the farmer was collecting all of his corn at the end of the season he saw our little green house from up high in his tractor over he banking of the hill. Needless to say the green house was destroyed and thrown down further into the gauze bushes! Wewere gutted, tried to salvage what we could but they were premature flowers. Looking back it was an experience I’ll never forget! Class!Fast forward a few years and a few more grows, some successful some not and here we are. This year we plan to grow mainly Mephisto autos, a few Dinafem and maybe a couple of others I’ve yet to decide on. Few plants on the windowsill as an experiment, a few in my greenhouse in the garden and as many as we can getoutside! Currently I have two Mephisto beans out of 12 popped. 1x Double Grape and 1x Strawberry Nuggets. These two are going to be my windowsill beans, if I manage to Harvest 14g off both plants combined I’ll be chuffed. The rest of the Mephisto Beans (1x Double Grape 1x Strawberry Nuggets, 2x Alien v Triangle, 4x Northern Cheese Haze, 2x Forgotten Cookies will be going in the green house and outside along with the Dinafems. All of our spots are south facing, expecting to get 8 hours of direct sunlight a day. Including my windowsill! As for what I’m using for the grow, here’s a list.BioBizz Light Mix3L, 5L & 9L airpots.Bio Bizz Nutes- Bio Grow, Bio Bloom.Advanced Nutrients Calmag, if required.Mycorrhizal Fungi (Great White)Things I’m thinking of adding--Some sort of top feed to increase themicrobial life in the soil.- A foliar feed.My water source is nice and soft water from a local source. I was consideringgetting a ph meter a couple of years ago, but I’ve had no issue with my tap water in plenty of years growing. I believe the Light Mix will act as a buffer to and that has a pH of 6.2 if I remember correctly! The latitude where I am is 54 If anyone is interested to know.Let me know what you think! Here are a couple pictures of the Double Grape and Strawberry Nuggets that are currently on my windowsill. They are exactly 7days old from sprout as of 11 o’clock this morningUK time. I’m not sure why the images have been rotated but hey ho! Feel free to ask any questions or just drop a comment thanks guys!
  4. Mango bubble cloud structure

    From the album Summer 2019

  5. Trimmed bud

    From the album Sweet Gelato Auto

  6. Hi currently buying bits and bobs for my first grow il be using the dr60 (60x60x170cm) made my mind up on the light il be using the diyled scope-150. Just really stuck on what fan and filter to use want the best one to get rid of all smell and a fan thats not that noisy if possible moneys not really an issue just want the best one for the area im growing in. thanks
  7. Anyone else a fan of gradually repotting auto’s? You read not to but I am a firm believer that if you don’t leave them to settle too much that it doesn’t cause early flower and seems to build a better mass. I’ve started in between 5 and 10 litre final pots but after fair results once looking at the final root ball I’ve been a mix of surprised and disappointed that there was much more potential. This one has went from a seed starter pot, to the middle sized one (both in seed and cutting soil) to its ‘final’ fabric pot in its final medium which was a b and q branded soil with no added nutrients. Also to note she was started on my window sill in a mini propagator then eventually moved outside, never saw a light. ^ This picture from today, the top three are from 8 days ago.