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Found 1 result

  1. Looks great doesn't she? Nearly a metre tall and plenty of bud-sites: AutoDaiquiri Lime at 8 weeks ... another 3 to 4 weeks to go. However, a couple of days back, maybe a week, I noticed that the plant didn't quite 'look' right. Couldn't put my finger on it, just a hunch. Then I realised that the lovely white pistils were losing their 'vibrance' ... sort of looking a bit greyish. On closer inspection ... Ouch. This looked a bit soon and 'wrong' for the plant, as I'd grown her before earlier in the season and this was different to 'normal' ... Also, there's something missing ... resin glands. So, onto Google, and found similar issues without suitable explanations, none of which seemed to fit. Logically, something wasn't right, so I had to get to the bottom of it. I'd taken pH readings, checked my feeding and watering schedule, water-logged? nope, deficiencies? doubt it, the leaves would show them first ... stumped. Then, back next to the plant taking even more pH readings, which were fine btw, I momentarily lost my balance and put some weight on the pH meter pushing the probes right down to the bottom of the bucket. The needle started fluctuating around pH5 ... bingo! methinks. My conclusion is that this is caused by a nutrient / salt build-up at the base of the pot, and the tap root no doubt is affected .. isn't this where the flowering hormones are generated? ... Am I correct in this assumption do you think? I've given her a thorough flushing ... yesterday I gave her several gallons of water, flushing until the run-out was almost clear. Today, I checked her pH at the bucket-base and it read ph6. Today, I repeated the flush, less water. I'm hoping now that the hot sunshine and high transpiration rate will help her to dry out ... I won't be watering her again for a fortnight I don't think! We'll just have to see if she starts producing some resin glands now ... watch this space. And if anyone reading this can throw some more light on the subject, I'd be all ears. Bud Wiser