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Found 56 results

  1. Really happy as Seeds arrived today courtesy of @Dinafem-Mark and @Intense Nutrients Matt Thank you very much gentlemen. grow diary time! I'm going to be growing them in a 1.2m tent with a 600w HPS. (Clip fans, etc.) I'll be doing three of each variety. Three OGJ and Three OJ. Six total, Alongside three sweet seeds speed autoflowers I will be doing a seperate diary for the sweet seed autoflowers to show each respective variety off better. Best of luck everyone. May the best man win!
  2. Hi all Does anybody know the answer to the question in the title? Reason im asking as I am in week 4 flower, starting week 5 tomorrow and I feel the plants are coming on very slowly, and my Swiss skunk is supposed to be renowned to be a fast finisher, well I can tell you now it isnt. So I can only think 600w is not enough for the size of my room. It is hung vertically inside a 1m parabolic. My room is 2.3m wall to wall wide (7.5ft) by 2m long from wall to door. But the plants dont come that far forward, when they were vegging and small I could keep all plants in a 4ft sq space but as they will out they are literally filling the while 2.3m width now. But I don't think the flower production is that fast at all, do I need to upgrade to 1000w to kick out the most of that space? Parabolic is hung around 1.7m tall The only other thing I can think of is it sleeping temps are high because of being in a loft. Lights come on at night and off during day, now I can see why that would cause stretch and stress but I dont see that in the plants. If you would like to see I have a diary (link in sig) this is not an advertisement but if I might need to upgrade my lights then today is the best day to do so as I am busy rest of week so it all depends what you guys think. MMT
  3. Hi there, new to this forum so your help would be really appreciated! I have a 1.2x1.2x1.9 grow room that I have built, it took me some time and built it to perfection. I have 4 cuttings that I have planted in 3.8l fabric pots, gelato strain. They are on the cuttings and seedlings section on my grow chart, using mainly samurai nutrients. Finally got the temp right, about 21.5 lights off, 25 lights on. Temp has previously got pretty high due to working out the right timer settings on radiator, intake etc. I have noticed that my leaves have started to very slightly turn yellow on the ends, and have started to curl downwards - can anyone advise their experience on overcoming this? I am going to leave them for two days without feed as I believe it may be possibly an overfeed of nutrients or something, then next feed just give water to flush anything out. Does this seem the best course of action? Many thanks in advance!
  4. Day 1 Germ

    From the album Dinafem Quick Critcal+

    Day 1 of Germing in black coffee cup using water covering with foil
  5. Well for fear of it going flat I wasn’t gonna start the diary so soon, but it’s probs the only way I’ll be able to keep track of days and dates. This is my 3rd grow, previous 2 were Hempy’s too. I didn’t go too badly, the last grow ended up with a tent full but, the quality suffered. This time I’m going to have to learn a bit of patience and settle in for a longish haul There’s loads of great diaries and grows documented on the site, but I’ve got to say this grow has been inspired by @Green-trialist, his adventures with a single plant scrog in 1m and 0.8m tents 600w & 400w respectively were enlightening to a newbie grower fumbling about. I’m not looking to break any records or re-invent the wheel, I just want to keep it as simple as I can and, hopefully end up with a tin of quality street. So here we go, Dinafem Early Amnesia CBD. Single plant scrog, 40l Hempy Bucket, 3:1 perlite/vermiculite, a 7/16th hole drilled so the bottom of the hole is 2 inches from the bottom of the bucket, the bottom of the Hempy filled with perlite to just above the top of the hole. I’ve got a Lighthouse Max 1 x 1 x2m tent in a detached garage, Lat 52N with enough West in it for a bit of influence from the gulf stream, but it’s still gonna be a bit chilly come January. I’ve got insulation under the tent. There’s a 125L Ruck extraction fan with the thermostatic control, Rino Pro 5 inch filter, passive intake, got a couple of tube heaters and an oil filled radiator, there’s a selection of fans to go at. The scrog net has been made, pvc tubing and fittings, 50mm plastic garden mesh. I popped the seed in a riot cube on Saturday evening 30th Sept. Steady temp @ 23.5c. Tuesday morning she had popped up albeit firmly hanging on to the casing. I’d managed to dampen it so switched on the lamp (125w CFL). Next day bit of a poke with a jeweller’s screwdriver to release the casing and all was fine. I don’t mind the riot type cubes but they do tend to dry out fairly rapid, this in mind and from having learned a bit previously, once I saw the tap root at the bottom of the cube I popped it in to the Hempy. I experimented the last grows, it was certainly better for keeping the cube moist getting them into the growing media early. I also tried using smaller Hempy cups before transplanting in to the final bucket. The seedlings that went straight in to the final buckets seemed to not miss a beat. Anyway it’s going to have a week or so under the cfl, I’ve then got a 400w MH for what’s expected to be 6 weeks or so veg ,before the 600w HPS for flowering, I’ve got a new lamp, 600w Gavita Enhanced for digital ballasts, I’m hoping my Lumatek digi ballast will get some sunshine out of it at 660w. The same as the last grows it’s going to be Ionic one part nutes, grow and bloom, no boost or anything, Formulex for a week or so until kind of established. My tap water (from private well via treatment system) has an ec of .2 and Ph of 6.7 The perlite was well washed before mixing it with the vermiculite. I then made 25 lt of feed up with the formulex and poured it through( ec 0.8 inc background, Ph 5.9) popped the cube in and another small water round. It takes 1.5l to get 0.5l run off but I’m putting another few litres through to keep things fresh in the bottom of the Hempy….Roll on February! Day 5 above ground.
  6. a 600w grow light? Im only asking as I dont really see it to be fair. I grow (or have grown) with all manner of lights, but not CMH, I use CFL for veg only as the buddage is a bit light any airier than HPS, even when you pound the plants with lumens... I would assume the same principal with CMH, but stand ready to be corrected... Surly the 315w would have the same efrect as CFL lumenwise? After all I understand the 'closer to daylight' spctrums etc. The same can be said the for PAR of CFL on paper, but you just need the light, its pretty much as simple as that. WE tried sulphur plasma for a while as well, the bit I still dont get is; if the light is so close to daylight, then are there two bulbs needed again?...Surely if it was 'that close' then one bulb would suffice, after all its not like the sun changes bulb, it just gets either closer or further from the equator... I would have thought that the PAR of the CMH would make up, at best, the odd 85w to equal a 400w HID - but taking that to a 600w HID comparrisson makes me dubious... after nearly 30 years of cannabis cultivation I have seen and grown with many things but I aint never seen a light that performs equally to a light twice its lumencount. I like to big up my grow style as much as the next man, thats why, like everyoine else, Im posting here - but really? 315 is the new 600? - Spock with a beard? ! think not.
  7. Seeds were promptly placed into wet tissue on arrival. dex.php?app=galleryℑ=316944][/url] Doing 3 seeds of each strain. As they will be sharing a Dr90 with other strains it's going to get cramped 3x Big Kush 3x purple afghan kush 7x Ogchem Haze x Ogchem 5x Ogchem F2's 2x auto hacks Grow room Dr90 6" RVK + 6"rhino pro Str controller 600w sunmaster fx Jacks magic + batmix for compost Fishmix and bloom
  8. Hello & Welcome First off, massive thanks to Paradise for the opportunity to run these We shall endeavor to do the fabled strain justice. Paradise SENSI STAR. Blurb says; So, according to that I should have flowered 20 instead of the ones I did. I try to keep below 20 at all times so I am just running these with a long veg. Whoop whoop for guidelines Packaging details; Environmental aspects; Seedlings go under a 2 tube T5 for a couple of weeks, small mother/seedling cabinet. They then go under a 250w in a DR90 while they get potted up and topped etc. They then go into a Hydrolab 120s, under a 600w adjustable. I grow in coco, using hesi (softwater) feed, some root stim during early stages and at each pot up. I do not use boosts or other snake oils. The story so far; They went into Jiffy pellets around the 14th of August, by the 16th we had movement; and by the 19th we had life; You will notice that only 4 of the initial 6 sprouted. 4 weeks later (all units are estimated), we have the following to ogle; You will see the runty one on the front right, more on mutant later. Speed forward 8 days and the following sight greets you; And if we skip on a few more days to October the 7th we see this; On the 10th I topped 2 of them; Today, we mark the day that they went into the flower tent. 9 weeks today will see me chopping on December the 16th, 10 weeks will be the 23rd so christmas chopping is in order. Today they looked like this; You can clearly see the extra height that the non topped plant has. This one will be bent and tied over the next week IF she gets to big during stretch The album which contains the above images plus those I chose not to post is found here; I will do an update on the mutant next time, she seems to have topped herself As they are now in flower, we should really do updates frequently. As always though, expect a lot of bollox, no regard for ceremonies and a liberal dosing of flying fucks. No doubt Zem will be along soon, telling me I am doomed from the off as his grow is better nannnaanana Stay safe and well and avoid pebbles. Cheers
  9. Hi all I have purchased a bundle of new gear to set up and wondering the best strain to grow to suit it. I've done a few single planters but not anything of this size, I'm looking for strains decent yield, take well to topping, With nice smell/flavour and obviously best for my setup. So here goes this is what I have purchased: Dr150 tent 1.5x1.5x2m 2x 600w hid dimmable with mantis reflectors...happy to use 1 or both 200mm fan Carbon filter Nft systems 424x 2 and the nft gt100... worth using or not? t5 starter lamp So what strain would you recommend and how many? Thanks in advance 邏
  10. Hiya Peeps, I've just found my lamp emitting a pulsing light and the cable off the ballast is distinctly warm. It is a Maxilight Digilight Pro 600w running a Solistek 10K halide bulb, does anyone have any ideas what's causing this? Clearly it is now turned off and cooling down so I can switch bulbs, I guess what I want to know is if it turns out to be a dodgy bulb will my ballast have been damaged or is it the other way round....
  11. My growlight smells like a fire lighter, like paraffin, and is extremely hot! Temps have gone up about 10c and was fine for the 1st few weeks, Iam using sun master bulbs.
  12. Ive been using feminized seeds for a while but,When i first did growing yr 2000. This is what i was told regarding regular seed. the seeded plant was an f1.its clone f2, which should be used as mother,and f3 the ones you finally smoke. So is this still true?, ever been true?,can the f1s and f2s not be smoked? or is it just the best way to find best clones for mothers, smoke the f1s and see which is best smoke and use the f2cutting in waiting as mother? therfore your f3s are off your best tasting plant. im thinking of doing regular seeds i want to try ugorg blues. or have i just thrashed everyones head as much as mine is?
  13. Psychotropic day 56 12/12

  14. hello, hello, Hi. taken the long overdue dive into the world of growing. have been set up 5 days now. setup is as follows, 1.2 x 1.2 x 2.0 tent, 600w hps light, 5" fan and filter, 9" oscillating fan, nine 16l rootpouch pots filled with canna coco 60/40 pebbles mix and im using canna I got my babies on sunday, they came looking healthy in rockwool cubes with decent rootage. I transplanted into the 16l rootpouches pretty much as soon as. I watered them with room temp water with a little rhizotonic untill I had run off in the tray. really thought they would have livend up a little by now but they seem to be drooping and the leaves curling down, the little ones at the top seem to be curling round the most and are a very pale green. they also all have purple stems more or less all over. also some yellowing of some of the nine. i am going to try take pictures and upload tonight very shortly. so hello everybody and anyone have any inclination of what could be happening?? any info would be much appreciated
  15. Hello everyone, ive recently had my first outdoors season and came away pretty good had over 10z plus loads of seeds from a 2 females i pollinated, now my question is, since i have a 600w light and tent plus the usual bits and bobs, would it be worth having a indoors hfh grow. how diffrent would it be and taste from my outdoor, will it be less leafy? more weight? plan a) germ 50 seeds and keep light on for 24hrs in the hope of finding and non autoflower variety. then take clones. or plan b) germ 50 seeds and go just straight to 12/12. or 18-6 and keep only the autoflowering varieties. i will be starting with 50 as they are reg seeds i should end up with around 20-25 females of which i will probably keep the best 16 p.s its a mix of hfh not sure what. peace out.
  16. Hey UK420, First and foremost great site ! I have experience growing using the secret jardin tents namely dr60/90 using 250w / 400w light setups. I used to have a vent in a utilty cupboard which I used as an inlet with a PC fan to control temps and had it dialled in. I recently have moved and run my dr60 / 250w setup fine in my upstairs spare room. I have just bought the kit listed in the thread title and need some help with ventilation. I have a 6" Rhino filter and an adjustable 6" TT fan. Currently I have the following config - CF / Fan / Hood / Out of tent. The heat builds up in my spare room and does not sufficiently keep the tent in an acceptable range. Last night when doing a test temps hit 90F :-( Now I have been reading and decided / realised I need to either arrange an intake (active) or / and venting the tent exhaust out of my spare room. Using the window isn't really an option due to stealth and needing access to the window. My only real option is venting into the attic. It is a new build house so the ventilation up there appears to be pretty good. My fear was it getting damp up there and creating mold etc. I spoke to a mate that ran a 1000w in his attic and he said this wasn't an issue BUT i don't want to have the tent up there. I plan on growing either 6/9 autos in 11L pots. I am about to go and have a good poke around up there (giggidy) to see what the deal is but would really appreciate help from those who have experience in these matters. TIA BtS
  17. Decided to to a diary for the brilliant jayyp&tommy,for kindly donating the seeds so I think I should do a diary to say"THANK"YOU,💎🍻🍁
  18. Yo people! Before I go ahead and spend a bunch of money I just want a bit of confirmation that this set up will be okay. Over the last year or so I've wasted a lot on crappy products and just want to make sure I'm going for the right thing this time. Secret Jardin L160 - The tent has a 120x120 grow space and a 2-tier 40x120 mother/seedling compartment on the side which would be ideal for my situation. I will be using a 600w HPS in a parabolic reflector in the main room and then 2 T5 4-ways hanging in each section of the mother/seed side. and this is how I'm planning on setting up the airflow. Has anyone had any experience with this tent or a similar set up at all? Do you think there will be enough airflow without an intake fan? Any feedback is really appreciated! Peace
  19. From the album Psychosister & Cream Caramel

    Cream Caramels are the 3 at the back. The rest are Psychosister.
  20. From the album Psychosister & Cream Caramel

    Cream Caramels are the 3 at the back. The rest are Psychosister.
  21. From the album Psychosister & Cream Caramel

    Cream Caramels are the 3 at the back. The rest are Psychosister.