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Found 17 results

  1. Hi everyone and welcome along to my very first attempt at growing....anything....ever! ive been lurking in this site for a couple of years but have finally went out and bought myself everything (I think) I need to grow my own bush. KIT 75x75x200 budbox tent 4” td extract fan, acoustic ducting and rhino hobby cf 660w dimmable ballast + 250w mh (veg) 600w hps (flower) 6” clip fan and 9” floor fan STRAINS GROWING 2 x Dinafem White Widow 2 x Dinafem Blue Cheese im going to be attempting to follow Nebula’s Manifold technique from the GWE site as I’ve been reading up on this for years and it seems like the way for me. I had my gear running for a few days before my seeds arrived just to make sure I could control the temp and humidity and after some hammering and sawing I got it sitting steady at 24c and 30% with the 600w lamp in and ballast cranked up to 660w. Those td fans are pretty good! My seeds arrived yesterday and I immediately planted them in little biodegradable pots 3/4 filled with coco and pre-soaked with plain tap water. Once the standing water had run out the pots I placed each seed in pointy side down and covered loosely with a 1/2” layer of coco. I then popped them into my propagator and into the airing cupboard covered with a towel to keep it dark. Temps are ranging from 18c when the heating goes off and 24c when it’s on. Humidity steady around 55-60%. They’ll be staying in there until they’ve cracked the surface then it’s out of the airing cupboard and into the tent under 250w mh with the extract running. I’m using ionic nutes but will be starting them off with some formulex until probably the second set of fan leaves then switch to 1/4 strength nutes Once they're 6 nodes high it will be time for the first top and clean up then tie the branches down to begin forming my manifold. Let them grow another couple of nodes each side then it’s one last top and clean up. They’ll be vegged until just below 1/2 my desired finishing height then it’ll be in with the 600w HPS, ballast down to 400w and increase it up to 660w week by week Ill be posting pics as I go so feel free to jump in with any pointers, criticism (good and bad) or just for a blether. Below are a couple of pics of my tent and ventilation. Next photos will be when they pop their heads through to say hello cheers for reading Tent is in the en-suite of my bedroom with the shower ripped out. Kept the sink and toilet in case I spend too much time up here with the girls ha extract rigged up to an existing, unused extractor fan which vents out through the roof
  2. Hi All, I have been thinking about getting a led light but price and a few lesser results seen has all but halted my progress to this system... So I have a 600w sunmaster bulb, what would be best as a supplemental light to this ? Bearing in mind that the placement will be the main concern of my due to light penetration e.g 600w 16inches away, anything smaller I will have to move closer... i dont want to add a 400w and possibly not a 250w either due to temps, are there any spot light type lights worth purchasing like 4 x 35w led or the like ? I could look to attatch to lower levels being smaller units ? Bypassing the 16in space, or would it not matter so much ? Ignore the topic if all you can say is use the search function
  3. Hi all,, so i have 5 Original Glue girls in a wilma/1.2 tent with 600w hps just about to finish their 3rd week since i flipped them to 12/12. Id say they have finished their stretch and are showing all their early bud sites in the last 3 days. I cleared up the bottom 3rd of them pretty well after about 10 days of stretch but left the canopy alone pretty much. Now tho the canopy is pretty damn dense and i was wondering weather its too late for me to de-foil the top two thirds to allow more light penetration? Im also a little worried as i'm getting quit a few "sweaty" leafs due to the density and i'm running Original Glue beans that ive heard can be prone to bud rot later down the line if things are too damp/cramped. So do i de-foil now? and if so how heavy and which leafs to aim for? Cheers in advance...
  4. hey People of uk420 just some advice needed, i have 4 uk cheese clones just over 3 weeks old, they are at 16 inch atm. i have only every grown from seed so unsure if clones are different when it comes to switching??? do they double in size during stretch??? my plan was to veg them for 4 weeks then flip? my setup is a dr120 (1.2 x 1.2 x 2.0) 4x4 tent 600w digi with a parabolic reflector. in 11l pots at the moment. Thanks Euphoria
  5. Right so i cant get it through my head can someone clarify or give me some advice, Got 3 autoflowers and 4 photoperiod (might be using one as a mother so lets say 3 of each) anyway there growing under a 600w hps, started on 24/0 (250>400>600) then onto 20/4, now 18/6. So your with me now. Photos are 31 days old and will be re-potting this week but want to flip withing 2-3 weeks closer to the 2 weeks. Autos are 21 days old today but still gonna grow a but before there start budding i think... So my conundrum is i have them under the 600w now I have a spare 400w light and ballast kicking away. I want to flip to 12/12 and have to really want to get this grow done before we move (well the missus has give me a sort of date she wants to move) So would my autos be better of in a separate tent under the 400w 24/0 or in the tent with the 400 and the 600w in 12/12 which the photos would appreciate more i know the 400 isnt producing the same amout of light but not getting a 1000 ballast atm haha.. Im stoned wanted to know the answer for a few days finally asked it.. Any replies much appreciated James, Peace
  6. I've just setup my first indoor grow , I've got 5 auto flowers plants that are roughly a month old seed in pot 15 th September , repotted from party cup to 11ltr pots 27th september , have been under 415 watts of CFL lighting while I set up my new system , my new system is running 600w Hps and is air cooled at the moment the lights are approx 2ft away from the canopy , Im basically looking for optimal light distance ? I've had a look a light distance calculators and they are getting approx 7321 lumens , is there another chart for optimal lumens in plant growth stage ? So showing what amount of light they should be getting at each stage of the plant ?
  7. IMG 20150519 152129

    From the album grow2015

    Blz bud from seedism at 10weeks flower ready to be chopped
  8. IMG 20150519 152204

    From the album grow2015

    This is the blz bud from seedism at 10 weeks just before the big chop had two of these totally different phenos
  9. IMG 20150512 154632

    From the album grow2015

    This is a snap of the blz bud by seedism at 9weeks later pheno of the two in the tent this has been flushed 5days so far
  10. IMG 20150508 144417

    From the album grow2015

    This is blz bud from seedism we have 2 in this grow both totally different pheno's as you will tell by pics these are 8weeks 3days into flower. The other pheno looks like it would go 11weeks
  11. IMG 20150508 143802

    From the album grow2015

    This is paradise white widdow at 8weeks 3days nice solid dense buds and whiting up very nice
  12. Hi UK420, I am in my 7th week from the beginning of this whole process and know I will be flipping my girls over soon. I think these are prefowers, they are coming out of the stipule and are an orangy pistil. Can you tell from these pics? Only one or two are showing these from 7, (5 X Money Maker, 2 x C99) Also I wanted to question whether it is possible for me to go and top a couple of them or is it too late? Thanks for looking