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Found 16 results

  1. Anyone know what this might be appeared a few days back can provide more pics if needed, rest of the plant seems to be fine and growth doesn’t seem to be any slower.400w mhCocoCanna a and bPh 5.9 - temps 25c and 70% humidity
  2. Top growth is kinda thin and cannoeing don’t know if this is normal for new growth, everything else seems to be healthy. Temps are 27 and humidity 70% under 400 mh
  3. Welcome to my new thread which will be used to document my fun goings on down the back end of the garden for the remainder of this year. Current status: The Sweet Seeds competition has ended and I have a variety of plants in various stages, plus competition-winnings-seeds to germinate. A Cream Caramel clone who nearly died months ago, was waterlogged and took forever to root, the others were fine but this one I have nursed and nursed - Now she has rooted, taken off and I have topped her twice and had some bonsai type fun. I hope she will, in the end, bring nice large half metre long sticks of lush sticky buds: The Cream Caramel clones which did take off well, there were three, are well into flower, I think week 6 is now completed, could be week 7 I am unsure. There is also a single Cream Manderine which rooted well but its other 3 failed to take, so on the left side of my shed I have these four ladies: There are also four smaller Cream Caramel clones nestled in the middle of the shed between the larger Cream Caramels and my new Crystal Candy ladies which were sprouted from seed when I made the original clones. Here are the Crystal Candy ladies, I tried some LST but they were just unwieldy and two grew real high and fast for the sky Here is the largest bud forming up well: Since all of the above are a month from being cropped I have put on some new seeds, Sweet Cheese (on the left), Green Poison (middle row), Gorilla Girl (right side): Here they are in the tent, I had to take out one of the four legs to fit the box in as it is too big but with some black awning covering it - No light escapes. That's just a 125w CFL to keep them happy during night time. During the day the box is moved into the garden to get the best the sun has to offer That's where I am at right now. Fingers crossed ! So my setup is 2 x 400w Sylvania bulbs, not dual spectrum, brand new. Biobizz All Mix soil. Biobizz nutes: Grow, Bloom, Fishmix, TopMax, AlgaMic, RootJuice.
  4. Hello sisters and brothers. I start an ultraorganic crop. Without growshop products. Only lentils and canary seed, to create rooting. Spirulina, Peruvian maca, brewer's yeast, molasses, nori seaweed, neutral gelatin, and banana tea, to make various fertilizers. Propolis as fungizide and lemon juice to lower the ph. I will use Atazyme de Atami and Cal & Mag from Advanced nutriens for watering moments only with water. The water is osmotized with pH 8.2, which low with lemon juice up to 6.0 / 6.2. With ec's 0.002. The substrate is Atami Light Mix soil. In pots of 7 liters, in indoor of 80x80 with hps 400W. Ventilation and extraction. That's all folks.
  5. Hi everyone, first post on the forums spent alot of time here last month or so planning my grow! I have done some averagely bad grows in the past but have learnt massively where some of my problems were and now I want to make some decent quality buds with a reasonable yield so investing properly and taking the time and care to do things properly this time My last real stumbling block of the whole operation before I set up my pile of equipment sat in the corner is to get my head around soils and nutes. I know there are hundreds of posts out there but none seem to quite answer my questions and masses of reading has led me over numerous different answers which I know could all work depending on strains and grow methods but its really hard to find specific information with background on the whole grow at setup etc! So to the point: 1) Canna Terra or Canna Coco which would you recommend for auto flowers in a non hydro setup? Using 400w HPS in a 0.7x0.7x2m tent so water retention is important, I intent to mix 30% of perlite in. 2) Think of using RQS easy boost in the soil mix and light dosage of easy grow/bloom over the grow, in distilled water, is this overkill on nutrients for an auto flower? 3) Do you use distilled or tap water (i live in very hard water area) for flushing the plant before harvest? For general information: As mentioned growing under 400w HPS in a small but tall tent so got some space! 2 inline RVK's for intake and exhaust going straight to fresh air through the roof and under the eve, on the side of the house that barely see's sun all year around. Running Rhino Pro Carbon filter in the tent. Will be growing a pair, maybe 3 will see once its all setup RQS Auto Northern Lights in 12L pots. I probably won't be doing any LST just to make the plants grow straight up so can fit multiples in the tent. So excited to get my babies on the go but want to make sure I am clued up before making mistakes, so really appreciate any help anyone is willing to give!
  6. Just wondering if I need a contactor or relay for my single HPS light fixture - I've been using a Lumii Heavy-Duty 24hr analog timer all these years, and it's supposed to be fine without a contactor as long as it's a single light and no more powerful than 600w. Mine's 400w. So, do I need a relay or contactor? And if so, which one's are good in the UK? Just saw the thread about lights killing timer switches and started reading......all the talk of house fires got my frickin' attention! So, wanna know the deal to be safe. Gonna get some fire extinguisher, as that's not something I ever thought about before, but you never know. Lot of wood in my place. And, btw, what's the difference between a contactor and a relay, in layman's terms?
  7. IMG-4644.JPG

    From the album Dr90 autopot kripple roulette scrog

    Start of week 4 flower
  8. Ok so i'm going to starting my 2nd grow soon. Last time I used 600w lights and had a rather successful 1st grow but I think I overdone it on power considering I only grew 3 plants and don't intend to grow much more than that. So my question is as follows, I want to downgrade to the lowest possible light wattage whilst sticking with HID lighting, Ideally 250w since i'll be paying for the electric myself this time round but i'm not 100% sure if it'll do the job hence why I ask you lovely people.
  9. Welcome to my diary guys i have actually started over at different forums but im now over on UK420 also. They are around different day times but i will explain in full. The strains are as follows: 2x Sweet Seeds +SPEED 1x Sweet Seeds SWEET CHEESE 3x Sweet Seeds FAST BUD #2 SETUP: DR 90 400/600w dual spectrum 5" RVK and carbon filter John innes seedling compost Canna Vega and Flores 10L Pots UPDATE AS OF 15/11/14: DAY 12 / DAY 8 TEMPS: 28c / 17c HUMIDITY: 42% / 70% Ok guys heres an update for you all i couldnt resist feeling fresh having not had a drink last night.. I have just introduced rhizotonic from canna only have a little bit left but this should be ok for them starting off to try keep little root problems at bay. I have been giving them 2ml/L. Soil seems to be holding the water good and im not making the same mistake of over feeding as i did last time. I was thinking about starting small dose on the +SPEED next week some time 1.5ml - 1ml/L. I have a SWEET CHEESE in there also which is growing strange heres the pictures but everything should be fine im guessing? +SPEED FAST BUD #2 THANKS FOR LOOKING GUYS... NEXT UPDATE SOON...
  10. Roots

    From the album smellyberry

    Roots at 2 weeks under 400w
  11. I'm new to here so not sure if I am posting this in the right section but anyway I got 3 kalashnikova (greenhouse seeds) under a 125w cfl, gonna veg them for a month then start flower with a 400w hps I got decent ventilation too, how much around about do you think will be a good target for the harvest? Btw they are all 2 weeks old now, not very tall but I'de imagine in the next 2 weeks of veg they will grow alot
  12. 24/4

    From the album O.G #18 S.C.R.O.G

  13. 24/04

    From the album O.G #18 S.C.R.O.G

  14. 24/04

    From the album O.G #18 S.C.R.O.G

  15. Hi there i have a 400w mh bulb on at the moment and would like to add another light in the tent either adding a 600w or a 1000w and taking out the 400w 4 Plants Tent - 1.2m x 1.2m x 2m Temp - 18c in tent and 25c at canopy lights on and 15c lights off intake fan - 6" rvk fan bringing in cold air from outside clay pebbles 2x 90litre oxy pot bubblers with 2 plants sitting in each is anyone using a 1000w in this size tent ? or even a 600w and a 400w ?
  16. cheese toped and tied

    From the album cheese topped & lst