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Found 3 results

  1. a 600w grow light? Im only asking as I dont really see it to be fair. I grow (or have grown) with all manner of lights, but not CMH, I use CFL for veg only as the buddage is a bit light any airier than HPS, even when you pound the plants with lumens... I would assume the same principal with CMH, but stand ready to be corrected... Surly the 315w would have the same efrect as CFL lumenwise? After all I understand the 'closer to daylight' spctrums etc. The same can be said the for PAR of CFL on paper, but you just need the light, its pretty much as simple as that. WE tried sulphur plasma for a while as well, the bit I still dont get is; if the light is so close to daylight, then are there two bulbs needed again?...Surely if it was 'that close' then one bulb would suffice, after all its not like the sun changes bulb, it just gets either closer or further from the equator... I would have thought that the PAR of the CMH would make up, at best, the odd 85w to equal a 400w HID - but taking that to a 600w HID comparrisson makes me dubious... after nearly 30 years of cannabis cultivation I have seen and grown with many things but I aint never seen a light that performs equally to a light twice its lumencount. I like to big up my grow style as much as the next man, thats why, like everyoine else, Im posting here - but really? 315 is the new 600? - Spock with a beard? ! think not.
  2. Alright guys! I'm getting rid of my 1.2m tent for a bult wooden groom in its place. I have a dilema though! I am going to have 2 x Ceramic metal halide dimmed to 250w and 1 x 250w hps in the middle. My plan is to nail/screw all three reflectors to a plank of wood so they can all be raised and lowered a the same time... the question is how do I raise them from the door as I won't be able to get to the back once plants are flowering. here is a diagram of the layout of the venting, all simple no problem there. here is a diagram of the reflectors at their highest position and at the lowest position. I have thought about using a electric winch but I am out of my depth loking at them. I did find one electric winch made for raising and lowering lights made by sunsytem but they no longer produce them, and the only ones left are in america... I did think of a manual winch but apperently they are not suitable for lifting weights over head. If anybody has any experience on what manual winch is suitable or an electric one! Or any ideas people may have. If I have not been clear please just ask and i will try to clear it up. thanks in advanced FC
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