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Found 24 results

  1. Hi this is my first post I'm new to the game, like most people I'm sick of spending bare dollar so decided I want to grow my own stuff I want to jump straight into growing autos hydroponically with the DWC method as it seems to be more beginner friendly, however it does appear to cost slightly more but I'm sure it's worth the initial investment! Things intend to purchase: (please advise me if I could change something to make it better) - x2 Pre made DWC buckets with air pumps + stones from eBay. - x1 spare bucket (for regular cleaning) - FloraMicro/Grow/Bloom all 1L bottles. - VIPARSPECTRA Full Spectrum 300W - Grow tent - Air fan - Canna AQUA Clay pebbles for growing medium - x2 rockwool cubes - PH / PPM tester - Water temp tester - x2 Auto seeds I get how the system all works... what gets me with DWCs is the nutrients, I think I'm kind of understanding however I have a few questions if anybody knows some may be daft but we all start somewhere gimme chance 1) Do you put nutrients in the water once you've put your seedling into the rockwool and into the clay pebbles? If so how much is recommended for an auto plant? 2) When water levels drop should I fill it with just tap water and add nutrients every few days or when I clean the buckets every 10 days? Or should I fill it with both water and nutrients and keep in the PH range of 5.5 - 6.5 I'm aiming for a constant 5.8 as I believe this is a perfect ph for hydros? 3) How regularly should you put nutrients into the water? 4) Should I use an automatic water heater? Or would this cause more harm than good? The temp should be between 15 and 20 degrees celsius right? 5) How would I know when to turn the lights to 12/12? 6) Recommendations for 2 auto seeds with my 300w LED preferably two different types? A 50/50 mix ideally a social high not one to knock me out 7) Finally what size grow tent for two autos on 300w LED? I wasn't too sure where to put this so if it's in the wrong section I apologise I went completely off nutrients and onto other shit, I'm pretty baked haha Cheers
  2. Whats the general concensus when it comes to leds these days, regarding letting the plants grop up to the light, or lower the light and move it upwards accordingly? With the more accurate spectrums and PAR/PPFD etc, do the plants grow faster?...and before you laugh, I joke not. Many growers historically commented on dual spec taking longer to grow/ripen than sodium, even though the dual spec is a better light having the extra blue... Im reading about lower wattages dialled back, and higher light positions for better finished crops etc etc etc...theres a lot of new information to absorb. PAR and PPFD taking over from dual spec and lumens in a much more scientific way, its fascinating to be honest, but it still feels a bit odd not knowing what to expect. Ive had a Lumatek attis 300w in the cupboard for a a fortnight, mainly due to fear but also procrastination and confidence. Ive been growing with HID a long time and I know the technology, LED is new and exciting but none the less new to me... Before you wonder what im on about, im 2 weeks 12/12 in to my first grow in 4 years and Im wondering whether to see this one out under the HPS, or risk buggering my environment and my plants while I try to dial it all back in again under led - ...and being a loft grow at the moment, that isnt all that easy right now... cheers
  3. 300w

    I was looking around for a 300w Led light and came across a different Led technology which got me confused! Can anyone enlighten me on these different Led's. There are the COB Led, YELLOW Led, PINK Led and RED Led (mix of blue, red, UV, IR) . Can anyone tell me the advantages and disadvantages of these Led lights. And which grow/flower better TIA MOM
  4. Hello all, I recently purchased my first griw tent it's base is 45 cm by 80 cm. I have installed a 300 watt led light a ZNET4 (72pcs 3w LEDS) light at the top of the grow tent. However from what I'm reading I am worried that the head room I have available could lead to light burn as the LED will be too close.... i also intent to start my seedlings with this light. There is a clearance of 20 inches between the light and the pots. I can also turn half the light of to limit its free power at first. Any advice/opinions are much apperciated. thanks ganjagollum ✌️
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