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Found 12 results

  1. Hi, so ive done a lot of reading about 250w hps height and i have got multiple sources saying 2 - 3foot from canopy and the same amount saying 8 - 12 inchs from canopy.. This is the only bit of information i can not find any reason to either of the advised heights, can anyone please shed some light on this?
  2. The title is the question, I would want a digital one over a standard one if you can really get them cheap, Looking online, all the kits come with HPS bulbs which I dont want. Gumtree = nothing I dont know what is cheap and whats pricey in the 250w range, but I have a small cubic space but can do much better than the 125w CFL im using now, problem is I was thinking the 250 HID way would be way cheaper than a chinese blurple. Quantum boards well out of the price range, for some reason I was thinking I could do it under £40, as it is only £60 for a 600W digital. I have no idea, but is there a section on here where people buy and sell equipment? I wouldnt know if this site allows that or not, I know we dont talk about our percy material entering the market, and rightly so but equipment different maybe? All feedback helps MMT
  3. Hi guys my girlie has decided to go for a small 2 plant grow in a cupboard under a 250w HPS lamp. Being the hairy chested medallion wearer that I am I like to look like a fountain of knowledge, now I understand that any strain can be trained to accommodate a small area, but I was wondering if anyone with micro growing experience prefers 1 strain in particular? Any help or comments (including sarcasm and down right cheek) are always appreciated.
  4. Alright guys! I'm getting rid of my 1.2m tent for a bult wooden groom in its place. I have a dilema though! I am going to have 2 x Ceramic metal halide dimmed to 250w and 1 x 250w hps in the middle. My plan is to nail/screw all three reflectors to a plank of wood so they can all be raised and lowered a the same time... the question is how do I raise them from the door as I won't be able to get to the back once plants are flowering. here is a diagram of the layout of the venting, all simple no problem there. here is a diagram of the reflectors at their highest position and at the lowest position. I have thought about using a electric winch but I am out of my depth loking at them. I did find one electric winch made for raising and lowering lights made by sunsytem but they no longer produce them, and the only ones left are in america... I did think of a manual winch but apperently they are not suitable for lifting weights over head. If anybody has any experience on what manual winch is suitable or an electric one! Or any ideas people may have. If I have not been clear please just ask and i will try to clear it up. thanks in advanced FC
  5. Hi everybody and greetings. My first question for 2016 is what's the biggest/most effective pot size I should use under a 250w for growing autos. I've done autos previously in 5ltr posts under a 250w and usually achieve 45-60 grams per plant (depending on strain and training). This time I'm planning to start some autos in small pots for 12 days (I usually start the seeds in a small starter pot) and then to pot on using PM granules as well Root Juice. I will be using PM soil. What pot size do guys recommend for maximum yield and proper rooting under a 250w? And what about airpots? I they beneficial for autos in anyway?
  6. I av a 150watt already snd have been offered a 250watt with ballast and reflector for £20 now my question is no1 do I buy it as was thinking of up sizeing anyways but would both be as good as a 400w set up as have space to put both up in groom and it saves buying a full 400w set up no2 how many plants do you think I can comfortably put under 400w many thanks in advance Bless
  7. flower day 6

    From the album smile f2 flower

  8. Ok so i'm going to starting my 2nd grow soon. Last time I used 600w lights and had a rather successful 1st grow but I think I overdone it on power considering I only grew 3 plants and don't intend to grow much more than that. So my question is as follows, I want to downgrade to the lowest possible light wattage whilst sticking with HID lighting, Ideally 250w since i'll be paying for the electric myself this time round but i'm not 100% sure if it'll do the job hence why I ask you lovely people.
  9. tnt35c

    From the album Gallery Images

    Some bud cut from my 250w tent
  10. tnt35

    From the album Gallery Images

    250w cfl with 2 Blues in 3.5l coco
  11. Hi all. This gonna be my first grow, Im gona use a 250w Dual Agro CFL (6400k/2700k) with a CFL reflector from the top of the box. For the side, im gona use 4x20w cheap 6400k CFL for veg and 4x20w 2700k for flowering. The box size is 40x80x200 I want grow 2 or 3 plants. this lightning system could work?
  12. Day 8

    From the album 3x Diesel Ryder - 1st indoor grow

    After checking the roots this morning, I realised they were already bursting out of the jiffy mesh - into the Rhizo Pots then.