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Found 5 results

  1. Peace and light to all who visit this sacred grow chamber. Thus begins my HSO diary many thanks to @HSO-Mark for sending the seeds and organizing the seeds for diary doo daa. I am a simple man with a simple grow for me and my good lady. It consists of a 250w hps in 75x75x160 budbox for late veg and flower. The seeds are started under a t5 in a 60x60x90 green cube on its side. They will start life in some house and garden light mix then into the bat special for super veg growth. They will be fed lots of PM root stim early on and no grow nutes as the bat special is good until flower. Biobizz bloom 2 weeks into flower until the end. I have some fishmix on hand too. See Simples!! heres what happened about an hour ago....... So fingers crossed for some signs of life soon i will be misting the plugs twice daily until they go into the lightmix. Take it easy folks and remember ...... smoke some grow some smoke some more!! lil d.
  2. Hi! I just completed my first autoflower grow and I would like to share it with you. I have grown before, in soil and in coco, but not for a few years, and photoperiod only. The only things I bought for this grow were the seeds, some coco, and some Blumat drippers, which I have not used before. I grew one Northern Light (Royal Queen) and two Fast Bud #2 (Sweet Seeds). They were started in Root Riot cubes in the airing cupboard. As soon as they appeared (three days) I put them in to coco in airpots with around 7l of coco each (yellow base airpots with the base slightly higher) and in to the tent under 250w HPS. I stuck to 20/4 all the way through. I used some old Canna Coco A&B which had past their best before date a year before the grow started, plus a tiny bit of pound shop PK boost, drip clean, and pH down. I kept the EC between about 0.8 and 1.1 mostly (tapwater base 0.4) but I think I started a little lower and went slightly higher at points just for the Northern Light. I hand watered for the first couple of weeks before I set up my Blumat drippers, which I was using for the first time. I tried to keep temperatures between 18 and 25 in the tent though occasionally it may have dropped to 16. I actually had three Fast Bud #2 to start with however one was culled. I have some small USB fans I used in the tent for circulation, I set one up about 10 or 12 days or so after the HPS went up, too early. After a couple of days it had damaged the one plant. I had planted enough seeds to be able to scrap some so while I was annoyed at my mistake I wasn't too worried. I LST'd all plants and did a tiny bit of supercropping on the Northern Light. Once the tent filled up I took the small FB#2 out. The NL took over half the tent and had a footprint of two square feet, while the two FB2 fitted/squeezed into a square foot each. The NL stretched more and while they all started flowering at the same time (just after three weeks) it was slower to develop flowers than the FB2s. I took the FB2s out of the tent 62 days after I switched the HPS on. They could have had a bit longer perhaps but circumstances. They looked more or less done. I trained the NL further to fill the tent, it was obvious it had a while longer to grow at this point and the tent was full again almost immediately. The NL kept on growing and growing so it went on until day 96 before I cut it down. I took a few photos of the grow near the end, after I took the FB2s out. Here is the Northern Light on day 86, in the tent under the HPS: Some budshots from the same day: Hunting trichomes on day 89: On day 92 I cut off about an ounce worth and to look closely at trichomes, and decided to finish the flush and harvest the rest: Here's a sunbathing bud on day 92 unaware of what is about to happen: Switched the HPS off on day 96: Final budshots: Out of the tent: After the chop: Drying in the tent:
  3. Ho ho hoe time to get this grow show on the go. So my set up has been the same since the drove was born but here's the run down Drobe 250w HP's 5"extraction fan Passive intake Clip on fan for circulation Now then what have we got in store for this years winter stash? Let's see; 2x Fast Bud (6.5ltr pots) 3x Cream Caramel (11ltr pots) I have around an oz of Think Different left that I'm trying to spread out until a fast bud is worthy of chopping down, will sacrifice the weaker of the two and then plan to chop the rest around Xmas. Looking forward to this winters fruits :-) I will post pics shortly the young ones are 10 days old today.
  4. i was using cfls but they seem to take longer than hps so i stook with hps now and i have 250w, im just wondering what every1s average yield from these lights were, i also have a 70w hps what i might use for side lighting too, i will be using verve mp compost from b&q and pm nutes