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Found 1 result

  1. Hi. Been putting off asking this, but i've got to.. Please bare with me. It's electrical and i'm in perma stoned head atm, so i'm on the back foot straight away. @botanics @Golden Syrup@Joint hogger @stu914 please laugh, advise or tag anyone else who could also laugh/help/advise I want to run my two 1.2m roof qube's on 12/12 at alternate times to help keep temps stable. Using only what i've got I am currently using a powerstart 2 way contactor to control one 600w hps light. It is set up as normal with the timer on the appropriate plug etc. Like this ^^^^ But with only one light. I have another tent and light running 24/7 with no other contactor available. I was wondering if i could use this one contactor to run two lights as above (well within it's safety rating, and it has two plug sockets as above), but running the lights on alternate cycles. (I know i can buy a contactor thing that does this, but i honestly cant the spare £40 for a month or so, and want to flip the other tent now). This is where i'm pickling my head. Is it just a big no no? Or can i bodge it safely for a while? I'm thinking in order to do this, while still letting the contactor do it's work, i would need 3 timers (which i have). One where it should be, as in the pic. Set to come on when each light is due to come on, going off when each light is due to go off. To make it easier in my head and to set the timers, i would run each tent for 11.5 hours of light. Say the main timer (timer in pic) is set at : on 8am / off 7.30pm and then on 8pm off 7.30am Then timers on the sockets, one for each individual light. Set to run just behind the main timer. Plug One, Timer set : on 8am off 7.40pm (off time irrelevant, so long as after main timer goes off and befor it comes back on) Plug Two, Timer Set : on 8pm off 7.40am (^^^) This way each time a light is due to come on, the secondary timer is already in the right place. When the contactor timer turns on, the right light will come on. When main timer goes off, that light will go off. When it comes back on about half an hour later, the other light will come on, with the secondary timer having already switched over. Am i just over thinking this? Confused Nice one, Tigs