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Found 9 results

  1. Hi guys I have found a place that is in a great location but I got searching the web and found it was a old tipping site it's 6 foot high with heavy nettles I took a spade and starting turning over ground but I could only maybe go 8 inch deep maybe more what can I do to either improve the soil or would I be ok to grow there as it is thanks Guys
  2. Hi peepz I cropped my autos diesels they have been drying for a week just with the extraction fan on layed on cardboard I checked them today and they seem slightly crispy on the outside but quiet sticky in the middle the stems snap but bend a little should I leave them to dry more or try and speed it up as I'm scared of getting bud rot
  3. My auto diesel by bss are exactly 12 weeks from seed she's about 60% brown hairs but they have started fox tailing it doesn't bother me should I chop or let her finish I can't get a photo as my phones ancient
  4. Basically I have recieved a letter from the council saying I have a have a health and safety check scheduled for Wednesday and also a general inspection for Wednesday afternoon I'm going to have to chop every thing and get it dry and my tent down by Wednesday will it ruine my crop
  5. Hi Newbie here wasn't sure where to place this question so...hope it's ok here? Just looking for advice on additives. Are they needed? Just a thought as my last few grows I've used just an A/B nutes.. This time ive spent the money on all the shabang! Used all the 'shogun' products apart from using the canna Rhizotonic. Used silicon, PK, flower booster etc cost over 200+ and to me not really much difference with using 50quids worth of just a-b for entire crop (Growing hydro in rockwool slabs) Any help/advice would be great!
  6. so i have put some auto diesel by black skull under a 100 watts led light but they have been above the soil 10 days and they have just only got there second set of leaves starting and they are realy stretched should i just put them under my hps or is this normal i have never seen a auto grow so slow
  7. hi iv recently bought a 600 watts hps dimmable kit off a well known site and it come in apart so i have assembled it and im missing a lead from the output to the bulb i contacted the company but had no reply any one know where i could get one
  8. hi growers iv decided im going to grow some autos i dont know what strain yet hopefully some thing a big yeilder any recomendations and woul 8 be ok in 10l pots in a 1.2x1.2x200 tent under a 600 watts hps