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Found 1 result

  1. Ok so at the risk of seeming a wishy washy hippy psychonaught ... I've recently taken an interest in motivational type videos on the tube, now I realize there is a massive money making industry and alot of bullshit peddled in the name of self improvement, so much of the stuff can be taken with a liberal dose of your preferred electrolyte.. But pessimism aside, a common theme among some very successful people (not just motivational speakers but across the board) is that we all have the ability to influence the physical world or at least our own version of it with the power of our mind. Now that's a very simplistic way of explaining the type of phenomena I'm referring too. But there's a certain about of good science mixed in with the pseudoscience, and parts of it resonate quite strongly with me (resonate is actually a very apt word as alot of this is too do with vibration, specifically the vibrations we emit and the ones we attract on account of those) I realize that I may well be kidding myself that there's truth in it on account of my own life experiences and I maybe making links/connections where there really aren't any. Anyways I thought it might be an interesting topic to discuss and was hoping to get people's opinions if your happy to share! Many thanks! Dodge