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Found 6 results

  1. OK, folks here we go. It seems most or all led lighting systems seem to raise the plants needs for calcium and magnesium. It seems funny to me that calcium and magnesium deficiencies seem to be a new thing. Unheard of amongst growers 20 years ago or more. I started in hydro and had the full Atami range which I loved. I don't remember having a cal/mag supplement. Nor do I remember deficiencies. Perhaps it's a little like cancer and cases have risen because diagnosis is better. Don't know. Any how I'm now growing under led and don't have access to grow shops or mail order. I rely on garden centre supplies. I've used epsom as a tonic before and love it. I've recently got some chempak calcium. Could I use these at perhaps half the recommended amount all the time and still include my seaweed and organic tomato feed? I'm worried that my overall e.c. might be too high. I read the plants, so only feed when I think they need it. But can I use this combo of Epsom and calcium at half dose all the time? Will my e.c. be too high? Would I be over egging the pudding? Will it cause excessive salt build up? Worse still will I over feed them by doing this. Will it cause a lockout of other macros and Micros. Will my joints burn too quickly like the stuff we all used to steal from science labs in school. No I don't know my p.h. and don't have a pen. No I don't have a truncheon. Help. Thanks in advance.
  2. I dunno if I've put this in the wrong place, hopefully no. But my old grow tent was a 60-60-140cm by Trojan In may I bought a bud box 80-80-160. I've got 4 plants(2x gelato sorbet, purple sunset and a Jaffa cheesecake 2.0) in week 1 in proper flower, there's trichome production hitting heavy. (They went into flower on the first of this month but I don't count the transition period) Every time I open my tent in the morning it's 70-80% and makes my glasses fog, so I bought I dihumidifier (fuck knows how it's spelled) by hysure, supposedly it's the best mini dihumidifier but long story short it's doing fuck all... There's water collecting, in fact 100ml in 2 hours... It's averaged about 300ml per day at 80% according to Amazon and it's not went down. If I sit with open it's down to 50% odd but I can't sit with a tent open all day and risk light getting in, some/ most days it's still at 60-63% I need help because I rely on this crop so I can come back off these shitty anti depressants and not pay £35 a HQ for some crappy Stardawg that's purple with low potency. Freaking out isn't the word, the Trojan never went this high, in fact even with just my 250W hps and 300W CFL, the high temps were only an issue, humidity would always stay at 40-50 max. My equipment 250w 4inch carbon filter, fan and duct 6ich RAM clip fan Hysure dihumidifier So what do I do ?... Can see myself scrapping it tbh, it's genuinely too much hassle.
  3. Hi, im still kinda new here and have posted elsewhere on this forum. Anywayyy, to cut a looooonnng story short, i decided not to go down the auto route atm and went for photos, Vanilla Kush cuttings. Things started out awsome, apart from thin branches (the seller of the cuts explained before hand), i planned on vegging 9 for 2 week at most then flower for the 8-9 with a net, stripping all branches under the canopy ect to try yield bigger nugz... One day around 1 week and 3 days into veg i was down tending to some chickens in the stormy winds i forget the storms name and anyway something hit me om the head and knocked me unconcious (i already have a section on my skull loose due to brain surgery beforehand)... I was hospitalized ect... I forgot about my plants BUT they where on a self watering system luckily, i found my note book which had dates in of when i set them in veg and when I wanted them into flower, i misses 3 week veg and now they r in flower and on there 4th week, i didnt strip anything due to dizziness when bending ect.. now my tent is OVERRUN with branches, no net loads of smallish bud and some okish bud. Can you guys gimme any advice on if i strip the branches now will it affect the yield or will it increase bud size? Or will it just stunt all the plants. Is it possible to top so late?. My set up is 1.2x1.2x1.8 tent. 1x 600w RED spectrum HPS with digi dimmable ballast. Organic soil i will add the name later i have forgotten atm. OT organic veg, OT organic Bloom, Root Stim(Organic i think plant magic), bio silicone and black strap molasses which is organic. The photos of what i have so far i will post whwn im home. Thanks for any help you can give.
  4. Hi guys I came home yesterday to my baby looking like this? So I haven't watered... Still like It this morning... I have been watering every other day or when it feels dry... Is it to late to fix or? And what is wrong with it?
  5. Hi, sorry if i have posted this in the wrong place, i am finding it difficult to navigate on my mobile which has a broken screen. Can anyone help me in choosing a Autoflowering strain which is ideal for SOG, high yielding and possibly denae nugs. My space is 1.2m x1.2m x 1.8m high. I am hoping to possibly squeeze 16+ plants in the tent. Will be growing in either soil OR DWC of some kind, some qdvice and help on either of them woulbe great. Also would it be best to use Autoflower or well rooted Clones from a photo period? Also possibly LED Dual spec or 400w dual spec HPS. Please any help would be appreciated! Thanks.
  6. Hi, I'm making my first bloom tea from scratch, I'm looking for info on n p K values and ratios for the following: Palm ash - ?mg / ltr for 15 K Guano - ? gm/ ltr for 15 P I know palm ash is roughly 30K but no idea based on what ratios Guano is half that in P (high phosphorus version) but again no ratio .... help please :-) Thanks B