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Found 9 results

  1. Hi, I want to put a single plant tent in my caravan (got electric and everything else and isn't a far drive from home) and i was wondering what the smallest size tent i would be able to use would be? I will be doing LST training would this help in reducing the height of the tent? I also need advice on a good carbon filter setup and a good light source, preferably one i could leave on 24/7 and won't light my caravan up. I've looked into mars hydro but i don't know what size i would need Growing here is my only option outside of my greenhouse so i want a set up to last the winter months and hopefully get good yields
  2. Got a budbox xxlr and my plants are growing like mad so I'm constantly pulling thr lights higher but now my filters in the way. Is it ok to place it on the floor? I'm still going to have the fan attached right next to it and then just run the ducting straight out the side. I know heat rises but right now were hitting colder months and I'm hoping a few fans just blowing the hot air around will suffice. 7
  3. Autos

    From the album First auto grow

  4. Autos

    From the album First auto grow

    Getting smelly :)
  5. Autos

    From the album First auto grow

    Update on the girls, the blackberry seems a little sad last few days not sure why.
  6. Hi all new member here. Currently have 2 plants growing out outside in a tomatoe tent. 1 alien gorilla photo and 1 super skunk auto. Theyve been outside about 2 weeks but due to the terrible weather they're only just sprouting their 2nd set of leaves. I have a zkittlez og auto on the way to me. Is it too late to start it? Also would the plants currently outside be too humid if I kept the zip door shut all the time. Many thanks
  7. Hi, I'm about to purchase a grow tent( approx 80, 80, height 180) due to space. Was thinking getting Led viparspectra reflector series 300w fill spectrum light . Wanted led due to electric costs and fire risk. I I have absolutely no experience but I've done lots of reading. Any advice on tents or lighting or fans or anything really would be much appreciated. Thanks
  8. Hi all, Recently joined the forums as this is my first ever attempt at indoor growing and would appreciate some guidance, to ensure I'm on the right path and not making any crucial errors etc. To begin with, I will give a run through of the setup I'm currently running: Growing medium - Coco Coir (Bio-Bizz) Nutrients - CX Horticulture Simple Coco Growers Package 1ltr (consists of - Coco Base A+B, Regen-A-Root, Head Masta & Might Bloom) + Mighty Growth Enhancer 1ltr. Pots - 9L air pots. Ballast - Adjustable ballast up to 600w Light - 400w HPS (Currently running at 250w due to limited growing space) + Reflector. Tent size - 90 x 60 x 135 (Width, Depth, Height). Ventilation and Control: 1x RVK 125A1 Fan 225m3/hr & Rhino Hobby Filter Aluminium Duct (1x RVK 125A1 225m3/hr, 1x Rhino Hobby Filter 125x300mm 500m3/hr, 1x Aluminium Ducting 127mm x 5m, 3x Hose Clips 175mm, 1x Standard Plug 13A & 2x Flex Heat Resistant Wire Per Metre). So far, it appears to be going well, my only concern is in regards to the wattage that I'm currently running the light at (Has potential to go to 400w, so if you think I could get away with running it at 400w within the space I got, then please let me know). As it's my first time at growing with limited space, I decided it was best to look into some tasty autoflower seeds and decided to go for: 3 x Fast Buds Girl Scout Cookies, 1 x Fast Buds Green Crack & 2 x Dinafem Critical + Auto (freebies when I spent over a certain threshold with the seed bank). From the seeds received, I opted to germinate and plant 4 of the 6 and went for 1 x Girl Scout, 1 x Green Crack & the 2 x Critical + freebies. They went in for germination just under 2 weeks ago and we're potted about 48 (Green Crack & Girl Scout) - 72 hours ( 2 x Critical +) later, after a nice sprout (3 - 5mm average) was visible. Once potted (in the 9L air pots), I had to leave them in a windowsill to get some sunlight for the first 48 hours whilst I fixed some issues with the growing area I had. Once I had prepared the area and fully setup the growing tent (About 48 hours after potting), I placed them into the tent under the 250W HPS which is situated about ¾ - foot away from the top of the plants. I'm currently running the lights on a 17/7 schedule, so I can try to give them the full potential they can get, without using too much electric at the same time. I've read that autoflowers have no specific light schedule they have to follow in order to work properly, so I assume my currently light schedule should work okay? Now as I'm running Coco as the growing medium and had limited space, I have opted to hand feed the plants. For the first 5 days, I only feed them bottled mineral water, which I had reduced the PH to about 5.6 - 6.2 (Mainly aiming for 5.8 as this is a figure I've seen a lot of people recommending this pH for Coco grows). After 5 days had passed, I began adding 1ml per litre of the Mighty Growth Enhancer. Once I got to around 8-10 days, I decided to start adding 1ml per litre of the Coco Base A&B and Regen-A-Root, as instructed on the flyers I received with the nutrients. Considering autoflowers have a short vegetation I thought 8-10 days should be suffice to start feeding the extra nutes, but could this also potentially harm it? I'm currently on day 12 since potting the seeds and they seem to be healthy and have grown a good amount for their age, however the critical + seeds are slightly delayed compared to the other 2, but they were potted 24 - 36 hour after the others and do have a slightly longer growth period advertised too, so i guess this is normal? Now i have a few questions which I’d like to ask to help reassure me I'm doing things right: How much liquid should i be feeding each plant and do i need to feed them daily? (Currently am feeding each plant about 200-250ml, twice a day. I generally tend to do it first thing when I'm up each morning - this is about 3-5 hours into the start of their light cycle and then the 2nd portion at about 1-2 hours before the end of their light cycle for the day. Following this method, i usually find a bit of liquid/run off in the saucer the pot is sat in, but not anything to major). Would it be better for me to provide them with their full day's feed in one hit? If there's any runoff found in the saucers (as mentioned above on 1st bullet point), then is it best to empty the saucer or leave the liquid in there and avoid feeding the plant until it absorbs this excess feed? Should i also be testing the pH of excess liquid/feed found in the saucer to get a understanding of what pH the soil is running at or do i need to approach this differently? Are there any generic Do’s/Don'ts for a first time grower which i should be aware of? If any of you are able to help me with the questions outlined above, then that would be awesome I'm going to be purchasing a 1 or 2 small oscillating fans today to help improve air circulation and make it a nicer environment for them to live in. If I do purchase 2, what would be the best way to situate them to get maximum circulation? I'm currently only taking photos on a weekly basis. Please find below an image of the 4 plants after 1 week of being potted. We are very close to approaching the week 2 as we speak, so I will look at adding the new image once taken, to show you how they've developed. As I'm new to this, how would I go about new images each week? Do I simply find the thread and edit it to add more pictures or do I need to do it differently? Anyway, here's week 1s picture: Have a lovely day all! Thanks
  9. Hello, All, Just a quick note to let you all know that the indoor seeds4diary giveaway will be going ahead this year I will be kicking this of early March when we have the outdoor grow thread competition underway We will be allowing 50-75 members and each member will get ANY 2 Dinafem or AutoDinafem strain The big change to this year is - We will be offering prizes for the top 3 best indoor grow diaries throughout 2017 The prizes will be comparable to the outdoor grow thread competition such as RooR beaker bongs, seeds and selected merchandise I will get this rocking early March so keep a look out here and in the main Dinafem section of uk420 Until then All the best Mark.