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Found 2 results

  1. Having proved myself a rather lackadaisical grower in my previous grow diary I thought it was about time I did things properly.. So today I put a Night Queen in to soak with a couple of drops of Shogun Start. Plan is to let it veg for a couple of weeks or so, top twice then plug it in to the NFT system and start to scrog. Here she is bathing under a 65w HLG board from @diyleduk, still not decided if I'll refurb my homemade veg cab or buy a small veg tent and move everything upstairs... I'm pretty excited to get these beans going, they were part of my very first seed purchase and I really like what I've read about the strain
  2. High there, Since the start of my grow journey I have been vegging in a stealth cupboard that looks like a cupboard with draws but isn't, I've used t-5 fixtures to get things going and even though I know the light I use is only for the first 2 weeks (2x 17w), I've been using them for years to veg them all the way to the flower room. It's time to say goodbye to these fixtures and get something proper with a little bit more power. The cupboard is 70 cm high 40 cm deep and 60 cm long so if I take the pots and plant height off (35 - 40 cm) I've got 35 to 30 cm of grow space, minus the light. The t-5 fixtures can operate on only 5 cm away from the plant without burning them but the power in the light penetration doesn't go that deep down with these 2x 17watt tubes. Anybody any suggestions on what type of light I can add that has a better reach with a little more power without burning my baby's in this restricted space?