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Found 6 results

  1. Hey guys 6th week now with Og Kush by Fastbuds, was having a look round the girl and noticed this... is she a hermie? This isThir only one looking like this and not seen anywhere else on her, dont know if its gone hermie on me or if its normal Any advise appreciated Thanks
  2. Hello all. I see people are bored of this question but I have to ask since I can't seem to get a straight answer anywhere. My girls are growing in a mix of mostly biobizz all mix, part light mix and perlite. I have 2 girls in just light mix and perlite. I am using biobizz nutrients also. My tap water ph is roughly 7.5, I do use a waterdrop filter directly on the tap and have been phing to around 6.5, should I be doing this or not. Will the soil be able to buffer itself? Sorry to ask but its frustrating getting answers. Thanks chaps
  3. Any advice on what's the best light cycle for autos? I was just going to go with 18/6. My seeds are currently in the grow room, potted in finals and under lights on veg setting. Does light cycle effect seedlings greatly. Should I run seedlings on 24hrs a day until they get bigger or am I best doing 18/6 throughout the grow. Thanks
  4. Hi, i am growing Moby Dick XXL, indoor. At beggining i had big problems with ph which has really slowed down growing for first 3 weeks. Now i am in week 9, and i see that flowering has just started but i think its to late. Can i somehow prolong life cycle of plant? I had 18/6 light schedule and today i switched it to 12/12 and lower my light to 60cm. Is that good decision? I am using GHE Flora Trio. Can i do something else? Thank you for your answers.
  5. Hi, I have posted on here before for advice but don't seem to be getting any replies. I'd appreciate some help if possible. I have 3 blueberry headband autos at 56 days 1 metre tall and no sign of bud just pre flower heads. I have 1 other plant variety budding away nicely for about 2 weeks. My lights are at maximum height, I'm not sure what to do, are they really auto's? Do I cut down to a 12/12 currently 18/6 for a few days? Will this effect my other plant in bud? They are all in top top condition, feeeding regularly.. Appreciate some help ASAP! Cheers!!
  6. Germinated my first 3 seeds of Blue Mystic Auto in Nirvana propagator. After soaking for 24 hours, I planted 3 nights ago and the first one had sprouted by next morning and then the other two each night after. The first within a full 24 hours had stretched well and was already about 1.5 inches long and was a bit curly. It has opened up nicely and the serrated leaves are starting to show. The second one grew straight up but had the seed shell on like a hat. I've gently removed the shell with a pin. The third wasn't showing at 1am last night and I got up at 6 and not only has it sprouted but it's rounded leaves are opening up already. My potential issue is that the second seedling still has not opened and the third that wasn't even out the ground last night has overtaken it already. It also has a little darkened tip which the other two don't have so I'm worried there is a problem. Unfortunately I can't get a pic up because my phone camera pics well exceed the upload size limit on this site. Any ideas?