ALFEMCO: Mighty Wonder Fuck

MWF, short for ‘Mighty Wonder Fuck’   (Mighty freeze x Early Wonder Skunk) x Fucktard   Robust and compact, extra early outdoor plants bred especially for northern climates.  Easy to grow, 'plant and leave' type cultivar that will flourish in the hands of new growers and surpass the expectations of veterans.   The heritage of MWF is made up exclusively of proven outdoor champions that have been bred for many years to thrive in places like Canada and the Netherlands, where bad weather and short seasons require genetics possessing both speed and hardiness to ensure a good crop.    Sown in late April to early May the majority of plants will be ready to harvest from the end of august into early September.  MWF genetics have been tested from latitudes of 45n to 55n, and have proven to be vigorous and adaptable to a plethora of different environments.  Showing resilience in the face of adverse weather conditions such as storms and drought, as well as good resistance to moulds and diseases.    Expect a rapid flowering period producing easy to manicure, sticky flowers, that dry with an ‘indoor’ look, giving excellent bag appeal.  Smells reminiscent of strawberries and blueberries, with an underlying skunky piney funk.   MWF is a great choice for stealth growing, whether in a greenhouse, garden or guerrilla plot. Most plants will stay short, producing a large main central kola when left un-topped. Odour is relatively low whilst in growth but then comes through with drying.  Looser flower structure has been selected to maximise mould resistance, although this does not create a ‘fluffy’ look, the dry flowers may benefit from a gentle compress via vacuum packing or simply by hand.   Potency is good for an outdoor cultivar, with a mixed but mostly Indica high that helps to de-stress and relax both the mind and body, perfect for watching a movie or socialising with others as they enjoy the MWF experience.    Not recommended for indoors.   12 feminised seeds per pack.
  • 45.00 GBP