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Found 42 results

  1. Hello I have three autoflowers which have just started there first set of true leaves, my problem is the bottom two are yellowing badly, is this a problem, if so how do I cure it please? Thank you Lucky Dan
  2. Hi chaps, I'm having a bit of aggro with my Green Crack Auto. Can anyone enlighten me as to what the issue is please? The second plant, although not GC is fine and has been under the exact same conditions. Cheers all, Col.
  3. Hi guys, having a few probs hope someone can help. Got my first coco/rtw started but I'm getting slow growth and leaves are turning yellow. I've previously done DWC but thought coco would be easier. So setup is 10 X s/queen#1 in air pots Hand watering 1l daily with formulex/regenaroot/mighty grow. EC 1.0 PH 5.9 getting quite a bit of runoff. 2 X 400w increasing to 3 X 600 Temp 25-27 lights off 19 Pots are probably too big for them but I had to transplant early as they were getting v leggy Any help / advice appreciated
  4. Welkommen... I swear to God I think about posting on here every other day but never really get around to the execution I know what you must be thinking - he's gotta be a lousy grower for sure! Yeah ... you're probably right there too! haha So basically I popped a few seeds back in January ended up with 4 plants in a garage (improvised) in the dead cold of the winter surrounded by spiders and stuff.. We are in Coco 600 120 tent feeding lightly and infrequently (every 2 days or so) heavy-ish watering in veg. Light waterings flower. None of the above details are by choice its just what happened. Like my birth probably! hah Right so off to the races I reckon i'm in for a chop today I will post pics very shortly! Lots of yellow leaves so beware. constructive critics are welcome though! Who's out here?!
  5. Hi I've already posted on here a week ago or so because I have an issue with the leaves turning yellow on my blue treacle autoflower. She's now 3 weeks or more into flowering. I had an issue with temps being too low during lights out. I've now sorted that with Changing the light cycle to 24/0. The problem I have is that 90% of the leaves are yellow. Completely different to my other plants I have growing. She's still growing mind, slowly but defo still growing. I'm watering every 2 or 3 days, whenever she feels dry with 1ltr water 4ml biogrow and 5ml biobloom. Even gave some epsom salts aswell. Nothing is changing tho . the temps remain between 27c and 30c.if anybody can can give me some advice I'd appreciate it. Thanks.
  6. 20151212 192019 2 320x303

    From the album Blue treacle autoflower

    Blue treacle autoflower 5 weeks from seed. Nearly 3 weeks into flowering
  7. Good day to all I am currently growing 5 plants in a 120x60x180 tent with 2 x 250w hps. When initially put into my set up they were 12 inch tall and healthy, I put them in 11 litre pots with canna terra professional plus soil and fed only water every other day. To begin with they show normal growth and seemed to be fine, but around 2 weeks ago they started to yellow and slow in growth. I had not long finished a grow using the exact same set up, the only thing i can see that has changed is the time of year. i.e. the cold weather. I have insulated the pots and used 2 1 ft green house heaters and the temps have been fine for the past week or so. But still getting worse... Im starting to think its a problem with the soil / up take of nutes? Can anyone give any advice? Thanks in advance, John
  8. Hello everyone! I have been nuturing a small sativa for a while now and it hasnt been a smooth sailing to say the least! I have some questions that perhaps someone here on the forums could help answer. . . So first a bit about the little baby: its a small pot plant grow, diameter +- 10-15cm, depth +- 15-17cm (so its small) started with a ultra-crap compact soil (from garden center) for seedlings. not much in the way of nutrients in there sprouted around August it has been through some cold weather and dry spells I fed it with some worm castings mix (very lightly though) I transplanted it to better soil ("herb" soil which is light and fluffy with slow release nutes, i havent subsequently fed it) and I added vermiculite too I topped it around 1-1.5 months into veg stage (it had 3 nodes when i did) it has been into flowering now for around 17 days & has formed 2 nice little, little, tiny buds My aim was to have a small patio grow with maybe enough end product for a couple of smokes. Nothing hectic. So the issues started happening when I had it in the crappy 'hard' soil. It was not draining much and I suspect it developed some root problems there. So I transplanted it to the fluffier soil with added vermiculite. It seemed much happier. That was about 3 weeks ago. Now, I am seeing the old growth (bottom leaves) going yellow, curling downwards, and the leaf tips starting to decompose moving inwards. Take a look here: Notice the curled leaves... Here are some shots of the plant as a whole: So I am thinking this is a Nitrogen deficiency but im not 100% sure. . . & i dont want to add any if its not needed. Also the possible root damage might be an issue too. Another thing I can think of is that the plant is using up those leaves to provide for the buds? Not sure. . . Does anyone have an opinion as to what may be causing this? Thanks alot guys!!!
  9. Hi Troops, When in flower and with a thick canopy that the light cant penetrate I always thought it was normal for the lower leaves to turn yellow and drop off but i stumbeled across a website that says this is a nitrogen deficiency ?I grow in coco and just thought this was a normal part of the process. confused dot com ?
  10. The leaves are turning yellow with like yellow spots that then turn brown, then they die completely, what is this its spreading im 3 weeks in to flower as well so dont really want to have to start again im 7 weeks in altogether, any help?
  11. So opened up to feed today and was greeted to see my plants going yellow mostly on the bottom leaves. I haven't trimmed them at all and they are getting pretty bushy so I'm hoping this problem is an easily solvable one e.g. giving it a trim or maybe water less/more. I water about once every 3 days and my watering cycle goes like this. (day 1. nutes, day 4. nutes, day 7. nutes, day 10. Ph'd water 6.5-ish) here's pics of the problem, advice would be appreciated if you know what the problem is.
  12. Hey all, this has slowly developed over a few days. At first I thought it was the brightness of the 600w hps light reflecting but now its obvious. I planted two beans, one of which turned out to be a twin and the bigger one is the one with a couple of yellow leaves. They've been fed on three part advanced nutrients every two days and are in 40 litre flexi buckets. Any experiences or advice is really appreciated.
  13. Hello I need some good advice about my three plants please. First time grow. Sorry about the unhelpful colour of the photos - it's a sodium lamp, hence the reddish colour. I had some problems very early in the grow, see my first request for help on this forum here: http://www.uk420.com/boards/index.php?showtopic=334861&hl= The three plants shown in the photos have been on a 12/12 flowering regime since the start of January, 250w Sodium lamp. The lamp is a few inches higher now than shown in the first photo - even so, at the lower hight the back of my hand was easily comfortable at plant level, so I would be very surprised if the problems are caused by over-heating from the lamp. Media is "compressed coco peat 10L. Enriched with fertilizer, 5 grams NPK 20+20+20+TE" as it says on the packaging. I have used very small quantities of Vitalink Coir Grow Hardwater in the vegetive stage, and less Vitalink Coir Bloom Feed Hardwater in the flowering stage - in fact I don't think the Galaxy plant, the best by far of the three plants, has had any bloom feed at all (maybe it needs some?). I water only when the pots feel light enough - I've got used to how light they get when pretty much all the water has gone (I think). All three plants have yellowed leaves with green veins. As they dry further they go a buff sort of colour, progressing from the tips, and some leaves fall off. All plants have some purple stems, especially on fan leaf stems. I've pretty much accepted that the Cheese feminised plants is failing. Pity as it was the strongest plant in earlier stages. Most of its stems are purple. I don't need huge amounts of crop, it is purely for personal medical use. The White Widow is not so bad - especially as it was short-measured on the amount of coco soil it got! The Galaxy feminised plant is, as I said, by far the best plant. It also has yellow leaves, some purple stems etc. but what is bothering me about this plant is that some of the white tendrils growing out of the top of the top bud have gone brown. As this is the best plant this is concerning me more than the problems with the other plants. This browning is not easily visible in the photos here but it is affecting several of these tendrils. Any informed advice on what I should do to increase the health of my plants would be much appreciated - especially the brown tendrils (I don't know the proper botanical name for these) on the Galaxy plant's top bud. Thanks :-)
  14. ww x bb (1st grow)

    From the album ww x bb (1st grow)

  15. Hey guys, 1st grow. I'm using 600w hps in a 1.2 x 1.2 x 2.0m tent with 4inch intake and 5inch outtake, plants are in coco in 10L pots - YES I KNOW THEY'RE TOO BIG . the growth seems VERY slow, they have been under lights on 18/6 for nearly two weeks. Temps are about 27 celsius but humidity is on the floor - meter doesnt register so i'm assuming thats zero! Also the leaves seem a bit droopy on some of them Pics attached...... one or two pics are upside down