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Found 41 results

  1. Damn, Best run I've had so far and 1 of my 10 have gone hermie. Only just found out how bad anyrhing to do with greenhouse is. Completely missed on the radar as fat little buds were forming. There's already been a massive spread of pollen, I know its just a matter of time... What shall I do?? As it's only been in the past week surely I could push on and cut early or force maturity with extended darkness? Do i need to sc4ap my tent now or try and bleach and hope for the best? Absolutey gutted... Any help/ info would be great. Thanks in advance - Smokie
  2. hi need help these plants are in root riot cubes in coco / perlite 50/50 mix only had one feed witch was as 1/4 strenth of recomeded but looked like this befor i fed them under a clf any help please bless
  3. Well i went to visit the girls last night. My grow partner had assured me all was well so I went expecting to take a few pics ready to update some diaries. When I got there usual stuff I asked "everything ok?" "Yes" he said "a bit of yellowing in the flower tent if you wanna sort that" Ok cool I think easy visit... So I had a potter in the flower tent removed some dead leaves, checked temps all the usual shit.. Next I think ok let's take some pics of the stuff in veg. So I open up the tent.... Fucking carnage!!!! Every plant in there looked pretty much like the one above!!! Wtf? What's happened? I ask him.. After some evasion he finally confessed that they'd had a drought when he forgot to water and they all "drooped" some time late last week... I checked the pots and they were very heavy/wet. Temps are perfect 23/26c. Feed is 1/2ml grow nutes per litre of water. Thing is it seems to me like a huge about of damage for 1 dry period????? Can anybody suggest anything else that might be amiss here? Or is all this damage simply the result of under watering??? I'm gutted. There's 3 different varieties at various stages and they all look fucked to me.
  4. Hey dudes! This is my 2nd grow i'm growing 4 plants (all different strains) that are photoperiods in a 1mx1m tent. im using air pots, a 400w HID with a lumii digital ballast with a built in timer, a parabolic reflector, I have a inlet fan placed just above the pots & 6" carbon filter! Im using BioBizz Nutrients feeding on a ratio on water, nute, water, nute and so on... I'm also using Maxicrop seaweed extract. Also i must state i am using biobizz light mix soil 60% and coco peat 40% As you can tell this is an organic grow so i knew it would be harder than my last grow which wasnt... Im having a little trouble at the mo, i've nocked them over into flowering about 1 week ago and i've noticed the leafs have changed a lighter shade of green and starting to yellow a little, Also i've seen white tips on one plant (Sweet Cheese) thats quite bad & its slowly creaping up on the other plants. I use a 1000ML jug of water to mix the nutes for 1 plant & The nute ratio's i use in this jug during the flowering stage are: 2mm of Maxicrop seaweed extract, 3mm of Biogrow, 4mm of Bio-Bloom & 2mm of TopMax. I've never been one to check PH or any of that jazz as i'm now an organic farmer and buy top quality soils which are already PH'd. If you guys could give me a some expert tips in what you think you can see is wrong or what i need to do to get these girls back into there healthy green luscious state then please fire ahead! Ive also tried epsom salts & biobizz fish mix that a few members previously advised to me on here, But it seems to have just got worse. Ive posted some pictures of the yellowing leafs i've removed here: http://www.uk420.com/boards/index.php?app=galleryℑ=277283
  5. Hi All. Im having problems in my tent with leaf burn. got a 240 x 120 tent with 2 x 600 w lights and 8 inch extractor and 12 inch fan. got top shade leafs going yellow in the middle and crisping at the ends. temps are between 20 c to 31 c. lights are 50 cm above canopy of sgrog net. Any advice welcome.
  6. Ive been growing with nft for several years now with great success. But on my last grow when i switched to 12/12 i didnt set the timer properly. After three weeks there was no sign of flowers. So i made sure that my lights were coming on and going off at the correct times. A week later still no signs of flowers and when i checked the timer i had left one of the digits up so i was getting 15 minutes of light in the middle of the dark cycle.(thats not wearing my glasses when i switched.) This resulted in a shit yield of very small buds. So this time i decided to grow in pots with all mix for a change as i wanted to keep a mother plant. On Monday i bought somemore all mix and transplanted 13 plants into 10l pots and upped the grow to 2mil a liter. They were looking perfect and nice and bushy from fimming. On Wednesday i gave them another fim and noticed a couple of nuit burns on the leaves of two of the plants, but put this down to splashes when watering. Yesterday i went into the groom and there were more nuit burns on several of the plants. I hadnt allowed for for the nuits already in the all mix. So i imeadiately put them in the sink and flushed them out with plain water. The ec run off went off the scale of my trunchoen. So i flushed untill i got the run off down to 1.2 bearing in mind my ec background is 0.6. These plants were grown from fem seeds and are on the 3rd week of veg under 3x600w lights So my question is do you think they will pull through and be alright??
  7. can some one on here please help me? i am i first time grower and i got given some super skunk auto seeds, every thing was going well till about 4 days ago, my plants have gone a yellow colour and have got brown tips all of the new leafs comeing threw have died off what did i do wrong and how can i fix it ??
  8. So opened up to feed today and was greeted to see my plants going yellow mostly on the bottom leaves. I haven't trimmed them at all and they are getting pretty bushy so I'm hoping this problem is an easily solvable one e.g. giving it a trim or maybe water less/more. I water about once every 3 days and my watering cycle goes like this. (day 1. nutes, day 4. nutes, day 7. nutes, day 10. Ph'd water 6.5-ish) here's pics of the problem, advice would be appreciated if you know what the problem is.
  9. sick plants4

    From the album Loft

  10. sick plants2

    From the album Loft

  11. sick plants3

    From the album Loft

  12. sick plants1

    From the album Loft

  13. sick plants

    From the album Loft

  14. Hello, I have been having problems with p.m on this run and although it is under control my question is when i harvest will the p.m continue to spread whilst the buds are drying? or because the plant has been chopped and therefore dead does that mean the p.m is dead? I am worried that the p.m will continue to spread before the buds are dry and cured. i am sure someone out there will have a answer for me. Thanks Josh77
  15. Strange yellow markings

    From the album 1st time

    about 12 days under 600w mh
  16. Mouldy Cheese leaves!

    From the album Forum Images

    Me and my big freaking mouth! All I have to do is say I've never had an issue with mold on my Cheese and what happens! It's just one plant nearest to the cold air coming in. Don't notice it with the lights on was only whilst I was using a small torch to see what I was doing in the dark that I noticed there were blobs on the leaves that were more reflective than others. Mildew methinks.