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Found 2 results

  1. Hey 420 Please help, my plants have been under the weather for the last few days, so today I decided to test some run off to see is ph was ok..... I flushed some ph adjusted water though the pots and I was a bit bummed it came out reading 6.7. I’m growing in coco and aim for 5.8 6.2. Any hoo after draining the runoff I notice little small white things popping/jumping about in the runoff.. I’ve been researching and it looks like I have springtails!! Ok so it says they’re harmless, don’t panic! But wait..... there’s more! At even closer inspection I can see tiny tiny translucent worms wriggling about in there as well... internet suggests fungus gnat larvae... Thing is I have no gnats in my garden, well except 2 that we’re caught on sticky traps couple weeks ago.... I have at least 10 traps dotted about and they’re all clean?? I see nothing of the above on top of the soil.... they must just be inside my pots? can anyone please help me get rid of these things... any suggestions what I can do to kill them off and return my garden to full health? Thanks guys
  2. Yo, My EC of runoff higher than when I mixed the nutes. It was 1.5 going in and 1.7 in the runoff. Is this ok?