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Found 28 results

  1. I wasn't sure where to put this so here we are, if it needs moving please feel free mods, Interesting views I think. Hope folk enjoy!
  2. Hey Im curious if it is too late the plants are around 1 or under 1 m. I was thinking of digging them up to a pot and re-potting them outside at sunny place. What are you guys thinking is it too late?
  3. Hello all, I posted a similar question a few weeks ago but the thread went very out of topic so thought I would ask again in the lighting section. i have previously grown 8 in soil before in a converted walk in wardrobe but with 2 x Lumatek 600w HPS and all was good with the grows. This time I’m investing in some CMH lights, tent and RDWC (first time) setup (Alien). Looking to grow 8 in 20ish litre pots. So I’m either looking to do the following if the space is correct or what size tent and lights do I need? This is pretty much what I was thinking and also posted in the Hydro section but it’s more suited in here or environment I guess? 2 x 630w (dual) CMH lights. I was thinking around a 1.2m x 2.2m x 2m tent? Thats giving me room for 8 plants with the reservoir outside the tent? Or would 2 x 315w (Single) CMH be enough? I could throw in a few corner LED lights also maybe or perhaps 3 x 315w (single) CMH lights? 1 x 630w (dual) CMH light in a 1.2m x 1.2m x 2m tent allowing 4 plants and the reservoir outside the tent also? This isn’t ideal really as would like 8 on the go to be honest. I’m not fussed about the cost really, just want quality, ease of growth and speed. With regards to the CMH, what are the better brands? Like I have mentioned, looking for dual ones ideally with the ballast built into the hood but being built in is not essential. Cheers all, Hop
  4. Hey guys .. I up this thread where all of us can share our grow pics, Only Seedsman strains please Thanks & enjoy!! Testing new gear.. sorry I cant talk about this awesome genetic.. sonn
  5. These are about 4 weeks from cuttings how long would you guys leave them in veg for
  6. plants

    These are about 4 weeks from cuttings how long would you guys leave them in veg for
  7. Bubblicious and chillies

    From the album Summer 2019

  8. yellow trumpet flower

    From the album Food and stuff

    © bluntz27

  9. Hi, I've got 4 super silver haze ladies that are looking very bushy. They have been recently given 12/12 lighting so I guess that means they are in the start of flower. What do you guys think of whether I should trim them further? I've been cutting off dead leaves and a little trim, but its still looking bushy to me. I'm a bit worried about the height as they are super silver haze. I've heard they get tall, so maybe someone who know this strain can check out the light-plant gap? Hopefully the photos give a good view. I wanted to check before I get out the scissors Appreciate any opinions Cheers
  10. How man plants could I realistically grow in a 1m (39.3") x 1m (39.3") x 2m (78.7") grow tent if growing in soil and how many if growing with hydroponics? With hydro, the res and chiller (if I need one) can go outside, yes? Thanks all.
  11. Hello everybody, i have some questions about growing indoors... 1) how many plants can i grow in 1m x1m x1m (not sure if i'll use a tent or a little handmade wardrobe or something like that) . 2) Let's assume 4 plants can be grown in 1m x1m 2m do you think that a 300W LED will be enough? Or is it better to stick to just 2? Also thinking to cover the inside walls with Myalar to make the best use of the 300W LED ( i know i could use a 450W or a 600W or even bigger but the bill would be higher...) 3) How many months do i need to veg them and how many months to flower them? I thought/worked out a total of 4 months between vegging (18hrs on and 6hrs off) and flowering (11hrs on and 13hrs off). Please correct me if i am wrong regarding the hrs of vegging and flowering. I read that 18hrs is the optimum number of hrs for vegging and same thing for the flowering (11hrs on and 13hrs off not 12hrs) Thank you all for your helping replies - p.s. forgot to mention that the growing would be for seed production rather than bud production
  12. I'm smack bang in the middle of three plants flowering. Have been trying to put off electrical check until they have finished doing their thing, but have been unsuccessful. Would like to know if they will be okay to be moved into a shed outdoors temporarily before the appointment without doing them too much harm. My lights have been on from around 9:30 am to 9:30 pm The only solution I can think of is moving them out of the house the day/night before where there are no electrical points to check. The tent will have to come down and be put back up again afterwards. What an absolute pain! Anyone else got any ideas? Does it matter if they receive less than the 12 hours of light? I'm in a bit of a panic. Check is on 23rd May between hours of 8:00 am to 12:00 pm Would be grateful if someone could check on my diary and give me a rough estimate of how far off plants are from finishing too. Thanks in advance.
  13. Hi There, I want to grow a bunch of flowers and plants that will have a use, This is why I like growing fruits, veg, and Mary however I am now realising that it goes beyond this! Interested to know if people are familiar with the term 'Chop n Drop' - whereby you chop up fresh flowers/plants and top feed with them? So far I only have: Comfrey - Bocking 14 Chamomile - do I choose the roman or german variety seeds? Please if anyone knows more let me know! I hoping to greatly expand this list! Many thanks
  14. Hi, Can you help? I'm looking for the names of any seeds (preference auto flower fems) that produce plants that only bud up the main stem, ie. not on the branches, as I'm on very limited space. I've been looking for some days to find such seeds but every site seems to not contain this information. I've asked my usual supplier of seeds (herbies in Norfolk) but they wont help me with this information due to it being illegal for them to do so. If anyone can help, I would be very grateful Thanks in advance.
  15. hello again guys decided to get a 400w hps for my 90x90x185 tent currently got 4 autos in there under 250w hps would it be okay to put 5-6 plants under the 400w hps ? in 11 liter pots proberly try aut again see if i get any mre than 1 oz a plant unelss you guys think 5-6 photo plants would be better yeild thanks in advance guys
  16. Hey everyone, I have just taken some photos of my plants and some are not looking great, so just wanting some help and advice. They are all about 4 and a half weeks old, plant magic+ soil, under cfls. Will share photos.
  17. My plants have boron definitely by the looks of them. My run off PH is ~5.0 but my tap water PH is 7.5 Does that mean my plants PH is really low? Like the soil is 4.0 and the tap water is bringing it upto 5.0? Do I need PH up?!
  18. Dinafem White Widow XXL

    From the album New Grow

    My 2 week old Dinafem White Widow XXL Plant
  19. Special Kush

    From the album New Grow

    My 2 week old Special Kush Plant
  20. Sour Diesel

    From the album New Grow

    My 2 week old Sour Diesel Plant
  21. Red Purps

    From the album New Grow

    My 2 week old Red Purps plant
  22. Quick One

    From the album New Grow

    My 2 week old Quick One plant
  23. Moby Dick XXL

    From the album New Grow

    My 2 week old Dinafem Moby Dick XXL plant
  24. Plants

    From the album Plants

  25. Crispy death no3

    From the album Various group snaps

    More crispy death

    © lasouris