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Found 254 results

  1. sour hound early resin

    From the album 2017

  2. Sour Hound Early flowers

    From the album 2017

  3. Hi All Signed up today and I'm excited to use the forums! I started my first grow at the end of February. Grew from seed which I was given, so no idea of strain used paper towel method to get her started. She's been transplanted a couple of times and each time kept what seems good health. The whole process has gone really well (I think) and I'm now 2 weeks into flower. I've built a black out box which I put her in for 12 hours, and she now has multiple bud sites. I'm keen to know everyones thoughts and get feedback on how you all think she is doing. She's been planted in compost, fed with some organic seaweed feed and molasses a couple of times a week, I mostly feed with fresh collected rain water. I'm now considering using Fox Farms Organic Big Bloom. Is this recommended or should I stick with what I've been using through to harvest? I'll happily post pics of progress. Thanks in advance everyone
  4. Hi folks, I'm a total beginner, growing several strains of Dinafem and Greenhouse plants outdoors in Southern Spain. I've been reading up about topping, FIMing etc and I'm a bit confused about which I should be trying. I'd like to get as many nice buds as possible, what would be a good starting point for a beginner, outdoors? Most of my plants are around 7 weeks, some are a bit younger.
  5. Hey guys thanks for stopping by, Just wondering if anyone knows or has had any experience with sweet seeds auto's outside in UK, thinking of starting up over the next week or so, and harvesting around august time. I really like strains with fruity flavours so ideally would like to do some of that description. As it can get pretty bloody humid and/or rainy in the UK over summer, I was wondering which sweet seeds auto's fare best in our climate and environment, anyone had experience with any? or any other auto's that do well for that matter The one's I've had my eye on are... cream mandarine xl dark devil crystal candy sweet nurse cbd green poison sweet skunk red poison Thanks for reading and happy growing/smoking!!
  6. 7 weeks

    From the album Outdoor Grow 2017

  7. Early Amnesia CBD Early Amnesia CBD will be germinated in 2 weeks time. She will be in the ground by late April/early May and I am hopeful for a late September harvest, at a push, given that she is early flowering/maturing, due to the auto genetics. I have had other 'semi-autos' finish around late September/early October, so with an early start, I think the Early Amnesia CBD should finish around this time, however we will have to wait and see. Either way, I am very excited about this strain, not just because it is early finishing, but since it is also my first CBD strain/plant, so I am super excited to acquire these new and exclusive CBD beans, courtesy of Mark and the Dinafem team. OG Kush CBD auto The OG Kush CBD auto will be germinated in early May, and again, it is a strain that I am super excited about growing. As I am a recreational user, as opposed to a medical user, having such a high CBD content as well as a relatively high THC content is something that appeals very much to me and something I look forward to experiencing for the first time with these two strains. I also have a little surprise in store in regards to the growing environment for the OG Kush CBD auto. It will certainly be interesting, I can assure. The next update in this diary will come in a few weeks... Happy toking
  8. Hey new user hear was wondering if white widow regular would grow outdoors in the UK, first time on any 420 public forum so this is hypothetical haha
  9. GROW-3203.jpg

    From the album Outdoor Grow 2017

  10. Bubba Kush

    From the album Outdoor Grow 2017

    Dinafem Bubba Kush at 6 weeks
  11. Outdoor, secret greenhouse

    From the album Secret greenhouse

    5 week update! Nice little surprise when i went to see my babys today :)
  12. image.jpeg

    From the album Secret greenhouse

  13. Water system design (self feed drip)

    From the album Secret greenhouse

    Heres the design for my self eatering system.. Slightly changed to the design.. It is now one full circuit.. Feel free to tell me how good or bad it is :)
  14. Let's get this show on the road shall we? First of all a big thank you to Mark and all at Dinafem for making this possible. I hope I can show my gratitude by producing a stunning summer show. I'm currently trawling the net for completed outdoor diaries of the 4 strains I'll be having a go with, none of which I've grown out before. A bit about the environment first. I'm at Lat 37N, on the coast, hmmm...OG!! I'm pretty much guaranteed blue skies from April through until November and the sun is intense to say the least. Last summer temps went way up into the 40'sC for about 3 weeks non stop which didn't suit everything so I may run into some problems if that happens again. Can't order the weather as you all well know. I'll be growing organically using either Compo or Flortis Eco veg & bloom nutrients which served me well last year. They're basically the same as BioBizz but about 40% cheaper. BioBizz light mix or Grotek, not sure yet. I'll also have some seabird guano which I'll use as a top dressing once flowering is underway. Today DPD arrived with my new wormery, a Wormcity 100 4 tray setup and 500 worms went into it this morning. They take a while to get up and running but I should have some lovely tea by the flowering stage. The strains. Pre'98 Bubba Kush. Sounds right up my street, I do like a good knockout indica for a relaxing evening. I rarely smoke during the day - too busy looking after my girls & boys and when I'm not doing that I play golf 3 or 4 times a week. I've read it's short, stocky, average yields, best topped, notoriously slow in veg...among other things. Let's see about that shall we! I may start this one off earlier than, for example, the OG Kush as I can probably trust it not to take over the whole neighbourhood. A 40L Smartpot will be perfect methinks. OG Kush. I picked up a pack at the Canamoexpo in Sevilla last year so it's time to get going with them. I'm toying with the idea of growing one of these using a SCROG. I have 2 sturdy 'nets' 1M x 1M that I could place either side of a 40L Smartpot. Why not? The other one I'll start off in May. I can't have 2-3m plants so starting towards the end of May will give them enough veg time without me ending up with triffids. Original Amnesia. 'It needs high levels of Ec and light. Those seeking the highest quality, it is best to grow it organically' 'The breeder recommends that it is with respect, as it is said that it's power is very high and to be careful with it, because it can cause temporary memory loss'. I'll smoke this when I need to forget something White Widow. Not much to say that hasn't already been said about this strain although I have yet to grow it. That's got the ball rolling, first update when I get the beans sprouted. Good luck to everyone else taking part, here's to a great outdoor grow in 2017 !
  15. (UPDATE TO LAST POST) So i should probably start of by saying and should have said before, i am not really sure how this works (forums) or what to do really, but i'm sure ill get the hang of it... Me and a accomplice decided this year we would give it a go at gorilla grow for the first time and went in search for the right location, This is way harder than expected. We eventually found somewhere but again had little doubts. We tried to make the area unaccessible plus hidden with branches etc, this took weeks.. in the end we went in search for another location (i advise google maps as a base point in locating an area) and this time when we started venturing into the dense thorn and vines we found a nice open spot, we was that happy with the place (you know when you have the right location) we decided to put 2 6ft greenhouses there instead In the meantime having the babys germinating at home under a little fluorescent light until ready for transition to the new home. And also planning and designing the layout and self watering system for low cost and no electrical source.. i have many pictures to follow of the design (slightly changed to the image) and Also the babys from early days to the present. Once i figure out a way to get them on *facepalm lol.. I am pretty confident you guys will appreciate the effort and thought put into it all.. Im sure i will get criticism about somethings (my watering sytem maybe) good or bad but its all trial and error right now im sure i will find out in the near future! Stay tuned stay patient (if anyone would like to share the best way to get images on im all eyes
  16. GROW-2398-2.jpg

    From the album Outdoor Grow 2017

    Dinafem Original Amnesia at 3 weeks
  17. GROW-2354.jpg

    From the album Outdoor Grow 2017

    Jack Herer Automatic (Positronics) with DIY bamboo dog guard.
  18. GROW-2333.jpg

    From the album Outdoor Grow 2017

    Dinafem Blue Kush
  19. Hi everyone this is my first post on here and will be looking for some help. I got 3 freebie seeds from advanced female seeds, ice breaker, honeysuckle and super cheese. Has anyone grown these outdoors if so how did they go?
  20. Looking to do some autos outdoors this year in N.ireland, remember a friend telling me about a Scottish breeder doing autos in highlands can't remember there name anyone know anything of these breeders? Thanks Snydgrow
  21. First time grow was hoping for a few tips on further strain section for the year, open to both auto and photoperiod. 4x dutch cheese is 3 weeks old still on pure water until the pot dries up and considering first feed, they look a little small to me but i'll leave it to a few experts to let me know if it's ready yet. 4x auto blue mazar are germinating but taking their time 3 days and just about cracked, 20 seeds I wish I'd never bought!! my patch is in a hollowed out gorse bush about 5metre squared deep in a woods at latittude 51° holes are 2ft deep and 3ft squared filling in with gold label 60/40 indoor soil and using canna terra flores and vega along with pk13/14 and maybe some boosters if needed later on if you guys recommend it:) I have 12 more holes to fill and would appreciate any advice on strains that work well in the uk in our unpredictable weather and finish around November with a half decent yield. This is my first time grow but have seen it done a few times indoor. All my plants are currently in a 3metre squared wardrobe under a 150w veg cfl on 18/6 temp and humidity is all good so far. I started the 4 dutch cheese on the 15th of March and intend to keep them under light for another month and a half minimum. Will post picures as soon as possible:)
  22. bgxepk.jpg

    From the album 2016

  23. Went to clear a well loved plot today and for the first time in 5 years, heard the ominous fucking, big brother, sound of a drone buzzing about over this beloved clearing... Not really sure whether this is an abort mission point, or fuck it and defy... Anyone had had this problem yet? I suppose this is the beginning of a new era of electronic fuckery and I'm trying to find ways around being busted by a grampa in a 90s anorak.
  24. lol

    From the album N Ireland forest