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Found 254 results

  1. From the album Baby's First Grow

    Bog-standard (but not from the bog). Pretty cheap from just about anywhere
  2. Hey guys doing my first outdoor grow this year have 3 auto cream mandarin which are in a bad way so going to buy some more auto seeds but I need them ready by mid September as leaving uk for a while been looking at the speed + auto by sweet seeds,has anyone any experience in this strain?
  3. Hiya people, ive got some auto flowering green crack and pineapple express growing out door in pots, im about 3.5 weeks in and was wondering what fertilisers i should use. for the rest of vegetative period u was looking at biobizz bio grow (NPK 4,3,6) and for flowering biobizz bio bloom NPK(1,2,2) was wondering if this was a good shout or if anyone had any other recommendations or advice using these products. thanks
  4. This is my grow i know its a small greenhouse but its all i can have for my space, will be putting more outdoor in woods too, i made my own soil with everything in it i used black magic potting soil and biobizz light mixed together and have just been watering only. i have 3 auto flower chemdawg and one lemon and one ami and the other one i dont know the strain, sorry i am starting this abit late
  5. Outdoor Grow 2018

    From the album smokeymcpots outdoor Grow 2018

    so this here is one of the autoflower chemdawg and it has started to flower for some reason ?
  6. OUtdoor grow room

    From the album smokeymcpots outdoor Grow 2018

    Hi guys these are the pics the 3 small ones are the chemdawg auto flowers and the other big ones are the lemon and ami all are soil and water only i used biobizz light mix and black magic compost is working pretty well for me and i will re pot in a few weeks and i think i will cut the top off the non autos tmorrow,
  7. Hi guys, my seeds have just landed today, big thank you to Mark! I really hope I can do you proud and smash out a well deserved diary for you. I am going to be germinating them Saturday and due to issues at home i.e the missus won't let me have any indoors .. They will be germing round a close friends house under T5's until mid may and will be planted out into 1 or 2 plots.. I have DinaMed CBD, Critical + 2.0 and Blue dream auto. I'm planning on popping 2-3 of each along with some other genetic's but we'll keep them separate. Also if you like Mark I can make a new topic for the blue dream's in the HSO category I just wanted to save my own confusion haha. I will update when I have germinated them and when I'm doing any prep work on the plot but for now there's not much to show as I'm being restricted to only being able to do the vegging around a friends house.. Also for the HSO pot noodle challenge that will be flowered in his setup so no worries on that one I'll keep you all posted thanks for popping in!
  8. HK Early Summer 2018 (Fem Auto).jpeg

    From the album Early Summer 2018 Fem Auto's - 20th April #420

    This years first crop....HK Fem Auto's - catchin' today's last rays of sun (20th of April 2018) #420
  9. Heys guys looking for some opinions on my plant out this year. Using the usual plot, decided this year i don't want to use pots at all and would like to plant in the ground, or near enough it. Let me explain: so my plot has not got much soil in it, really more of a carpet of moss, grass and soil a few centimetres/inches deep in some places with a bed of solid rock underneath. There are these strange moss covered "mounds" at my plot. In previous years i had used them as a place for the pots to sit so rabbits and the such couldn't get at them as the tallest of these mounds is about 2 foot off the ground. While attempting and failing to dig this morning i realised that i could, in theory, hollow out these mounds and use them as big pots! I started to excavate one and there was actually quite a lot of earth inside and not many roots. I did see about 20-30 mites/ants scuttling around (some were ant coloured, some were pale brown, yellow almost) So my two theories as to what these mounds are: A. Ant colonies or B. The remnants of felled tree stumps from god knows how long ago. If they turn out to be 'B' then happy days. excavate away. If they turn out to be 'A' then i am wondering will there be a problem, will the ants or whatever they are fuck with the plants?? Ill try and attach some pics of the plot from last year so you can see these mounds
  10. Whats made me laugh so far: my local b&q & homebase sold out of peat pots, perlite, jacks magic & copper tape. Whats made laugh more: poundshop sell perlite & copper tape...
  11. Hi all! I'm going to be doing a let's talk about a few general questions nothing I'm personally dealing with just thought it'd be nice for people to get involved and talk about selected topics and share knowledge and just general chit chat i hope people find this useful and can join in and learn! Oh and it give's me something to talk about whilst i wait to up load on my topic's and all that haha. This week Let's talk about watering, Top or bottom?? Feeding from the bottom of the tray is said to be a rather old school method of watering your plants as it gets the roots working harder and looking for water, It's also said to create a vacume pulling air from the top soil down to the bottom? Is this correct or the other way round? Do you do this method? And if so whats your opinion on the more common in my opinion feeding from the top, Anyway I'm gonna try not to talk to much and see what everyone has to say on this i hope people join in cheers!!
  12. https://goo.gl/images/URSedn Hi guys, First of all I’m not from the UK , I’m from Hungary but we don’t have awesome sites like this and I would apreeciate if you would help me out. I’m gonna start growing for the first time 6x Royal Queen Seeds autos. Since I live with my parents I cannot start growing inside, I can only germinate the seeds and leave them indoors for 2-3 days tops. So I have bought this mini polytunnel for the seedlings/vegetative stage. I will be growing in a forrest near a river with the sun shining on it. I wanna ask you approx. how many degrees will the polytunnel bring the heat up? Should I put it outside now so it can heat up and in a week or two I could be able to use it? I will be growing in 10L pots and I will plant the germinated seeds directly to their final pots,with a 70/30 soil perlite mix. I will visit the site every 3-5 days. Any tip and advice is really apreeciated
  13. Due to the great success of last seasons best outdoor grow thread competition. We at Dinafem have decided to do the same again this year .The prizes for this year will be similar to last season with 3 winners :). 1st place will winner will get1-The 7mm RooR beaker bong 2-A 10 seed packet or 2 x 5 seeds of any Dinafem or AutoDinafem strain3-A Dinafem T-shirt, Grinder and goodie bag 2nd place winner will get 1-The 5mm RooR beaker bong 2-A 10 seed packet or 2 x 5 seeds of any Dinafem or AutoDinafem strain3-A Dinafem T-shirt, Grinder and goodie bag3rd place winner will get 1-The 3.2mm RooR beaker bong 2-A 10 seed packet or 2 x 5 seeds of any Dinafem or AutoDinafem strain3-A Dinafem T-shirt, Grinder and goodie bagIf you would like to enter this you1-Must be a UK420 member in good standing and over 18 years old2-Must have over 50 posts and have been an active member of UK420 for at least 2 months3-Must be willing to do either A- A weekly update of your grow including text and pictures.B- A monthly update of your grow including text and pictures.C- A diary in a day type thread with pictures from varied stages of growth including text and pictures. **We at Dinafem reserve the right to use any pictures for our social media or marketing platforms. No names of members will be given if your pictures are used**Right now for a few questions with answers.Q- Who can enter?A- Anyone who is doing a outdoor Dinafem strain grow in 2017 and willing to document your grow on UK420 Q- Will Dinafem be providing the strain/strainsA- Yes, we will be picking 50 members who will be able to pick ANY 2 Dinafem or AutoDinafem strains to grow and we will send each member a 5 seed packet of each strain selected.Q- If I have my own seed can I enter?A- Yes you can the more thread`s the better!Q- When will this start and finish?A - All threads must be started before 4/20 (April 20th 2017) and the end date will be 15th November 2017 . Winners will be picked by late November-Early December, just in time for Xmas. For members who are not intending on germinating your seed`s until after 4/20 ( April 20th 2017). You must start a thread in this section with your intentions and your estimated start date before 4/20 (April 20th 2017)to be eligible for the competition. Q - Where should I start my outdoor grow diary?A - Here in the 2017 outdoor grow thread section of UK420 http://www.uk420.com/boards/index.php?/forum/270-dinafem-seeds-2017-outdoor-grow-diaries/Q - Which strains from Dinafem can we pick to grow?A - Any. The whole catalogue of our autoflowering strains and photoperiod strains can be selected to grow.Q - What we will be looking for and judging the threads on.A - We would like to see as much detail and as many good pictures as possible. Try to make as much effort to give detailed information through all stages of Growth and keep your thread active with as many updates as you can. The more detail and attention you put into your grow thread the more activity it is going to get so there is a better cancel of your grow being seen .If you would like to enter this please put your names in this thread and we will pick the members on 21st February 2017 giving a good 14 days for all members, that want to participate time to get your name down. We know not everyone is on here daily so the 14 days should allow plenty of time.Once we have the selected members all seeds will get mailed out asap. Members should have there selected strains by late February-Early March. As we said last year was a great success and we hope this season is going to be even better We hope to see a lot of participants this season so if you qualify get your name down All the best Mark.
  14. Hi all I'm wondering if anyone as an idea how to get rid of caterpillars from a outdoor grow in plastic greenhouse a friend recommended bugclear fruit and veg which iv applied but they keep showing up. I think I'm about 5 weeks away from harvest Thanks
  15. I thought it would be a good idea to start a thread of ONLY pictures of FINISHED BUDS from outside, With inside grows you can just carry on going until you want, but outside there's a time limit. So If you post put, when they finished and Strain, and any other information you want to share.
  16. Hi guys n gals how's it going? Good that's what I like to hear Welcome to Dinafems 2017 outdoor grow competition! First of all I'd like to say a big thank-you to @Dinafem-Mark & @Dinafem Seeds for running this competition for us lot again and an even bigger thanks for picking me as a competitor, you can't beat a bit of competition it's what drives us to push things to their full potential. The two strains I've chosen for this competition are the highly spoken White Widow XXL Autoflowerer and the O.G. Kush Photoperiod. Here's a bit of information about the two strains off the Dinafem Website I hope to have more information regarding how they fair in the UK climate come the end of the season. The O.G. Kush is being germinated on 4/20 as I believe it to be good luck and the White Widow's are being started at a later date because I wan't to push them to their full potential. White Widow XXL - Autoflower Suitable for: Indoors and outdoors Sex : Feminized autoflowering Genotype: Indica dominant Cross: White Widow elite clone x White Widow Auto Comprehensive life cycle: 80 days Outdoor harvest time: April-October Indoor yield: 400-450 g/m2 Outdoor yield: 60-170 g/plant THC: High O.G. Kush - Photoperiod Suitable for: Indoors and outdoors Sex: Feminized Genotype: 25% Sativa/ 75% Indica Cross: Lemon Thai/Pakistani x Chemdawg Indoor flowering period: 55 days Outdoor harvest time: Early/Mid-October Indoor yield: 550 g/m2 Outdoor yield: 1100 g/plant Outdoor height: Up to 3 m THC: Very high (up to 24%) That's all for now folks, Pictures of the plot and germination process to follow. May the growing commence!
  17. Ok folks, another Dodgee escapade in the making. Seeds landed Monday but I was away, wasn't actually due back till tomorrow but a family issue meant an early return so I made a trip to the PO sorting office and collected the beans. Anyways the forums favourite primate (I always thought it was BP in the gorilla suit myself but who knows maybe they bought or a job lot or god forbid maybe they share! Not at the same time we can but hope.. ) but yeh you all know who I'm talking about, the good lad we call Panik, he very kindly donated me a pack of his Gorilla Haze to try out! Top job! And a 12 pack to boot! Happy days... Big ups n massive thanks for the generousity! @panik Anyways the official start for the indoor diary (beans in dirt) will be tomorrow. The outdoor will follow in a coupler few weeks. I'll cover both in here side by side and will give the various details as they appear in my mashed up mind. Til tomorrow folks... Ta
  18. Plant 1 - Pic 1 Week 8-9

    From the album Mediterranean Outdoor Grow Auto W.W.

    Top view of Plant 1.
  19. OUTDOOR DINAFEM AMNESIA/CRITICAL JACK AUTO DIARY PREPARING THE BED I started work on the bed well inavance of planting tuning over and removing the garden soil so i was left with a 2ft hole to add my soil mix to later After a few days of turning over i added some perlite ,vermiculite,locally sourced chicken manure,bone meal and mixed in i covered bed with black plastic to stop weed growth (not the good kind) DAY ONE (SEED) 16/6/17 Welcome all to my 2017 auto diary so lets get started Here is a few pics of the great packaging you get from the @Dinafem-Mark guys So lets get started i decided on a nice layed back grow so i rolled a nice big blue cheese joint and grabbed my self some starter pots coz i have autos i dont want to faff around with transfers so i used this method to limit root stress mixed up some perlite and coco soaked with rain water and rhizo ph'd to 5.8 popped the seeds in and left the pots in diy prop at botom of a shaded seedling greenhouse The temps you see on the above hygro meter are from wierless probe's. The top reading is the wierless probe in prop box readng 26.8c and 84% RH NICE WARM AND SWEATY SPOT ON FOR MY MAGIC BEANS The bottom reading is from the actual station showing nearly a 10c drop just a few inches above the prop box its important to keep close eye on temps and RH during the first few weeks
  20. Hi all, I'll be starting an outdoor grow, south of the Mediterranean in a really nice, warm climate with loads of sunlight. I currently have my eyes set on Cream Caramel Auto (Sweet Seeds) and Super Skunk Auto (Sensi Seeds). How would these fair in warm weather, is it a good time to germ now? Thanks!
  21. hello! I thought i would come and join in on in the action over here, if u'll have me! This will be my auto diary will have a few things going on but for now: INDOORS - on the left- royal cheese auto (RQS) ... on the right Buddha seeds random auto THE MEDIUM ive just potted these up into a little no-till soil mix consisting of: kelp, neem, compost, frass, gypsum, lava rock, rice husk, coco, biochar, peat moss, coco coir, garden soil & barley straw on top... This is my first attempt at no-till so wish me luck! THE LIGHT these two have so far been under 24hr light of blurple LED (an ancient 125W unit) ... it recently occured to me that i give them some dark time :0 !! so i will be starting a 16/8 light cycle with a new more powerful LED light tonight THE SPACE They will be now going in to a new empty 1.2m² tent and will have the whole place to themselves!!! VENTILATION I've been stalling/slacking here, and am hoping for some help! I have no ventilation whatsoever :0 I would love some advice on to how to best ventilate my space / keep it cool / fresh air / oscillating fans ... without using loads of plug sockets / breaking the bank Enjoy the bank holiday every1!
  22. GROW-3663.jpg

    From the album Outdoor Grow 2017

  23. cheese xxl close up

    From the album 2017

  24. dinafem cheese xxl

    From the album 2017