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Found 254 results

  1. Morning fellow herb enthusiasts! I was wondering what systems people put in place for helping to counter act bud rot later into the seasons? I understand that some strains carry better mould resistance than others which is a great start, I believe mycorrhizal fungi can help the plants defence systems too? Shaking colas off, creating small structures to put over their main colas which sounds like a good plan although I'm trying to make the plot look as natural as possible. Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated
  2. Blue Dream autos

    From the album HSO Voyage 2019

  3. I found someones plot today I'm sure! I was out "walking my invisible dog" when I came across it. There was about 30 holes all dug out. I searched the area and found a spade, some bags of manure, chicken wire and half a bottle of Lucozade lol. If this is a guerilla grower preparing for this season then I'm not sure what to do? I personally think this area is way too easy to come across and wouldn't bother if it was me. Advice lads?? Provocateur.
  4. CBD Crew Nordle

    From the album Outdoor UK

  5. CBD Crew Nordle

    From the album Outdoor UK

  6. So this is my first go at trying a outdoor gorilla grow, I've done a fair bit of reading up, but any hints/tips/suggestions along the way would be appreciated Over the Christmas holidays, i was tripping, walking the dogs in the snow, enjoying a smoke and pondering the dilemma every stoner has: I smoke too much. In my budget some of that money could be used for better purposes, BUT.. we all love a good smoke.. "i can't grow inside" i huff, but i can grow outside.. Even after i sobered up i had likened to the idea, a short while after having a think, i realised I already had a place out of the way, discrete, quiet, and hard to access, all else i needed were seeds, pots, fertilizer and 6ish hours of sunlight. It took 2 hours or so to clear the place of weeds and to ensure to enough sunlight. On the subject of seeds, i thought long and hard about what to try, i knew i needed two strains, so i could compare which grew better for my climate, and to decide what to try and go all out on next year. My immediate thought was to look at old strains i know and love, blue cheese, northern lights etc however, if i were to be growing outside, where i can really do very little, in terms of control over the temperature of the plants. I would instead need two strains that are tough, resilient, used to my latitude&weather... That really narrowed the list down to about 20, and i went with: Latitude 52.1 UK Dutch Passion No1 x3 7th/april germination date (early september harvest) Blue hash x3 1st/april germination date (to harvest in early october) I'll also use: 10L&40L fabric bags Bloom fert for fertilizing during flowering Sensi Grow A+B for fert during the vegetative stage Peat pellets for germination. If all goes well, I'll update the journal every 2 weeks or so with some pictures to keep you updated on how everything goes, all should start april/
  7. Hello all first post looking for advice / thoughts so last year I did my first gg seeds used was dp high potency automix = cindarall jack/ think different auto/ auto ultimate The growing area is clay lined run off down a big hill some of which had flowing water all summer 6 plants where and this site 3 at another the first 3 were planted straight in the ground out of the flowing water in holes no bigger than 4” wide by 4” deep these in a diagonal line getting closer to the flowing water These did not do well at all but they did produce abit of smoke the next 3 were planeted in pots in the same diagonal line but each pot hole had water running under it each one have abit more flow than the last the pots were small 4”x4” each of these plants did the same getting 10g to 15 g dried Planted June chopped September 1 week after the rain hit the uk i suffed abit a mold but nothing too bad considering in rained for a whole week before I chopped most of the mold came while drying only went back to check once this is when I took the pics 3 weeks before chopping The 3 pots where full to the brim with roots it was all abit rush learnt loads bigger pots needed anyone have any other thought on how I could improve?? i do have some pics but they on the digital cam these where took at my one visit this is year I have dp high potency auto mix again dp frisson due auto Dp white widow auto
  8. Mr G.jpg

    From the album Outdoor Project 2019

    i know im handsome
  9. thumbnail-20190209-235530.jpg

    From the album Outdoor Project 2019

    off to an early start. 2 dozen Green Gold Clones
  10. Welcome to the Seedsman Forums Grow Contest 2018. In this edition of our cultivation contest we have decided to introduce 2 categories, indoor and outdoor grows, both with incredible prizes for the winners! Read the rules carefully to find out how to participate. To start, we will distribute 3 packs of 3 Seedsman seeds (9 seeds total) to each participant. Requirements You must be registered in the forum prior to the publication of this contest and have submitted at least 50 messages in the forum where you will write your grow report. We can only send free seeds to the first 200 entrants. The latest day that you can apply for these seeds, and subsequently the contest is May 10. If you do not meet the requirements for these free seeds, or we can no longer provide the seeds due to excessive entries, you can participate by purchasing your own seeds Seedsman and showing original package in your first post. Entering the contest 1.You have to be a member of one of the 3 forums where this contest is going to be held: • Forum ICMAG • Forum UK420 • Forum THCTALK 2. Send a private message to the Seedsman moderator of any of the 3 forums. 3. You must leave a comment in the main thread of the contest, stating your intention to participate. Only one forum should be used per entrant. Rules of participation - Open a thread with the title "Seedsman Indoor Contest” followed by the name of your chosen strain or "Seedsman Outdoor Contest” followed by the name of your chosen strain. - Detail the entire grow, from germination to end result. You can do this by means of photographs and supplementary text. You can also complement with some videos if you wish, although this is not mandatory. Awards Indoor category: 1st Place - 250€ Voucher to spend at Seedsman.com AND 100 Seedsman seeds of your choice! 2nd Place – 200€ Voucher to spend at Seedsman.com AND 75 Seedsman seeds of your choice! 3rd Place - 150€ Voucher to spend at Seedsman.com AND 50 Seedsman seeds of your choice! 4th Place – 100€ Voucher to spend at Seedsman.com AND 30 Seedsman seeds of your choice! 5th Place – 75€ Voucher to spend at Seedsman.com AND 15 Seedsman seeds of your choice! Outdoor Category: 1st Place - 250€ Voucher to spend at Seedsman.com AND 100 Seedsman seeds of your choice! 2nd Place – 200€ Voucher to spend at Seedsman.com AND 75 Seedsman seeds of your choice! 3rd Place - 150€ Voucher to spend at Seedsman.com AND 50 Seedsman seeds of your choice! NEW Best Forum Category: "The Forum with the most completed grow diaries at the end of the Competition will be rewarded greatly!" Rule: The finished diaries are subject to the rules of the contest, but with an extra requirement, the grow diary should be update with a weekly regularity throughout the entire cultivation process. Further Details To be eligible for prizes, all threads must be finalized before December 31, 2018. A jury composed of members of the Seedsman team will be responsible for choosing the winners. We will evaluate the plants, photos or videos, cultivation methods and explanatory text in equal parts. We will announce the winners during the second week of 2019. The results will be announced in the aforementioned forums, Seedsman social networks and the Seedsman Blog. Terms and Conditions If you have any questions, you can ask us directly in the main thread of the contest on each of the 3 forums involved. We will not respond to any private messages about the contest, nor will we answer questions from social networks or the blog. All of the content of the participating threads can be used by Seedsman.com in the future (photos, videos, texts) without asking for permission but always providing the author's credits. We will not accept complaints about issues with free seeds (shipping, status, germination). Now you know everything you need to participate, we will wait for your entries. Good Luck!
  11. After a succesful season in my new guriella site that I've set up, i'm now looking into making my own hemp oil for this year coming. I'm struggling to find any where that supplies CBD rich, low thc genetics that would perform well in our temperate climate. Maybe i'm asking for too much? but If any body could point me in the right direction of strains to look out for I would be grateful. Cheers
  12. Hi RGSC fans. The season is moving quick. Hope no-ones been caught out by the cold snaps Anyone who knows my previous identity, knows I like to do things differently (the hard way) About to move onto some land with an empty building, no internet etc, no reception, and lots to do. Not conductive to creating a diary I know. But I like a challenge, and I couldn't resist the temptation of @panik's prizes Thanks for having me mate. Felt out of the RGS loop over the winter, so it's nice to be part of your comp. For those that don't know, I'm in west wales, about lat 53. It's wet and humid. Even when it's not My old patch ain't perfect, but it'll do. About to soak 6 x greengold reg's to go out. Also have feck loads of whitey freeze x whitey freeze to try out. These are going to be a right mix up I think, throwing out lots of variation. Given lots to my friends to plant out too, so hopefully we'll get something good to play with in the end. Also have a whitey freeze mum from my indoor grow, so I might stick some late cuttings out and see how she does outside. Although they came in a RGSC pack, I don't think the sagexfucktard panik gave me count as RGSC seeds, but they're going out too May all your seeds sprout, and turn into monsters
  13. Okay, I best get this diary up and running. Off the back of a colder than average winter, especially later on in the season, spring has now finally come on leaps and bounds in recent weeks, prompting me to get some early autos out. This year my grow will be relatively small in contrast to recent years, but it definitely will not disappoint! I will be using only the finest Dinafem autoflowering genetics, and I plan on doing the backbone of this grow up in the trees. Also, a big thanks to the man himself, the legend, @Dinafem-Mark who kindly facilitated the contribution of beans towards this diary. Below are the two autos that I currently have... OG Kush and OG Kush CBD running side by side, in a bit of a comparison. These are some early plant outs, especially for autos, so I do not anticipate massive harvests off either of them, which is also why I have gone with a slightly controversial grow medium. 2L bottles all the way for these two. I will attach these in the trees from rope in the coming days. Should give me a nice early harvest in late June / early July. Here is the regular OG Kush auto... And here is the OG Kush CBD auto... I had cleared a new plot back in March for some autos, but when I went back to it a few days ago, I could tell someone has been there as the foliage is moved and there is a slight path in the vegetation where there shouldn't be one. And the most obvious red flag of all, footprints in the mud around my site, which clearly shows someone has stumbled across this place, or at least walked through it unknowingly. Thankfully they found it now though, and not several months down the line when it is full of budding plants. Not wanting to risk it, I have had to abandon the site in favour of another location, which also means I am now behind on my prep now, at the new site. I best get my arse in gear because I have Bubba Kush, Critical+ 2.0, Moby Dick XXL & Sour Diesel autos going out in the next few weeks. I will update on these in due course...
  14. greenhouse.jpg

    From the album HSO Green Crack

    Her new home
  15. stretching

    From the album HSO Green Crack

  16. Underside.jpeg

    From the album 2018 Garden

  17. Spread.jpeg

    From the album 2018 Garden

  18. STAKED2.jpeg

    From the album 2018 Garden

  19. STAKED.jpeg

    From the album 2018 Garden

  20. Hi All, Wondered if anyone could help. I have 7 small and stealthy autos each 2-3 Meters apart along a field. Medium - Soil. Heat - Very Hot. I've Used Fish BB, Calcified Seaweed, Water Retention Crystals, Chicken Pellets And Sulfate Of Potash - All Dug in 3 weeks before transplant out at about day 15. Unfortunately due to location i only manage to water every 6-7 days - Each Gets approx 2 liters. Please see attached what seems to be a white splatter on the leaves of the plants - This is on 6 out of 7 of my plants - Anyone any ideas? Some sort Of Deficiency? There was no evidence of dusty/powder mold or mildew - the heat in London has been far too hot for that! No evidence spider mites of or any webs around and of the ladies. Recently - about two weeks ago the farmer cut his field but i don't think that has anything to do with it. If anyone can give some advice - i would be very appreciative. Thanks for the help Shagz
  21. Plants that have been left in small pots for WAY too long and have gone into flower at 7th node and in 5 weeks. Are they going to be really stunted either way now or is it still worth taking them out to the wild. ( I know they shouldnt have been left but shit happens).