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Found 254 results

  1. Hi everyone. I'm a very competent old skool indoor grower from the UK. I just moved to Brazil, a few hundred miles south of the equator. I have some good local seeds and plan to start a personal outdoor set-up. I've been out of the game a few years, and wanted to know what strains are doing the biz currently. I'm back to Europe for a vacation before the end of the year and will be stocking up with new seeds, so any names would be great. Also, any experiences from growers in sub-tropical climates. Thanks.
  2. cacooned catapiller

    From the album random

    found this on my outdoor wow
  3. Frisan Dew 2013

    From the album Outdoor 2013

    One of the tops of the purple pheno Frisian Dew
  4. I'm about 2 months into my GG and things were going well until I noticed some leaf damage. It's very similar to the leaf damage I experienced last year but never got to the source of the problem. I assumed last years damage was due to small snails, and decided not to worry too much. I used neem oil last year, and whenever I visited the GG I never noticed any critters, yet there appeared to be more damage on every visit. This year I've refrained from using any pest control up to now, as I read conflicting opinions on neem oil so was gonna try a simple recipe of garlic, cayenne pepper, oil, dish soap and water. The damage is more often on the higher newer growth, which made me think the culprit isn't snails as I'd assume the damage would be more lower down than higher up. The damage left on the leaf are very small holes in the leaf generally around the midrib nearer the petiole, only on higher newer leaves generally. I haven't witnessed any critters, only the damage. I'll try an post some pics of the leaf damage and hopefully some experienced grower can identify the culprit. Until then any advice on what you think could be the problem, or advice on dealing with the problem will be greatly appreciated.