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Found 254 results

  1. This year auto's

    From the album 2021

    Rgsc urban legends
  2. auto

    Hi there All I'm a total noob and was after a bit of confirmation on some stuff re. Autos As I understand it these types of plant flower regardless of day length, whereas photo-periodicals need a 12:12 light:dark ratio to flick to flowering mode? My query is on what flicks an Auto to flowering. I'm assuming that it's related to Pot Size, and if I put one in (totally as an example) a 1L pot and one in 10L pot that the 1L would flower way earlier, whilst the 10L would sit making a larger root ball only to flower when it had taken over the 10L pot? Is this correct? I've got my first lot of Auto seeds, and thinking of getting them sown ASAP and then growing on windowsill with a crappy LED light until they go outside in late Apr/early May. And was thinking of trying different sized Final Pots to see if I can get some staggered cropping and thereby have a bit of early drying & curing practice. Thoughts? Also, if I plan to do the above windowsill start could you advise a good size pot to keep them in before they get potted into Final 10L fabric pots for outside? Only have a windowsill and want them to remain discrete if you get my drift (Or would I be better off delaying sowing until maybe April or something?) Any advice gratefully received - Many thanks in advance MJMan
  3. I'm looking for Outdoor Indicas but as most seed companies label 60/40s indica dominant strains as "Mostly Indica" its hard to know which one is the best. You can get really racy 60/40 indica dominant strains and get more indica effects from slightly sativa dominant strains. So, Ideally what i'm looking for is a selection of RGS top 3 pure Indica strains, or Indica strains that are ideally at least 80%+ Indica. Any ideas? Much love x
  4. Hey guys, firstly id like to offer a big thank you to all the contributers on this forum, this is my first grow (be gentle with me haha) and ive learned a lot through trawling the archives...the site has also been a great distraction through this whole lockdown ting, so yea..been lurking for months..thought id chip in! Planted 3 x Auto Mazar and 3 x Auto Ultimate (Dutch Passion) on 29/04 in a small polytunnel, in retrospect this might have been a little earlier for my location which is quite mountainous and judging by other plants (foxgloves etc) seems to be about 2 weeks behind nearby areas at lower altitude. They were slow enough to take off and i quickly realised my inexperience was going to be an issue (particularly in terms of medium - i used a half n half blend of topsoil and compost) So after a bit more research, back to the drawing board with a batch of new seeds. (5 x Dinafem WWxxl and 3 x Dutch Passion Colorado Cookies..both Autos) soaked in water for about 18hours, straight into a variety of plastic pots from maybe 7-11 litres..just whatever i had laying around...the key difference was the soil, mixed up a new batch with about 20% rich topsoil, 30% compost, 30% Farmyard manure, 20% perlite..the widows popped through 4 days later (20 May) while the CC took an extra day or two..but 100% germination for both which was pretty sweet...so everything was going really well in the polytunnel..a couple of slug issues..(made some spikey collars from beer cans and copper tape..pretty much sorted that out) Suddenly had 13 happy little plants, sun was shining..thought we would be in for one of those rare, special summers in Ireland, but then the weather patterns changed and seem to have been hit by rain and wind and generally dreary, grey weather ever since haha...the polytunnel turned into a kite and landed up in a neighboring field on more than one occassion..lost a couple of plants along the way, but more or less managed to salvage the operation, Got some nutes going..Biobizz Fishmix graduating to Grow, Bloom, Top Max, Heaven and Acti-Vera (i know..."all the gear - no idea" haha) started on quite low dosages, but have increased steadily..sort of half following the biobizz schedule, half winging it while trying to read each individual plants progress and needs. The biggest concern was the weather, the pounding wind in particular..i was lucky to have an old window and frame laying around which i repurposed into a kind of ghetto coldframe using some old crates for supports, the addition of 4 fence panels helps break the wind while allowing a bit of air movement as the humidity in this are is pretty insane..this setup has been a lifesaver, allowing me to easily move the girls into the open when the weather allows and giving some protection from deer, rain, wind...on that, i lost a couple of plants due to wind damage which broke some branches allowing for stem/bud rot to enter the system..i was pretty ruthless in dealing with this, cutting off colas and taping up the stalk..i managed to salvage a couple of under ripe buds, but pretty annoying..had a few spots of powdery mildew form on fan leaves when left in "The Fort" for a few days, but have treated them with milk and water..not a major issue so far... ive harvested 2 Ultimate and 1 Mazar...which may have been a little early..but this has given me a chance to test a couple of drying methods, half ending up in brown bags the other half wet trimmed and hung in a shed..both seem to be ok, no mold issues..good experience for when the bigger, more developed plants mature..so yea...thats basically where im at now...got 4 and a half White Widow XXL Autos at 80 days, 3 x Colorado Cookie Autos at 78 days (and one little Dinafem Gorilla Glue photo for the craic) I would have to say the Dinafem WWxxl are the best of the bunch IMO..i might be wrong here, but looks like 2 phenos, one stocky Indica type jobbie and one lanky Sativa leaning one..(again, total noob, so might just be my enviroment etc) here are a couple of photos of the project, would love any feedback
  5. Hi all, I'm very new to growing and everything other than smoking I grew 2 different strains of autoflower in my greenhouse and have been curing them in jars for at least 2 weeks now and they both taste horrible.. i chopped one down early as it had started to get bud rot, i chopped the other down a few days after because i couldn't tell if they were ready or not and probably a little too excited (learnt from that mistake) Anyway i know i have harvested too early and also ruined the taste and aroma from having the fan blow on the bud while drying (again another lesson learnt) but can i make half decent hash or oil from these buds? The blackberry strain does get me a little high after 2 bongs but i have to fight myself to get through one.. and the krippleberry is looking like a waste, its harsh as hell and gives a wierd high, probs from being chopped early but we're past that now aha What do you think? Can I get any use out of these at all? I was thinking hash, oil or edibles just as a way of using them, i hate wasting cannabis!
  6. Second plant I have grown here - Northern Lights (Royal queen seeds) Was lucky with the first, didn't run into any mould problems. As the title states, just hit week 10 and have woken up this morning to the dreaded mould. Noticed a very yellow leaf and pulled it and the mould was all to show. Cut away that bud site which had a decent sized bud growing but don't think that had spread. Part that worries me is the tip of the main cola where the largest bud is had mould in the tip. Cut away all the mould i could see which has taken about an 8th off the tip. Still unsure if the mould could have spread. Was hoping to run the plant for quite a few more weeks, however I don't want to lose the whole plant to mould, just looking for any advice of you more knowledgable growers. Would you cut your loses and cut the whole plant down now, or would you run it and see what happens in the next week?
  7. From the album Katch

  8. Howdy, I'm getting the itch guys, and I'm not talking about the type @Henroidcaught off @guerillamann who'd also given it to @B-real. I'm talking about wanting to visit the plants. Is it normal to be this uncomfortable leaving them alone? How long r u guys leaving autos between visits? I'm trying to hold out for the 5 week mark for first visit.
  9. Green Crack looking perkier

  10. I hope someone can tell me what is going on with these plants. Especially the green crack with the drooping leaves. So the first 2 pictures are of my Auto green Crack, and the second 2 photo's are Auto Blue dreamatic. I was hoping if someone can tell me why the leaves are drooping on my Green crack auto's or is the normal as they are flowering. I have been watering but not over watering, they all have now had 2 feeds of plant magic bloom. the blue dreamatic seems fine unless someone sees different, but my green crack autos the leaves are drooping. Please help
  11. Hi all, I hope all your grows are doing well. I have a question regarding feeding Auto plants. Taking into consideration that Autos don't get anywhere as big as normal plants How much and how often are you supposed to feed them. I have my 5 plants in 11l Pots in plant magic soil. They have started to flower, so I am feeding them plant magic bloom. The bottle says 3-5ml per litre but I have only fed them 1-1.5ml per litre once per week. They have only had 1 feed so far of Plant magic bloom, as I don't want to get nute burn, and I am guessing those recommendations on the bottle are for normal plants not auto's. can someone please enlighten as to how much and how often Auto's should be fed, and when to start using Plant magic Bloom Boost. I did also use Plant Magic Grow in veg stage, once again, less than the bottle recommends. Thanks G
  12. Just a quick bit of advice please all. I've got my 2 emergency outdoor autos and they're looking ok so far and about 4 weeks or so into flower. The problem is I only left them is smaller spots smaller pots for stealth but then larger one is needing feeding every day. Is it too late to transplant and if not how to best minimise shock
  13. outdoor

    Any ideas roughly how much longer this will take, when do you start to flush it and any tips for taking Better pics?
  14. Any ideas roughly how much longer this will take, when do you start to flush it and any tips for taking Better pics?
  15. Daft question but iv just started moving some bigger plants outdoors but how does it work if I’m feeding them in pots an it rains? Will it flush the nutes? Sorry for daft question haha don’t want leave em out an go out for night an it pour down
  16. Thought I would update you all with my progress well I’m waiting for my led lights to finally come but been Using good old sunlight so far ones been two weeks grow the other two days please can you tell me what else needs to be done. Going to transfer them to a bigger pot later 5L if not mistaken.
  17. Im not exactly new but ive also had a long time off. I am completely new to autos though. Basically its important to me to know exactly how long an auto takes from planting to harvesting, and I'm seeing a lot of confusing terms. my question is... How do i know how long autos take, a strain guide might say "flowering 8-9 weeks", or they might say "full life cycle 8-9 weeks" or "blooming stage 55 days" and so on, etc etc etc. I'm confused because they mention flowering or blooming does that mean, for example, a plant might VEG for how ever long, and then, BLOOM for "55 days". How long is veg, How long is bloom with autos, how long is ALL of it? How do i find out how long it takes to PLANT it and HARVEST it? Im sorry if im not making sense, I'm just confused by the difference in terminology I've seen while browsing online.
  18. Hi, Can anyone tell me what is the best way to test PH levels in water and soil, I think my water from the tap is around 7.5 after doing a little research, I know the ideal PH levels should be around 5.0-6.5. what can I use to test he soil PH levels also, as I am guessing the tap water I have been using increases the PH level in soil also. Is it best to use things like litmus paper you can buy from pharmacy or a electronic reader. If PH levels are to high what is the best way to lower PH levels to an acceptable standard. and will PH levels of 7.55 do harm to the plants if I carry on. I am growing outdoors in 11l pots in plant magic supreme soil. hoping that rain water, when it rains lowers PH levels in the soil from the tap water. I am currently feeding plant magic soil grow, mixed in tap water.1.7ml/0.75L recommendation is 2ml-4ml/1L Once per week, I am noticing slight leaf curl also and tips of leaves yellowing. Might be due to nute lock as PH levels to high or nitrogen toxicity. Please help
  19. Outdoor blueberry auto

    From the album Blueberry auto soil outdoors

    Growing amongst my chillis Unlike the chillis this is in soil. Have a few seeds so going to test mediums and compare results
  20. Hi Can someone take a look at these images and tell me what I am doing wrong or what is happening. I have planted 2 Autoflowering Green crack beginning of may. I transferred outside about 2-3 weeks ago. I am using Plant Magic soil supreme in 11l pots. I germinated the plants in Jiffy plugs and then transferred into pots once big enough. But as you can see from the images the leaves have got weird colouring on them. Can anyone identify what the problems could be. I have only just given them 0.75ml of plant magic soil grow in 0.75litre of water recommendation is 2ml to 1 litre, but I have read to give them under manufactures recommendation, while plants are still small and young and then to increase dosage as plants get older. Also plant magic soil should have enough nutrients in it to feed a young plant, not sure for how long though, until I am supposed to start feeding. See pictures below.