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Found 89 results

  1. hey you lovely folks of uk420 as the title, i spotted this for sale in aerosol form on a headshop a while ago, and it would seem to me (from what I have read) to be a better solvent than butane here's what it says on wiki : Diethyl ether, also known as ethoxyethane, ethyl ether, sulfuric ether, or simply ether, is an organic compound in the ether class with the formula (C 2H 5) 2O. It is a colorless, highly volatile flammable liquid. It is commonly used as a solvent and was once used as a general anesthetic. It has narcotic properties and has been known to cause temporary dependence, the only symptom of which is the will to consume more, sometimes referred to as etheromania.[ Laboratory usesDiethyl ether is a common laboratory solvent. It has limited solubility in water (6.05 g/100 ml at 25 °C) [10] and dissolves 1.5 g/100 ml water at 25 °C.[11] This, coupled with its high volatility, makes it ideal for use as the non-polar solvent in liquid-liquid extraction. When used with an aqueous solution, the diethyl ether layer is on top due to the fact that it has a lower density than the water. It is also a common solvent for the Grignard reaction in addition to other reactions involving organometallic reagents. Due to its application in the manufacturing of illicit substances, it is listed in the Table II precursor under the United Nations Convention Against Illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances as well as substances such as acetone, toluene and sulphuric acid.[12] a 500ml can was a smidge under 12 quid, altho i did see it for a smidge under 12 euro after a little search any of you know about this? or have used it? your thoughts? cheers
  2. Im new to the whole concentrates thing and was wondering if anyone had previous experience making it. my one main question is: when i get to the winterizing stage, is there an alternative to using ethanol? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. I had to clean a few pieces of my vaporiser tonight and then used the isopropyl alcohol to clean my chopping bowl for the first time this year as well. While waiting for the alcohol to evaporate I got high and came back to apparent sewer water so I grabbed my phone and took a few hundred pictures. Here's the best at 800x600 to spare those on data caps. You can see them at 2000x1500 in the album here if you want. I have to admit to being a bit naughty and trying some before it was fully ready but it wasn't bad at all. I couldn't taste any alcohol although as far as taste goes it tasted like skunkish cardboard so a bit poorly there but it hits like a mule and is massively sativa dominate and euphoric with a bit of a creeper high to it as well so I can't complain at all
  4. Hey All, What can I use instead of a brewers bucket for making oil (iso)? I have 4/5 oz of bud I would like to process today but can't get a bucket, what might I have about the house instead. Thanks, C.
  5. I have just harvested my first grow. I am using a drying net. I am growing shark shock to produce oil or paste to try and save my mother in law from a rare brain tumour. If I am producing oil do I need to cure the buds and sugar leaves? I have only watched vids that show buds only curing in jars, are the sugar leaves treated differently or can they also go in jars? Some of the pistils are really thick, should I leave them longer to dry as they also have sugar leaves on. Are they likely to grow mould? When I harvested two of the pistils had mould on them. I removed them straight away but will they have affected the rest of my growth? So far cannot see any other mould. Sorry for so many questions, just need to get it right
  6. Just recently been told there are 'multiple mass lesions within the right lung consistent with metastases from a sarcoma'. The largest is apparently 46mm and there is one 'nodule' in the left lung. The report also states there is no abnormality in the mediastinum (whatever that is, got a lot of googling to do!) Three years ago I had a fibrosarcoma removed from my right foot and thought I was all clear, but it seems it's back. I'm just starting to realise that I know next to nothing about cancer or it's treatments, but would like to be as informed as possible for when I get my appointment at the Royal Marsden (hopefully in the next week or so), particularly about cannabis and cannabis oils etc. First off, what exactly is a sarcoma (in laymans terms, I'm not as smart as I like to think I am!) and would cannabis oil be suitable as a possible treatment, maybe alongside conventional methods? Secondly, if it is effective, how much would I need to grow to produce enough oil? I currently grow one or two plants at a time in my DS60 under a 250W dual or 250W MH and usually harvest enough bud to see me through to the next harvest, just. I'm not the most experienced grower but am satisfied as a recreational user, but know nothing about growing medicine. Even though the doctor said it wasn't caused by smoking, I had already decided to quit tobacco when I got my first e-cig two weeks ago, but now I need to think about using weed without combustion as well. My current e-cig is re-fillable and so could probably serve as a weed vape until I can get a proper one, I just need a bit of advise on how to infuse the PG/VG mix with cannabinoids for maximium effectiveness. I have the results of the blood test if that would help with any advice you may have, or just to tell me which figures I should be keeping an eye on with subsequent blood tests, I have to say, it's all greek to me at the moment. Natty
  7. Naranchup budder

    From the album amc98 buds&hashish parade

    Naranchup budder
  8. Naranchup budder

    From the album amc98 buds&hashish parade

    Naranchup budder
  9. RIce cooker in Lidl, for the princely sum of a tenner. e2a, sorry the pic is upside down, but you get the gist.
  10. bho extraction

    From the album amc98 buds&hashish parade

    bho extraction
  11. BHO self-portrait

    From the album amc98 buds&hashish parade

    BHO self-portrait
  12. Coca Cola bottle-shaped BHO

    From the album amc98 buds&hashish parade

    Coke bottle-shaped BHO
  13. Hi guys I can see that there are many fantastic methods for processing trim (amongst other things), however is there one way that'll remove the most potent goodness. I was wondering about BHO as it acts as a solvent?
  14. Hi folks, I havent seen many threads on this, so I thoughtI I'd better start my own do you do it? how? how much does equipment cost? viability? yeild? pics? taste? winterizing? etc etc? all and any info welcome
  15. IMG 3852

    From the album Oil domes, nails etc...

    © original-glass.co.uk

  16. Hello pals.... Ok, so they're here...! They've been before...! So....I'm six weeks into flowering a mix of strains in a small tent....using organic compost. Had spider mite probs a week before flowering, sprayed with Safers 'Trounce' twice a week apart as per instructions....no sign of them until now. I keep a pretty close eye on the plants and so I reckon I've caught them early. The spray is organic, containing fatty acids and pyrethrins. No signs of webbing yet. Advice needed....do I spray again?....not keen! Do I do nothing? Do I chop......? I should also add, that the plants will be used solely for making RSO......if that makes a difference. Thanks pals.... J45
  17. Ay up pals..... Well, just about to harvest my first crop....all good so far.....thanks for the help. I'm primarily going to make oil with the whole crop and so wondered how careful and thorough I need to be with the trimming...? I understand that it needs to be done right, and hung in the right environment (I'm gonna to hang it in the tent cos I can)...... .....so how much can I leave on the plant without it affecting the oil..?.?.?. All thoughts happily received... Thanks.. J45
  18. Hello . My last iso oil I had it filtered twice, firslty cheese cloth then paper coffee filter, before taking it to rice cooker. I had some residue trapped in the paper coffee filter that looked like kief, and being greedy I kept that, not being sure if it is smokable or not. Thus the question: Can I smoke this beauty? Already got a joint rolled up waiting for an answer!!! Cheers!!!!
  19. I'll be is Amsterdam this Monday and I'm looking to smoke some high quality hash/oil/ice etc so where is the best place to go for a good deal. Cheers
  20. Hi Folks, I'm just 3 weeks into flowering in a SCROG, and I do a fair amount of trimming of leaves to allow better airflow and light permeation. I expect another 6-7 weeks to go. I was wondering at what stage in the grow will any trimmed leaves will be good enough to use... if at all, considering they've not been flushed and are full of nute. I read some 420 members store bags of trim leaves in the freezer, for later use in bubblebags etc. I couldn't find any info about actually when leaves start to have enough worthwhile THC to extract. Thanks!
  21. I’ve been thinking about baking something edible and delicious for a while now and finally got around to attempting some brownies. I’ve made them before, kind of, in that I just sprinkled some ground bud in to the mix – it worked but I wanted something better; more… proper? So I was going to make regular cannabutter – I’ve never tried it before but there’s a load of information out there so it seemed relatively easy. Then I started reading about Coconut Oil and how much better it is for THC extraction so I decided to give this a go. This is totally my first time at trying this recipe or making cannabutter/cococannabutter/whatever but I think I got it kinda right after days of scouring the internet to decide on a plan! So this is a total run through from start to finish (apart from of the bits I forgot) from decarbing the weed, through to cooking the weed and coconut oil and finally to making them into some really good brownies (not a box mix!) Hopefully the photos will make it easier to understand J Stage One: Decarbing the Weed Ingredients 5 grams quality bud This involved 5 grams of premium bud; think it was blue cheese, ground up using a normal hand herb grinder. This is then placed in an oven bag (like the sort you can get with packet cooking mixes or with vaporizers) and put on a baking tray (I also put some baking sheet/parchment stuff down, don’t really know why) Spread the herbs out over the inside of the bag – doesn’t look like very much when it’s all ground up like this, and then fold the bag closed and place inside a preheated oven for 20 minutes. I had mine set at 120 C. When the time is up, turn off the oven and open the oven door to warm the house up and let the weed cool down to room temperature before opening the bag or handling the herbs. It should all be pretty crumbly and a little crisp. Stage Two: Making the Cannaoil/butter/thing Ingredients 5 grams decarbed weed, 6 tablespoons of coconut oil solid, 500ml water. Get a saucepan (make sure it’s one that has a lid) and add about a pint 500ml of water and bring it to the boil, reduce the temperature a little and add some coconut oil. For my 5 grams of bud I decided to use 125g or 6 tablespoons of Coconut Oil. This was extra virgin, supposedly amazing, and the best part of £4 for a jar from Sainsbury. It’s quite hard to scoop out so use a strong spoon! Add the 6 tablespoons of oil directly to the simmering pan of water and watch it melt. When it’s all kinda melted – take the oven bag and sprinkle in the ground and decarbed herbs – distributing them evenly over the pan of melted oil. Stir it in a bit with a wooden spoon to make sure it’s mixed then reduce the heat on the hob to a very low setting and cover the mixture up. My thermometer suggested it was sitting at just under 175 degrees F in the pan but basically it was on the smallest burner on my hob turned down to the lowest setting! Next, make a cup of tea and roll a joint – this pot has to sit on the hob for, well, a while – I did mine for 1hr 40minutes; every 10 to 15 minutes go back and stir it with a wooden spoon making sure to scrape the bottom of the pan but it shouldn’t get hot enough to stick to the bottom. Periodically top the water up a little, just like a shot or so at a time to make sure the pan doesn’t run dry. There is a smell from doing this – personally I found it quite pleasant; maybe because of the addition of the coconut. I did have the window open and some incense burning tho. After the time was up I turned off the gas and left the pot sitting for maybe 20 minutes before moving on to the straining stage. I didn’t have any cheesecloth – every recipe seemed to suggest this was the best strainer. I did however have a normal kitchen sieve, and also the bottom off my caffetieré that I detached and added to the bottom of the sieve. I don’t suggest this as ideal, but luckily it did seem to work. Strain the entire pan of water/oil into a jug or container – use a metal spoon to squish the weed to get the last of the oil back out. It’s a weird thing throwing the herb away after but I’m not sure it has any use. I left this to cool for a while on the worktop before moving it into the fridge. It took a good few hours, like 3 or so before it started to harden but it was late so I left it in the fridge overnight. Next morning the oil had rehardened into a beautiful green landscape and it was time to separate it. I used a big spoon to prise up the hardened oil and then scraped the small amount of greyish brownish residue from under the butter… rinsing it off with water. Pour away the water left in the jug and you’re ready for cooking! Stage Three: The Great British Bake Off Ingredients 185g unsalted butter* 185g best dark chocolate 85g plain flour 40g cocoa powder 50g white chocolate 50g milk chocolate 3 large eggs 275g golden caster sugar *Depending on how much of your magic green butter you managed to get. I got 100grams back out of my pan so I only needed 85g butter to make up the rest. Well this is from a recipe that I’ve done before, it made pretty tasty brownies last time so I figured it could only get better when eaten at 4:20… Weigh up your cleaned lump of butter/oil – mine came in at 100 grams. So that meant I needed 85g of butter to make the brownies. Get a pan of water back on the hob and starting to boil. Find a nice glass bowl that will sit gently on the rim of the pan but not rest in the water. Cut the butter up into little cubes and put them in the bowl and put it up on top of the pan. Cut up 185g or one large bar of really good dark chocolate into little squares and then add them to the bowl with the butter. I used a metal spoon to start stirring this, not sure if it’s the ‘right’ spoon so do feel free to improvise here. Once nearly all the chocolate and butter had melted together I broke up my magic butter and dropped it into the mix, stirring it and watching it dissolve, I have no clue how long this took, it was totally absorbing. But I imagine maybe 10/15 minutes? Maybe. Again, you wanna make sure that your water is just simmering – don’t want anything to get too hot here. Once it’s melted and all smooth and lovely looking take it off the pan and leave it to one side to start to cool down. Turn on your oven to start preheating – mine does have a fan but I’m not sure how good it is – it goes on at 180 C anyway. Next you need to prepare the dish. This seems to work out right for a 20cm x 20cm tin – line the bottom with that baking parchment stuff – cut a nice square the same size – WARNING – getting the square just the right size CAN take a loooong time. I ended up getting a craft knife out. I’m quite sure that you don’t need it exactly the right size but it seemed like a fun challenge at the time. I guess you could do this stage first if you wanted, options are great aren’t they? Now, get a bowl and sieve the flour and cocoa powder together so they kinda blend together and then chop up some bits of chocolate to go in to the finished product as little chunks of excitement. The recipe suggested 50g of milk and 50g of white – I only had a milkybar and some dark chocolate so I used those instead. Leave this and the floury mix to one side for a bit. It’s time to get really started… Get another mixing bowl – quite a big one as this is gonna be the bowl you pour everything into – and break 3 eggs into it. I chose eggs 2, 4 and 6 – I chose the even numbers because I didn’t want them to taste odd. Ha. Etc. Add in the 275g of golden caster sugar. I found one called Billingtons that seemed the right sort of thing, and then you have to mix it. For a long time. You’re going to need an electric hand mixer thing, mine has 2 paddles. It took, probably, 4/5 minutes of mixing. It’s done when it’s really pale and creamy and quite a lot bigger in volume than when it started, maybe double. But the test seems to be you lift the mixer out of the mix and watch the little trails of mixture that drip back down into the bowl… if they leave a trail that takes a few seconds to disappear back into the mix then it’s ready. Don’t give up! Now pour in the cooled chocolate mixture that we made earlier and using a rubber spatula or similar you have to fold the mix together, keeping in as much of the air as possible kinda scooping down one side and underneath and out the other side. You’ll keep seeing little veins of rich chocolate loveliness appear and get mixed in till the whole thing takes on a beautiful rich mottled brown colour. Next take the flour/cocoa mix and sieve it back over the top of your newly mixed bowl, sprinkling the entire top of the mixture – then fold this into the mix using the same method with the spatula that we did a minute ago, eventually the flour will disappear into the mix, just keep turning it over and around. Don’t overdo it, if it looks mixed – it is. Next you can sprinkle in the chocolate chunks that we cut up earlier – stir these in a bit too and then it’s done! Scoop the mix into the pre-lined cake tin making sure to get every bit that you possibly can into that tin. Smooth the top over a bit so it all looks uniform and lovely and then pop it in the oven! The recipe recommended 20 minutes, so this was enough time to lick clean all the utensils and do some washing up. After 20 minutes mine was still wet – I tested by sticking a chopstick into the middle and seeing if it had chocolate on when it came back out. Popped it back in for another 7 minutes and then the chopstick came back clear. (Now looking back post consumption, I really think they needed another 4 or 5 minutes) Take it out of the oven and leave it on the side to cool down at least a little, before trying to get it out. My tin had a removable bottom. Yes, I’m that fancy. When you can bare it no longer, cut the brownie into squares – now, I cut mine into 16. That’s 5cmx5cm squares, 2” squares, or however else you can imagine a square of 50mm to be. Stage Four: A nice cup of tea and a piece of cake After all the washing up was done and the tea was made again it was time to try one out. There is a very faint taste of cannabis with this method, I personally quite like it. It isn’t overwhelming tho. I found it to be just the right amount to enjoy, not too sickly not disappointingly small. So that’s it really. The verdict in terms of strength etc:- Gave both myself and a friend a nice stoned feeling – only ate one each as wasn’t sure of the strength. Did take nearing 1hr30mins to feel like it had kicked in – it kinda subtly crept in. It was quite a nice giggly energised totally amazed by the world and all things within it, kinda high. Not a crazy experience but pleasant enough and it lasted probably 4 or 5 hours but at that point I started vaping anyway so I can’t tell but I did feel very frickin’ high later that night so it definitely helped. For a fuller experience I’m quite sure that 1.5/2 brownies of this size would get you pretty floaty high. I do smoke a fair bit btw, daily, maybe an ounce a month or so so I have a reasonable tolerance. I think next time I may go for 8 grams and see what happens Note: Wrote this last night, Ate 3 today – woah. They really aren’t that hard to make, it does all seem daunting, just make sure you have all the ingredients and tools and stuff so you don’t have to panic and you’ll be fine. Good luck!
  22. Oil Mix

    From the album Dutch Passion

  23. honeybubbles

    From the album honey oil/hash

  24. Hi there, I've had a wee tub (about 3g) of dry sieve bout the place for ages, and just haven't really been bothered with it. I've just pulled a couple of the girls down and am tempted to run the trim for oil instead of bubble like I normally do. I was just wondering if anyone has ever topped up the evaporating tray with extra crystals (the dry sieve) when there is still a good amount of butane left with the HoneyBee? OR use the coffee pot method and dose the trim with dry sieve when soaking? I have pressed hash plenty of times - but have only thought of this one recently! Wanted to know if you people think its worthwhile or have done it before or if I should just keep them separate and make jelly with them? Cheers!