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Found 70 results

  1. Really need some advice... Since Friday or Saturday this #1 has been looking very dodgy indeed... The grow is in coco using ionic nutes; the plant is under 150watt HPS and the lights are around 1ft above the canopy. So, everything was going well after this plant recovered from what seemed to be nute burn very early on - details in my diary - I flushed and it picked up well. Then, on Friday, I noticed that new growth was small and tight - new leaves were coming in very small and not growing out to the size of the old leaves. Then the old leaves began to yellow from the bottom of the plant up... Two leaves have also shown some spotting... Maybe paranoia, but I'm seeing multiple deficiencies in this plant and that leads me to think its perhaps an environmental issue... Temps have been reasonable - never falls below 22 lights off (av temp 24 lights off) though it has been getting a bit hot during lights on, though not more than 30c. Feed is 0.8ec... Thoughts: it may be calcium deficient - I'd been messing around uping and downing the ec on pre-made feed for a few days, though I did not add additional calmag. I changed to a better regulated feeding regime, though I cannot get my temps to settle into a more reliable and consistent 26c lights on... Very many thanks for any insights, suggestions (aside from binning it - I'd like to save it if I can)! Cheers!
  2. Hi there, I'm new to the scene. I don't know much about giving the plant nutrients. I have looked all over the internet an can't seem to find a simple guide telling me, how much and when I should be giving the plant it's nutrients. Also, what nutrients to use, as there are so many different opinions. I'm looking for an all in one, so I don't have to buy too many products. I have heard some growers say that nutrients don't matter, but I am unsure. Any advice would be awesome.
  3. Someone on here recommended me a few books on organics/no-till a while back and I've finally got round to reading them, really interesting stuff! Anyone interested in "proper" organics should give them a read, they teach you a lot about the magic going on underneath the soil, how it all works together, and what it does for your plants. "Once you are aware of and appreciate the beautiful synergisms between soil organisms, you will not only become a better gardener but a better steward of the earth. Home gardeners really have no business applying poisons, and yet apply them they do, to the food they grow and eat (and worse feed to their families) and the lawns on which they play." Teaming With Microbes Teaming With Nutrients Teaming With Fungi Author: Jeff Lowenfels
  4. I'm about to start growing. I have finally decided on Royal Critical Auto (5 plants) indoor in soil (Plagron lightmix) Would buying Advanced Nutes: BudCandy be good? I have done some research on it but I can't really see if its any good for soil.. what difference would it make to the plant? I see the reviews for hydro growers but no soil. Any advice? Thank-you
  5. plantFeed.jpg

    From the album Advanced seeds grow

  6. Poundland specials

    From the album Greenhouse haveagrow

  7. Hi I am new to this forum and everything else, ehm. I am looking for somebody kind enough to help me understand a few things, as I have searched the Internet and was left really confused. This is the situation: There's a plant that hasn't been on a proper fertilizer schedule, due to a lack of knowledge. She is in a BIOBIZZ Light-Mix soil, and has Bio-grow and Bio-bloom fertilizers available. She started recieving Bio-grow after being 3 weeks old, and about 30cm high. She would have it every third or fourth day, right after watering. I understand now that she was perhaps suppose to be given this much earlier, but this is how it went down. Week 5, she's about 50cm, having the tips of her leaves slightly curved. These are my questions: 1) If you are meant to mix 2ml per liter water of Bio-grow, how much of this mixture does she need? The whole liter? A cup? 2)If you are meant to use it with every watering, does that mean that you water first and then ad mixture? Or is the liter of the mixture meant to be used as for both of those actions? 3)I thought that vegetative faze is suppose to last for about 2 months (during which time the light is on 18-6), followed by the flowering faze for another 2 months (12-12). But, the Biobizz Grow Schedule suggests that the vegetative faze is only 2 weeks long. Utterly confused here. How long is it? 4)Is she meant to be watered and given the fertilizer mixture once a week? (Just to confirm) - and how much water would be advised? 5)How to proceed or better, how to organize the fertilizing schedule from now on? If I have too many questions, I'd be happy to have the answers to at least number 1, 2 and 3 as I have been looking through forums and I can't figure it out. There are millions of topics but none of them are telling me what I need to know. Help would be so much appreciated!
  8. Second time growing, learnt a few mistakes from the last grow such as just using a 3 part flora series is not enough to get the perfect taste,intense high etc. My bud came out smelling like hay and taste like it too, looked sugary all the way through but became a let down!. This time im upgrading my grow room, new tent, pumps, filters, extraction fan/inline fan. Growing under 400w/or 180w LED in a 100x100x160cm tent. x 2 plants. (full female) my tap water comes out at 0.42ppm or 0.042ppm cant quite remember, but i will be leaving these out for 24hours and use some airstones . I have researched my nutrient list but some nutrients I just cannot find within the UK or shipping costs are far to high. anyone within the united kingdom could you please send me a breakdown of your nutrients etc, where to buy. ADD NUTRIENTS AS FOLLOWS. 5.8/6.2 Ph Hydro ARMOUR SI (silica for plant growth) 1ml/4.5ltr ((add first to avoid clougy water)) CaligMagic (CalMag) 1/0/0 (4ml/4.5ltr) ((all way through veg/bloom)) FloraBlend Vegan Plant booster (3ml/4.5ltr) ((all way through)) 0.5/1/1 Floralicious plus (1ml/4.5ltr) ((all way)) 2/0.8/0.02 VEG BASE NUTRIENTS FloraMicro(2ml),FloraBloom(1ml/4.5ltr),Floragro(3ml), FLOWER BASE NUTIRENTS FloraMicro(2ml),FloraBloom(3ml/4.5ltr, Floragro(1ml) WEEK 5 OF FLOWER ADD Liquid Koolbloom (2ml/4.5ltr) - 0/10/10 BENEFICIAL BACTERIA ((use all the way through RECHARGE - Molassus etc.
  9. Yo everyone, Just after a of advice, Im growing 5 plants (critical) Ive read critical is a 7 week flowering strain. Today marks 4 weeks completed, when should I use PK Ive been using Buddy by vitalink and been told to use it for a week, after pk week, for a week before flush. I dont have the enough weeks for this if its a 7 week flowering strain, unless I PK today which is only 4 weeks completed. Any advice appreciated. Cheers
  10. Hi all, Hopefully someone an help me!? Q: Does my Short and Sweet Auto Feminised seedling have TMV?1st two pics below show my concern: I am new here, and a "bit" flustered by this potentially contagious/yield fatal virus, especially as everything else seems to be going so well...(so far)I am happy to provide any further info if needed..I'm afraid that the virus may spread to the others if I leave this one in the tent! Please help me! More info about my grow: Hi everyone, new farmer here who has been following the many incredibly useful threads on 420 for quite some time now...silently in the shadows no more as I need some desperate assistance from you expert growers...I have a 1x1x2M tent setup with X4 15 litre airpots and X4 different strains of autoflower for my first attempt.I am running 900 watt equivalent full spectrum LED panels (X2 450w equiv / 200w actual draw each), as well as a pair of 120cm Sunblaster T5's with nano reflectors vertically on either side.Active intake with filter, 350m3 extractor with Rhino pro scrubber. Good negative pressure.My readings are 24 - 26 deg celcius, with a regulated RH of 60%I have noticed one of my 8 day old since breaking soil seedlings is a bit Mottled and today after watering, one of the main leaves has a crinkle in it, a slight curl of one of the serrated side tips and isnt looking great. It has been treated exactly the same as the other 3 plants, 2 of which are growing at a great rate - 1 is nearly 5inches across its helicopter blades and looking very healthy as are the other 2.The strains Im growing:1: Green Crack Auto Fem (AKA Green Cush/NYC Diesel hybrid)2: Amphetamine Auto Fem3: Cash Crop Auto Femand lastly the suspected plant which may have TMV?4: Short and Sweet Auto FemI have attached a few pics and would greatly appreciate your help as I dont want all my other babies in my first ever grow to get infected if it is a virus!Other info:1st pic - Today (Day 8 from breaking soil)2nd, 3rd, 4th pic (4 days from breaking soil) - Seemed to have mottled appearance when very youngThen a few pics of my setup - this has now changed slightly with oscillating fan, larger extractor, more lights, humidifier, etc..etc...but for the most part that is how my tent looks.Never fed them any nutes, just Canno Pro soil, Canna Coco, Bat Guano, Perilite, Vermiculite mix with well rinsed Canna clay pebbles on the top.I leave my soft tap water to sit in the tent at tent temps for 48-72hrs at least to evaporate the Chlorine and then PH to approx 6.6 with PH Down and add Canna Rhiztonic at half strength. Thats all they have had so far. Watering about every other day, been misting in between as my RH was down at 35-40% until yesterday when I added an automated humidifier setup to maintain 60% RH. This resulted in all the plants perking up and much accelerated growth.Temps are 24 - 27 degrees Celsius for the most part, slightly lower at night as my intake is from outside, but the 2 LED panels keep it warm and I vent scrubbed air inside into second carbon filter to keep RH in the tent..working well so far.Lighting schedule 24/0 for the duration.Many thanks,Saint
  11. Hello! This is my second grow, and I've ran into some problems which are baffling me! Note: This being my second grow, I'm still a bit of a newbie when it comes to it so bear with me!:) I started my plants indoors in small pots with the intention of planting them outside when they get older and stronger, however, I have had to plant them out quite early due to unforeseen circumstances!! Since then my oldest plant has started to go white on its leaves and purple in the center and it's growth has slowed a lot (this one is older than the others and was planted out a few days beforehand) The others have started to go down this path too and I'm worried for them and I can't figure out what the problem is! The soil is very loamy and nettles grow nearby in their hundreds! This is the plant after 1 day of being outside: This is the same plant 3 days later: Furthermore, the leaves are now curling inwards/cupping!! (Not easily seen on the image) I brought a soil ph test today and tested the PH and it does look a little too high, but could this be what's causing all the issues? This is my PH test (two samples taken 4" below the surface and around 12" apart): Interpreting the results: It seems to be between 7.0 and 8.0. Can someone advice me please? I really can't lose these plants as there's 6 out there at the moment and I won't be able to plant anymore until later this year! Thanks in advance for any help you can give me!:)
  12. I have made a list of nutrients based on what iv been told on here and what i have gathered from the threads and wondering if I add them all will it over do it for the plants ? I am considering around six plots of varied distance to where i live, some of which wont be possible to visit much apart from planting/harvesting so I would like to ensure that I don't over do it or if some of these choices should only be considered after a considerable time into the plants life ? Most of these by the way can be picked up dirt cheap at Poundstretchers (PS) incase anyone is wondering Chicken Manure pellets Blood fish and bone Bonemeal Liquid seaweed Ecothrive charge Mycorrhizal root fungi Other plans involve slug traps and Vitax slug gone eco friendly wool pellets What I plan to do is dig out each hole of around 1m squared and placing the earth into a bucket so i can loosen it up with some shears then filling the bottom with an MPK ratio of 5-1-1 fertilizer. Ill mix the soil with the nutrients listen above then fill up the hole and place a top layer of fertilizer then cover with chicken pellets that ill bring a bottle of water with to soak down a little . Ill then surround the border of each hole with the wool pellets and place one or two DIY slug traps in the corner(s) . If any of this seems obscure or unnecessary please let me know . Also I am thinking of going for coco coir growing plugs. Does anyone know if I should be starting the seeds under the towel method and then placing in the plugs or just to put the seeds in the plugs and then and then in darkness until sprouted to approx an 8th of an inch and the transferred into my propagation soil mix ? Apologies for all the newbie questions , i am new to outdoor growing and have only had experience with indoor soil growing where I used verm/perm and which was obviously controlled every day so just looking to make sure I dont get any of the crucial first stages wrong to give me a good chance . Any help is much appreciated . W
  13. Hi all my autos are just under 4 weeks old and looking to start feeding them some nutrients. Can anyone suggest types and where I can get them from etc. Thanks
  14. nutrients line Up

    From the album DWC and Coco

    Nutrient line up for this grow

    © rabthegrower

  15. Hey, lurking for a while but this is my first post! Recently invested in an 8-pot Autopot system with a 100ltr reservoir, will be growing in a 70/30 coco/perlite mix and was looking for some advice on which brand of nutrients to use. I've been eyeing up the Cyco Platinum range or the Canna Coco nutes, but I'm aware Canna also have Hydro nutes. Anyone have any advice or recommendations regarding these or any other nutes? If anyone has grown in Autopots with coco before would definately appreciate you chipping in your 2 cents. Open to all ideas. Thanks guys
  16. I'm going to be running a grow with Canna Coco, and am feeling a little confused by the huge variety of nutrients available. Even on the grow charts, there are a lot of products recommended, for the purpose of sales I assume. I was wanting to get some advice from you Coco growers as to what is essential and for which stage of the grow, that would be a massive help! I know that Coco isn't like a soil grow and that additional nutes are essential, it's just which ones?? So far I know I'll be needing some CalMag as according to the Grow Boss mag deficiency (purple stems) ' is a major problem for most growers' - it's not one I want to make. Outside of the CalMag, I'm stuck though All help and discussion appreciated! I'll be starting with an Barneys Farm Cookie Kush (growing a mum from which I'll be cloning), which was a freebie given to me when I bought my DP Orange Hill Special and DP Blueberry (hermie madness).
  17. Hi guys, Its my first grow with a Wilma system. I germinated my autoflowrring seeds last tuesday and then put them straight into root cubes in my propogator. Things have gone well so far, all 4 seeds are up and roots are just starting to show through sides of cubes. I gave them a very light water and root juice mix a couple of days ago. I am just wondering is it now time to put them in the wilma pots and if so what level of nutes (1/8 or 1/4 strength) and how often should i feed them? They are going into clay pebbles. Any tips or advise greatly appreciated.Thanks guys Tonbar
  18. Hey guys after looking around for some time ive finally come to the decision on growing, this will be my first time so i dont want to mess it up.. ive been looking at a few tents and because im on a short budget ive gone for one of ebay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Canna-Complete-Hydroponic-Grow-Room-Tent-Fan-Filter-Light-Kit-600w-120x120x200-/252323452580?hash=item3abfa656a4:g:rvgAAOSwZQxW6soX could you guys tell me if this tent is okay for growing 4 plants? also the nuts that come with this kit are they any good or would you recommend any others? and the last thing is where can i get a plan that i can follow for the nuts thats been proven to work as i have a track history of messing up and i dont want to take any risks thanks
  19. Hello fine folk of UK420. I come before you with a bit of a quandary...... Been using OT bloom for a little while,and was quite happy. Although last time one did suffer lack of N,so added OT grow to compensate. So here I am,about 14 days before I switch the first lot of ladies. So back to the question..... Looking to try a different brand to flower the girls,needs to be organic. I have looked at BAC along with the organic PK thet do,and then there is biobizz with the 3 bottles (bloom,bio heaven,topmax),or I see canna does a bio range (bio Flores,bio boost). So any suggestions or advice would be great, although it won't be used till 14/ days in. Getting it ordered in preparation. Many thanks in advance.
  20. I left my friend to take care of my friends because I wanted to go on holiday for a week. So the temperatures were too big, I know that. And he once forgot to put the water pumps back to the tray after lowering down the ph, which I asked him to do. Next day he returned when lights turned on. and Three plants were completely dead. Like their leaves were all hanging. He obviously understood it was the water which girls wasnt receiving. and turned pumps back on. They survived, and the others have suffered as well as I now see when I returned. All the lower parts of leaves are yellowing. Although there are so many leaves, maybe the plant tries to get rid of them naturally. Those who where effected the most by water shortage, the lower leaves completely dried off. And I have nutrient burns as couple of times when water was lowering in its quantity EC rised to 1.8-2.0 I've emptied the tank and refilled with EC 1.4... and today is EC 1.6... Too much again... It is a fourth week of flowering. Could it be that, because of the stress they received, they just drink water and dont want to uptake any nutrients? Why EC is rising so fast? PH is rising was aswell, but at least there is ph down for it...
  21. I'm gearing up for my next grow, and I need to get some more Guanokalong soil additives, I've found they have now opened their own shop, I wont link it out of respect for the sites sponsors, but if anyone else uses their products, it's worth while as they have by far the cheapest European shipping (I usually do a big order to better absorb the cost of shipping) at 7 euros ! and that ain't a light order.
  22. day 53 big bang auto

    From the album 53 days aa,bb

    big bang auto 21" tall had no bloom nutes or suppliment are the yellowing leaves through age?
  23. 8 week flower chart

    From the album info, useful stuff, and things i want saved

    my rough feeding schedule, i may stray from the exact measurement on some of these products and on the pH depending how that particluar strain takes it. sometimes i will water at a higher pH if the run off is too low.