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Found 51 results

  1. Hi all, Starting up again after a long time off. I've come back and the market is dominated by expensive CMH 315 bulbs. Going to be growing a 4 pot Wilma system in a DR 90 (90cm x 90cm x 180cm). I'm torn between sticking to what I know (a 250w HPS throughout the grow), or going for a CMH 315. Obviously, the later is more expensive, due to the bulbs. I have however seen quite a lot of posts on social media etc about the benefits of 'full spectrum cannabis', although this may just be in relation to the oil extracted from it. Does anyone know how this will affect (if at all) growth of autos and their yields? Cheers!
  2. Slightly odd request but one I am sure many of us have had to deal with in the past... How do I slow down my vegin plants until my flowering plant finishes. I took four cuts from the plant I am currently flowering, and three have rooted fine and I have started them going again... I have a fairly small veg area but it won't accommodate 6 weeks of growth with three plants, so I need to slow them down without harming them. I've managed to stop plants before, but not deliberately and not without doing them harm . So, rthe question is, can I slow their metabolism rather than stunt their growth? My plan so far... I have had them on 24/7 while rooting, so I plan to drop that back to 18/6 to give them less light. I also plan to drop down from 20 watt to a 15 watt cfl and keep them on a light feed... I thought it might also be a good idea to top them multiple times to keep them down - can I take more height off without damage? Any insights would be very welcome!
  3. Hello people, opinions if you will please. I want to set up a separate veg tent and my predicament is should I lay out for a metal halide for the veg tent to go along the line of its a better light for them in veg or do I swap my current all round 400w hps light into the veg tent and upgrade to a 600w hps for my tent which is 1 metre × 1 metre. Many thanks oporto
  4. Looks like I might have a stroke of luck with a friend in need that will be living in one of my spare rooms temporarily. Just had my annual gas check done and signed off, so should be safe to get a grow on. My friend has a 7 ft x 7 ft tent and some experience growing. I know that it's in his interests to keep things quiet. He is a very private person with a healthy amount of paranoia, for a good reason. I was originally wanting to set up inside the house, but my friend noticed I have a large garage that was bricked up years ago (now basically a large outbuilding) He seems to think this would be a better idea. I'm not so sure, it would mean having to have electricity and sockets wired in there, so there are extra costs straight away. I know there are fans that run almost silently, but I'm worried about my neighbours noticing anything suspicious. I used to let them use my garden as a way through when they were doing some work in their own garden and also to let them in my shed to borrow the odd gardening tool. I've started locking my shed door now and want to cool things off with them a bit as they have pissed me off a bit lately. Won't bore you all with the reasons why Wanting to grow in as natural medium as possible and was wondering what the optimum number of plants would be in the 7 x 7? Also what lighting, extractor and fan size I would need? Many thanks in advance. I would take the time to read up more, but have an illness which has got worse over the years that leaves me easily fatigued and causes problems with my vision when reading/trying to concentrate
  5. I'm in the process of adding a new bit of LED power and my grow heads telling me 2 smaller units are better than 1 bigger one. I know LED's can cross each others outputs without breaking down the specific spectrums and am thinking 1 big one would still leave darker edges/corners no matter how good it is to a point. So 2 smaller or 1 big one guys?
  6. hello again guys decided to get a 400w hps for my 90x90x185 tent currently got 4 autos in there under 250w hps would it be okay to put 5-6 plants under the 400w hps ? in 11 liter pots proberly try aut again see if i get any mre than 1 oz a plant unelss you guys think 5-6 photo plants would be better yeild thanks in advance guys
  7. Alright guys! I'm getting rid of my 1.2m tent for a bult wooden groom in its place. I have a dilema though! I am going to have 2 x Ceramic metal halide dimmed to 250w and 1 x 250w hps in the middle. My plan is to nail/screw all three reflectors to a plank of wood so they can all be raised and lowered a the same time... the question is how do I raise them from the door as I won't be able to get to the back once plants are flowering. here is a diagram of the layout of the venting, all simple no problem there. here is a diagram of the reflectors at their highest position and at the lowest position. I have thought about using a electric winch but I am out of my depth loking at them. I did find one electric winch made for raising and lowering lights made by sunsytem but they no longer produce them, and the only ones left are in america... I did think of a manual winch but apperently they are not suitable for lifting weights over head. If anybody has any experience on what manual winch is suitable or an electric one! Or any ideas people may have. If I have not been clear please just ask and i will try to clear it up. thanks in advanced FC
  8. Hello again guys joner here, I have a small tent 80x80x2m currently have a 250w Mh light over my three plants, I know when I start to flower my plants I shoukd get a high pressure sodium Mh bulb my question is if I could use a 600w bulb for the flowering? I have a 250w ballast and a 600w one. Would it hurt the plants if I swapped it to 600 even for the last month. My thinking behind this is it will produce better buds but its my first grow so dont want to upset anything. Thanks
  9. Hello All I have just ordered my kit which involves a DS60 (60x60x140) a 250W HPS light and i'm planning on growing 4 OG Kush. The thing that is making me wonder is, once i have germinated my seeds and i put them in soil in small pots, what do i do with them now? do i just put them in the tent? with the light on? if so how hot is too hot? sorry if i seem a noob...
  10. Yo people! I was wondering if I'm on the right track with potting up.. I've been going jiffy > 1L cup > 11L pot under my 250 but will pot up more in the new set up if its beneficial. T5 1L > 3.5L 600w dual spec dimmed to 250w Root out 11L 600w dual spec cranked up Flowering Does this sound ok? Should I bother with the jiffy pellets or just start the seeds in a 1L pot? Thanks in advance peace
  11. hi everyone im a completely new when it comes to growing , my first grow was this year where i grew 3 plants outdoors (everything grew fine with no problems i used baby bio & tomato feed.. i know its budget but it was a one time thing ) but now i would like to switch to indoor growing . my questions are. i would like a tent to hold 1-2 plants (i know different strains are different sizes i just need a rough idea) so what size tent would be perfect ? also my second question is about the lighting , i know theres loads but i think i would like to go with led lighting due to the low electric cost and the decent yields , so what W led light would be decent for 1-2 plants ? (just need a rough answer) so if i have go anything wrong please let me know so i can learn! thanks everyone!
  12. My timer did not copy me on last night, and I only realized this morning.I have plugged the timer in. What would be the best course of action to take? I am thinking of leaving the light on till 4pm tomorrow and then off until 10pm. Is this the best course of action? What would you good people do? Can't believe this has happened.
  13. Ok so i'm going to starting my 2nd grow soon. Last time I used 600w lights and had a rather successful 1st grow but I think I overdone it on power considering I only grew 3 plants and don't intend to grow much more than that. So my question is as follows, I want to downgrade to the lowest possible light wattage whilst sticking with HID lighting, Ideally 250w since i'll be paying for the electric myself this time round but i'm not 100% sure if it'll do the job hence why I ask you lovely people.
  14. Hi guys, I want to run some autos in a greenhouse this Summer as I'm moving out in July and won't have time for photoperiods to finish. I'm concerned about the yield with autos outdoors in the UK but I suppose it's better than not growing at all! What are your thoughts on hanging a couple of CFLs in the poly house as supplemental lighting? I have an outdoor socket nearby so I'm curious of how well, if at all, this works. Has anyone tried this before? I will have to make sure it's timed for in the day because at night that might attract some unwanted attention! The greenhouse will be the cheap and cheerful poly kind such as this http://www.argos.co.uk/static/Product/partNumber/7201981.htm I'm almost definitely going to get a guerilla grow going with some photoperiods soon as well Thanks, Sensi
  15. hi. I'm just starting out a new grow in a 1x1x2m bud box. I want to grow with LEDs. Anyone recommend a good 600w LED to use? They are quite expensive so be good to know it works well before I purchase. Thanks.
  16. Hello all having a bit of problem with seedlings any advise my seedlings are behind compared to a few iv gave around there same strain from the same pack so I know I'm doing something wrong my temp sits at 26-29 degrees max and 17-20 min they didn't have the best start as first week after sprout I only had 3 small CFLs above them about 25 watts each. 2-3 weeks after that i put a 125 blue cfl over them but with no fan or air flow..2-3 days ago i put them in with my vegging phycos where they are now where i have a 125w and a 30w blue cfl and 2X25w red CFLs and a little air flow hoping that will do the trick any tips and advice on what I can do to help them would be massively appreciated mothers and clones seen to like me so but total noob to seeds these are my first haha;)
  17. Not that basic, but informative. https://ag.arizona.edu/ceac/sites/ag.arizona.edu.ceac/files/10%20R.%20Hernandez%20Plant%20Lighting.pdf
  18. Dual spectrum bulbs from Omega are top quality, increasing my yield dramatically since i started using them. certified and are a definate recommendation to anyone who wants the best big yields.
  19. Hi guys, I've decided to start off small and simple, my issue is one of very limited verticle space to grow in (less than 5 foot). This makes the use of LED's much more useful as I'll be able to get closer to the canopy without burn. Also the added risk of fire etc and it being a loft grow it will be easier to keep warm in winter than cold in summer etc... I will be looking to grow 5 plants in this space and want to be able to grow as close to the lights as possible. I am willing to invest a reasonable budget, idealy it would be great to spend £300 but if you have more expensive suggestions at the £500+ range do please list them. Things have moved on in this area and would greatly appreciate your advice and whats currently best and proven on the market, Looked for a bit in this forum but couldn't find any good thread with options without it turning into a MHL vs LED debate which I'd like to avoid! Cheers
  20. Can someone help me with a bit of lighting advice please? I have 4 plants three weeks into veg under CFLs. I was intending to veg under CFLs to keep the noise down a bit as the tent is in our bedroom, and then switch to a 600w HPS for flowering. However, the main CFL (a 160w) has just blown (only bought it 2 weeks ago! really annoying. That will teach me to buy cheap off eBay. Rookie error). So this means that I need to switch to the HPS a bit sooner than intended. This is fine, except that I will need to run it on 16/8 instead of 24 so we can have a quiet period at night. I'm a bit worried that going from 24hr CFL to 600w HPS on 16/8 might be a bit too much of a shock for the plants. Also I'm worried that they might go into flower because of the shift from 24 to 16/8. Am sure this has been covered somewhere before but I can't find any other threads on it so am asking here. Will someone put my mind at rest please? thank you!
  21. Alright chaps, we need to agree on a template that can be used as a general guide & reference point for any grow light comparisons. We then need some volunteers to commit to pulling their disused kit out of storage at some time over the next year, and setting up a viable comparison grow. You know I'm talking to you Please add to & discuss my ponderings below... For variations on (and additions to) any of the list below, please see the * comment nearer the bottom of this post. One grower in one property. No 'mate doing one, I'm doing the other' jobbies. Two different lighting systems. Equal sized tents (or 'units'); pitched in the same room (proper side by side) Comparable environment: ventilation systems, medium, pot dimensions, nutrients, etc. Same number of comparable clones to go under each light at the same time (after x weeks propagation / veg). Multi-strains acceptable - just need to be duplicated under each light. Same flip date, same chop date, same drying / trimming / weighing regime) Equal love & attention. A well documented grow diary. TBD (help me out here) Factors to consider & discuss. Additional heating. Style of grow. Average external & internal temps / rH at different stages of growth (account for seasonal variations). Region / latitude. Tap water make up. I'm sure there's more. * Fair critique / discussion & acknowledgment of variations & additions to the list above. What works in a shed in summer may not work in a loft in winter. Someone may have five square pots & 3 round pots, etc. Measurements for Comparison Grams per kWH inc heating if applicable. Difference in qualities of end product. Longevity analysis over multiple grows (subjective to begin with) General plant health / unique issues faced whilst growing. Final root system. TBD Discussions & fine tuning (within reason) of anything should be actively encouraged. Let's keep it positive and join me for a fat one, right here right now P.S. The more useful comments; the more inclined I will be to committing to doing (at least) one.....
  22. I've got two under a 600 watt now, just out of interest any maybe for a future grow? How many plants could you grow under a 1000 watter. Do you get a lot more bud from growing under a more powerfull light?
  23. Hi Guys and Girls I'm going to be buying myself a dual spec 400watt HPS or 600 watt to go in my DR90 and I have a few questions for you Should I get the 600watt HPS or will I suffer with heat problems? As I don't want the HPS cool tube system as keeping costs down I am currently running a Dual CFL reflector totalling 400watt and I also have two LED panels in there one is 270watt and the other is 130watt, once I have my HPS can I just swap them over? I plan on using my LED's in my DR60 for another grow
  24. So, due to the 'brilliance' of DLS, my girls have been given an extra hour of light, and an hour less of darkness. Is this likely to have any effect on them? I don't use a timer on my lights as the one I used broke almost instantly, so I just set an alarm on my phone for me to switch the lights on and off. I'll be continuing their 12/12 regime from now on, but a I'm a little bit anxious as to whether that fuck up will cause any issues. They're 5 weeks into flowering, about 1.5 months to go, if that makes a difference. Cheers.
  25. Hi there i have a 400w mh bulb on at the moment and would like to add another light in the tent either adding a 600w or a 1000w and taking out the 400w 4 Plants Tent - 1.2m x 1.2m x 2m Temp - 18c in tent and 25c at canopy lights on and 15c lights off intake fan - 6" rvk fan bringing in cold air from outside clay pebbles 2x 90litre oxy pot bubblers with 2 plants sitting in each is anyone using a 1000w in this size tent ? or even a 600w and a 400w ?