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Found 7 results

  1. 4 x PPP and 2 x Jack Herrer

    From the album PPP

    © Chicken-curry

  2. In The Night Garden... Welcome folks to this, my entry for the Seedsman grow contest 2016/17. First the acknowledgements to @J Trich and Seedsman for running this competition and the outstandingly awesome generosity in not only running the compo, putting up the prizes etc, but also dishing out the magic beans for gratis in order for peeps to run in it...my gratitude to Seedsman and J Trich on this and kudos to you guys Okay so the deal was to run 3 varieties out and as such some months ago, I recieved a 3 pack of feminised seeds for Somango and Nemesis and a pack of Regulars of Narkush, however some may know that my space isn't very large and I push it by running at 400 Watt even (the space was designed to use a 250 HID but I found that 250 wasn't providing the flower show I wanted so push it hard). Well, there's good and there's bad news on this and due to the Narkush being regulars the intension was to run three Somango and three Nemesis for a part one to the diary and then run the Narkush straight after the finish to conclude with a part two. Well due to time constraints as I'm later starting these than I originally intended, I'm having to alter this somewhat and considering what I experienced earlier plus recent issues with too many plants in a little space affecting the bloom production it may well be a universal sign of positive direction (I'll explain later). Now a deal is a deal and three strains were sent out but I'm hoping Seedsman see how I'm trying to honour their good faith with a little bit of a change here, so I'll only have time for the one diary before November but the flipside is, I'll be running four different Seedsman strains, one bean each in 7.5 L final pots (I've run six in the grow cab in 5 L finals but it's too tight and affecting the yield). I'm able to do this as I took advantage of Seedsman's crimbo offers and bought their Blueberry and Jack Herrer, with some Power Africa, Nevilles Haze and Afghani #1 freebies and was a blinding deal for the little money the purchase cost me. This diary for the competition as said will have four different strains of one seed each and as I promised originally to run the Narkush for the diary, what I'll do is to also document them when I run them in this forum but of course this won't be in time for the competion element. The Prologue Strains being run :- Nemesis (x1) Somango (x1) Jack Herrer (x1) Blueberry (x1) Earlier on today I put some compost (I'll be using reused for this run and is Jack's Magic and Westland MP combined) into starter pots, 3/4 filled, gave them a soak but not drenched with a solution of Maxicrop Seaweed Extract, then made a hole 5mm deep, sprinkled some Vitax Hormone Rooting Powder into the hole and placed a seed of each strain into said holes, covered the seed and then a gentle spray and placed all four into my propagator and under a 25 Watt CFL to keep them warm in my little starter box. As said above however there may well be a universal sign here as when I deciding on which seed from each strain to use, two of the Nemesis failed the pinch test and crushed so were not viable, of course from then on it was hope and pray from me for the last seed, fortunately it was fine and has gone into the hole, the other strains were all good and I picked the most mature looking seed from each for the run. Some are a bit paler though so fingers crossed. And that's about it for today really and we'll see now in a few days as to how things get on, all that remains now is the obligatory picture of the humble beginnings for these seeds and thanks for watching