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Found 213 results

  1. Alright one of the higher arms on my plant have snapped should i cut it right off or leave it on its not properly snapped just bent and flopping about
  2. Alright Every one im 3 weeks 2 days in to flower on lemon haze, i trimmed a lot off the bottom of my four plants just before i flicked to 12/12 lighting, my buds seem to be growing nicly theres plenty of them and they are a nice size in my opinion, although im a new grower so i cant really say if they are the best. My problem question is; a lot of leaves have grown, should i trim them back or is it best to leave them on??
  3. By best i mean most potent, highest yilding flowers. And where would i be best to buy the seeds from??????? Thanks guys.
  4. Alright every one i am new to this forum and new to growing lemon haze, this site has that much information it is a bit over whelming for me. I have looked and seen a few answers but they seem to conflict. What i want to know is how much PK do i use and for how long and at what week do i start to use it if any? Im on week three of flower tomorrow, using coco grow medium, with A + B and cana boost nutrients. They are big plants after three and a half weeks veg so im 6 and a half weeks in to it. They look healthy and have got a lot of buds developing. I would also like to know do all lemon hazes take up to 13 weeks before you can harvest? Thanks. p.s, I have four under a 600 watt bulb.
  5. well i have just been to check my girls and the light on temp is 12 degrees will an aqauruim mat ? or not what is the best option
  6. I'm currently running plant magic's old timer bloom on my Mr.nice shit. they are just into their 5th week but are looking a little behind due to stress early on in flower. Ive pretty much sorted the stress by being careful with them and giving them a couple of small doses of G.E.T's power thrive since it was gifted to m and sat there waiting to be used. i was originally going to use biobizz additives but after reading in a few threads on here that the best description of them is "snake oils" I have decided to give microbe life photosynthesis plus and fruit and yeild enhancer together, I have given them one feed so far mixing these additives alongside my low dose of bloom. Its too soon for me to be able to see any visible results if there are any for myself but does anyone have any experience with these additives and/or what the real effects of them are? I was lucky enough to have a quick chat with one of the heads of the company recently and he talked the talk but hes got products to sell ha whats the truth? I will say on the same day i spoke to quite a lot of people and the G.E.T team, Microbe life and Buddhas tree lads were all really sound, had the time to have a proper chat with people who were interested enough and especially with Buddhas Tree made me hopeful there are companies out there that have the interests of their growers at heart and not the interests of their bank accounts. Big shouts to danny.
  7. i have recently over watered my plants i think leaves drooping alot and they are 2 weeks old and small and not well developed they are northern light x big bud autos just wondering can you save them once over watered or not help
  8. i have 5 auto's in and they are 2 week old now only problem im having is they arnt very big and some of the leaves are drooping? is that over watering ? and some ov the edge of the leaves is starting to curl up is this to near the light and im maybe just bein dramatic my temps are 22/23 lights off and 27/28 lights on and humidity is 40 to 44 % any help ?
  9. any one know a cheap booster i can use im using terra vega,flores,pk13/14, and the boost is a bit steep for my budget any one know any cheap boosters i could use instead of bio boost that would have a good result thanks.
  10. hi all put my light on tonight in my tent and the tents only 5ft long by 3 foot wide and my light is a 250watt hps never put no fans or anything on and give my light about 30/40 mins to warm up nd then checked my thermometor at the top of the tent and it was only 19 degrees do i put it at the bottom ? it isnt didgital lcd one its a gauge one. how long do lights take to warm up help ?
  11. My girl is in some real pain right now and I wanna grab her some herb but don't know what strain would help with the pain more I need her getting high just want her to be able to cope with the pain
  12. Every time I grow from seedlings I seem to encounter problems as their rate of growth is very very slow and they just seem weak and seem to start yellowing . I just cant seem to grow seedlings propely can anbody be of help and tell me where im going wrong. Growing in coco with the ph always around 6.0-.6.1 e.c levels are 0.1 , if that as I never feed nutes in the first month of growing seelings. Temp is highest at 29 degrees and lowest 18 degrees RH is between 70% humidity and 40% only sometimes does it drop below 40% Using 600 watt hps about 6 ft away from seedlings Oscilating fan constantly on for fresh air thanks
  13. how do you make your own hash some one please comment start to finish thanks