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Found 213 results

  1. I've been growing the "quick one" autoflower from RQS. It says 9-10 weeks start to finish, Currently on week 10 with no buds appearing. I have a blueberry that is budding, not sure why this one isn't. Any ideas guys?
  2. This little ones just popped out but to me she doesnt look that happy with the slight browning etc can anyone give me some confidence on her or an idea why shes sad?
  3. im trying to post pics but cant see the insert file option anywhere
  4. Hi guys so after much research I think the best way to get a non humming single speed fan controller would be to build on myself (Has nobody had the idea to build WAC1s with a plug and a trailing adaptor wired up safely, I'm sure people would pay £50+ ) Anyways... The list of things I will need to build this (Please add and correct me if I miss anything or there are better alternatives feel free to pm me) Xpelair WAC1 Single Fan Controller £27.55 1 Gang with 3 Metre Lead rated at 13A £5.95 So the plan would be to cut the 1 gang plug socket off with around 1m of spare cable, leaving the other end with the 3pin plug with around 2m (If my calculations are correct lol) The tools I have currently are : Stanley Aviation Snips : Some random assorted screwdrivers. A bunch of random stanley knifes stolen from the building site (Old bad habbit of keeping them in pocket ) (This is a diagram of how to wire it) Should I connect the wires on the single trailing adaptor should connect with the LF + NF + Earth? (The Fan will be plugged into this) Should I connect the wires on the 3pin plug that goes into the mains connect with N + L + Earth? (Do I put both Earths on top of each other in the Earth block?) As I will be using a 5" RVK fan with this controller in the future (I want to build this controller first) I have watched how you wire the fan and noticed there is no Earth in this fan ? Any photos of your WAC1s wired up with the case off would be a great help or full pictures of your WAC1s Any advice on items / tools I should buy for this too would be great. Would it be better to use lower amp fuses than 13A? The RVK would come with a 5amp stripped cable to wire to the fan can i plug this into the 13amp trailing adaptor? Thanks guys and thanks @Joint hogger Here is a picture of what I expect it to look like (Apart from both cables being on the same side and the plugs same colour )
  5. Greetings on a lovely evening! If only I knew what I was doing, but alas that is not the case. I have spent the last week or so reading various diaries and posts and the one thing it has confirmed is that I need some advice but in very simple terms as I am a little lost with all the various shorthand that is used. Well, I started off I think okay, with almost all the seeds germinating but then falling prey damping off ( again that was something new to me). I have transferred the plants that I think are viable into some 16oz cups with coco coir and some perlite and have some more seeds germinating due to my lack of patience. I also thought I could just get on with it without getting any pointers, to be honest, I have been rather intimidated but everyone knowledge, especially so-called novices. Here is a list of things I may or may not need but have purchased: Seeds BCN Critical XXL Auto Sweet Skunk Honey cream Straw Dawg Hurricane Equipment Soil meter Gloves Side cutter Copper tape Chicken Wire Canna Nitrogen Camo tape Miracle-Grow compost Seaweed Extract Worm Castings Perlite 10l Perlite 100l Camo netting Heat mat and thermostat Jiffy plug pellets 20 3 Gallon grow bags 20 5 Gallon grow bags 5 - 7 gallon grow bags 7-10 seed trays Plant capillary matting Cable ties Rabbit netting Galvanised netting st Staples 50 18oz party cups 200 20oz Vermiculite 10l Canna Pk13/14 Bloom Booster Canna Cannazym Liquid Canna Coco A&B Canna Rhizotonic 25l Outdoor water storage Pruning Saw Telescopic Ladder Foldable shovel 30+ Coco Coir x 650g 7 pocket wall mounted grow bag ( try and set up in the tree canopy or as high as I can get). I have found four to five different sites for my plants if they survive. I have taken some photos to show the initial success and then failure but I cannot work out how to upload photos which is not very helpful of me I thought it would be done at the 'insert other media' tab? Ah-ha, I can upload photos, just need to get them into some kind of order.
  6. Hi guys starting hydro growing. Have got a list of all my part i need going to go rdwc . Lots of help so far from @badbillybob . Quick question my mate is offering me a wilma 4 pot that fit my area just now saving the rdwc until the garage is built. Can you use silver bullet with sensi ph perfect nutrients . Noticed an organic listed on the ingredients i think so not sure if their compatible. Thanks guys
  7. Hi it’s my very first time growing, I’m growing in a solo cup with coco and no perlite and I’m 15 days in from paper towl I feel like she’s so small compared to others I’ve researched, also the Cotyledon Leaves are looking really yellow, please help what you might think the problem is??
  8. Hi people,I'm new to this site I have northern lights auto not doing too good,its in weeks 6-7 and is continually getting yellow and brown spots on leaves,noticed it around week 4 and started feeding cal mag as well,didn't stop it, flushed plant with pH water,no nutrients and ec in runoff was over 3000,got the ec down to about 1200 ,its growing in coco in a 20l pot,please help, I don't see where to upload any photos
  9. Doing a single plant autoflower in a small tent Have been LST her and today while bending, her main stem broke, it didnt sheer off, I've secured the break point. She is flowering but not much budding as of yet. Could someone please advise
  10. Hi all, Doing a check of the plant I’ve encountered these very small bright yellow things on the undersides of my leaves, I’ve managed to rub them off incredibly easy, but obviously want to prevent them returning. Has anyone encountered these before? as always thank you guys in advance!
  11. my new babies are growing well but one plant isn't producing any leaves and when it does they are instantly yellow,crispy and shrivel up please help
  12. Hi, so thanks for the help, I’m loving it so far have 2 NL AUTO’s royal queen seeds.. one plant is 4 weeks old and one is 2 weeks, staggered due to only one seed germinating originally so used a third seed.. so basically guys this is my first grow, when I started I was pretty certain that with autos it would be simple with no need to restrict light at the flowering stage and I would have seed-harvest in 9-10 weeks ish.. but since Iv been reading a lot of conflicting info as to times, some people claiming there auto’s have waited to October to flower ? just wanting a bit of clarity really on what to expect in terms of timing and yield. I know it’s all obviously dependant but il list as much specs about My grow as possible - -Northern lights auto flower royal queen seeds -11ltr fabric grow bag -biobiz all mix soil -6.5ph distilled water -quarter measurement of tomato feed (older plant) -sw England in a greenhouse with DIRECT sun about 8 hours per day thank you!! Joe
  13. Hi everyone, very new to growing! This plant is now 2 weeks old, just trying to convince myself this is going okay lol, the plant stays outside from around 9am to 7pm moving around to ensure direct sunlight. Over night I bring the plant in and chuck it under a led light I got from eBay, rated at 100w from the wall. The strain is Blueberry auto from 00seeds. my question is, as this is an auto flower, shouldn’t this be much further ahead by now? thank you all in advance https://ibb.co/YbZBM9Y
  14. I went to visit my ladies today and they are NOT happy!!! Can anyone help with the below issues??? - Rusty spots -Tears -Curling I think the tears are possibly the FBB still being too hot, and the spots from a calcium deficiency, but I'm really not sure whats going on and what I can do to rectify it!!! PLEASE HELP A BROTHER OUT!!!
  15. I'm currently growing some autos and seem to have run into trouble with my West Coast og can someone please have a look at her and help me out. She seems to have faded light greenish yellow and those leaves died off and removed but she has also got some strange spots on some fans leaves ill upload some pics, is this nute lockout or a cal/mag problem I'm using biobizz light mix and nutes but I'm pretty sure my pH of tap water is about 7.9/8.0?
  16. Hi Guys, So Im a noob grower but have always liked the idea of a GG, so gonna have my first pop over whats shaping up to be a decent summer. Not going crazy at all, as it's more about having a project than anything, but would like to see some results so looking to the community for some tips and advice on what to watch out for. My site is at 53 Lat and I've decided on RGSC Lemonade OG x Freezeland seeds to start with as from what i gather the semi-autos should be some of the more forgiving of any cock ups from me. They're germinating as we speak. I have been browsing for a few more seeds though as the way the summers shaping up i reckon its a solid investment! If anyone's got any recommendations then im ears. I'm pretty happy with the site and confident that its gonna get as much sun and security as Ill find. (There are actually a few decent spots nearby so very tempted to spread my bets at this point). It is next to a large warehouse, but round the back, well above ground level and amongst a grove of trees so even though there's the occasion artic lorry drive past i'm sure they wont see it at all. Other than that there's noting around. and the route to get there is a nightmare. so doubt anyone else would do it for fun. It's up on a bank so should see the majority if not all of the day's sun and it's very near to a river so that's any water sources issues sorted. There are rabbits around so ill chicken wire the ladies, and i anticipate a fair few slugs so will take some measures there. My hesitations at this point are; How should I start off my seedlings, with a view to get them out out over the weekend of the 23rd May? RGSC site mentions ''Can be temperamental in Indoor conditions when starting seedlings , we recommend not giving less than 20hrs of light in vegetative stage and not planting out before the spring equinox, plant out mid May onwards for best results.''. I was thinking of using a 75w led grow light to get them going, would this be alright? Could @panik help me out here? Should i consider any feeds for either stage of growth? (I would like to keep it organic and not spend a load of cash on feeds in an ideal world so to be told that rain water and bat crap will suffice would be music to my ears). Would you advise using multiple sites that are pretty close to each other, or would this just raise the profile of the entire area? Am I better keeping them concentrated to the one site I'm pretty comfortable with? But really; as I'm new to this and completely flying blind, I was hoping that ANY TIPS on what to watch out for, or what could trip me up at any stage of the journey could make a huge difference and save me falling short! Cheers for the help and i'll look forward to some lessons.
  17. my plant started getting these orange spots when I took it out in normal light it looks brown but leaves are curling up no idea what’s going on they got repotted about 10 days ago and soil is supposed to already have nutrients in it which will last 3 weeks, using a 400w led not too close unsure if I overwatered but my other two are fine, 2 Bruce banner and 1 zkittles which is the bad one, no idea what to do I don’t wanna feed it yet just incase so thought I’d just ask also I have no idea how to add pics on here?
  18. Hey Guys and Girls. I am living in Span, Mallorca I have recently purchased 120x120x200cm Cabinet. I Have 5 Seedlings going at the moment. (OG Kush) Past Germination Stage Set tent up with 2 small fans plus fresh air Extractor at the bottom and Outtake Extractor at the top. Potted the seeds in Coco and for the first 7 Nights of Light (NoL) i had them under a house hold 3 bulb lamp i adapted. I then placed 2 new 20w Led Flood Lights i purchased from amazon and have adapted also to go into my grow cabinet. Now they are on there 10 Night of Light. Hours [18h on] [6h off] I have noticed some stretch in them. First week fed them with only Ph Correct water then i have done 2 Feeds with Rhizotonic and Cana Veg mixed in. This is where i am at currently. I have tried to add images however cant seem to do so. Here in these 2 links are the images i have taken so far.. HOPEFULLY THESE LINKS WORK Off site links removed.
  19. Hi guys, i purchased a really small 40cmx40cmx120cm tent to do a single plant lst/supercrop in to make space of the little area along with one of those new hlg quantum boards. I'm having major issues with my exhaust fan set up and just want help with it as i'm at my whits end trying to get it to run quitely. I went with a black orchid hydbrid-flo 100 4 inch which is cheap and cheerful if it wasn't so noisy for the room. Its really loud and unbareable (this is on its low setting, it has an option for only either low or high) for a bed room and i'm pretty sure that any speed controller i get will just be too expensive for this budget mini grow as well as i've read online that fans with variable speeds should never be plugged into one of those cheap light dimmer plugs that are commonly sold on ebay as hydro light dimmers. I dont know what to do and i need this set up to be really quite for obvious reasons, i want to only be able to lightly hear it in the room and not at all once outside the room. I will of course keep the in line fan outside of the tent along with the large carbon filter. I've been reading on forums all day trying to figure this stuff out, and have just signed up on here to try sort it out. I did however come across this which is a cheap chinese 4 inch fan but at least it has full control over fan speeds which should help i guess. This tent is tiny though, do you think i could get away with two 120mm pc fans as an exhaust instead? To help further, the filter that i'm using is a carbomax 50 (a bit overkill i guess). Thanks guys, any help would be greatly appreciated!
  20. Had an amazing grow back in 2018 and used a lot of BioBizz products. Now due to not being able to go out, I have to change location to where I won't be questioned. Reducing the size of my grow as well.. I have a good amount left of Bio Grow and Fish Mix with a drop left of Top Max. I know I'll be buying more, but I am hoping to get away with the remainder of the first two. Still good I hope?? Thanks in advance! Bern
  21. Sweeet fellas first time gorilla grow! have some purple maroc, DFG and cream Carmel F1 from RGS really want to do the best job that I can do, should I Plant straight into slightly sandy soft soil or make my own? What should I feed the plants and how many times?
  22. Hi fellow growers! Apologies if I have posted this in wrong bored as I'm new here. During this lockdown I have decided to grow my own auto flowers to keep me occupied. I am growing in a tomato green house outside and will be planting in a 11litre pot once germinated in light biobizz soil mixed with 30% Perlite. The seeds I will be planting are called Think Different by Dutch Passion as I have read that they tend to do well in UK climates. Below I have listed all the nutes and extras I have acquired to grow my plants.. 1.General Hydroponics Flora, Grow and Micro 2. Plant Magic Evolution Spray 3. Plant Magic Bio Silicon Is there anything else I may need or may be of help? I will be leaving to stand 24hours prior to each water before bringing my PH levels to 6.5 to help evaporate any chlorine etc. I am posting on here for any tips and advice as I cant seem to find any direct answers as to what I wish to know. 1st thing is how often should I water my plants? Every 2 days? and 2nd question is when should I start feeding each different nute and how often? Also dosage recommendations as I have seen people suggest using only half or less than half the amount stated on the bottle. I only plan on growing one plant to start off with as a tester before I go planting all my other seeds. Thanks in advance
  23. Alright lads? I'm relatively new to this site. I have an Amnesia XL Auto seedling around 2 and a half weeks old and the fan leaves have begun curling upwards . I've also noticed that the older leaves are showing signs of nutrient burn which I find strange due to the fact that I haven't fed her yet. I gave her a flush and made sure not to over do it but now I'm having the problem with the curling fan leaves. Any help or advice would be much appreciated ...
  24. Hello all my first time grow I have 8 stardawg in 8 liter pots would they be sufficient enough for the total veg an flower period or would you transfer them in to bigger pots thanks in advance
  25. Hey Guys, I am getting my new light delivered tonight (LED 300W) perfect for small tent. I would like to ask from these photos I have seleted, on where else I should lollipop other lower branches ? I am of course a beginner and looking for soemk advice. I was told my someone I know who's been growing for years that when I get my new light I should keep it in the 18/6 hour routine for 3 days for the plant to get used to the new light/heat environment. He also said after that I should start to use the Bloom nutirent from then on. I would like to know if a few people on here could please, give me some advice based on the pictures I have provided ? (I can take new photos if needed). Thank you for your time and help. P.s. I have a video file showing it all properly, I don't know how to upload it here though.