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Found 123 results

  1. Nemesis - 7 Liter pot 400w HPS

    From the album Nemesis Seedsman FEM

  2. I am about near the end of my first grow, ive had my ups and downs like everyone else, im just wondering from day 42-56 am i going to see much swelling during the next 2 weeks. Any help is much apprechiated,Happy toking!!
  3. 42 days flowerin, help please :)

    From the album 42 days flowering

    Ill have anoth3r attempt, i think ive managed to attach pictures. Im 42 days into flowering, i think ots a blues cross from cuttings, first basic setup, am inewr the end and is it any good, Thanks fellow tokers
  4. first off,apologies,as im sure this will have been asked before,but i cant find any threads on it...this picture is of a female amnesia haze cutting that is on 18/6 lighting,it is there with 2 other plants also,but the AH looks like its flowering,showing hairs quite boldly. So im looking for some reassurance that this is normal behaviour if thats possible? here is the plant: Like i say,i know this will have been asked before,but if someone could run their expert eye over the pic,i would be grateful. p.s...grown in soil under 200watt led cob lights... p.p.s...just been informed by my mate,(his plant) that there was 400 watt light until about 3 weeks ago,when one of the lights was switched off,leaving 200 watt. thx.
  5. Hey guys, my plants are flowering as you can see, how do they look to you. I know the plants are very small but this is my first successful grow :-) take a look, comments and feedback would be appreciated.
  6. goodplant4

    From the album leaf problem

    © RB

  7. goodplant2

    From the album leaf problem

    © RB

  8. goodplant1

    From the album leaf problem

    © RB

  9. So I have eight fem sensiseed white widows coming up to week eight, fattening up nicely and white as anything and then I have the four unruly kids at the bottom of the tent on week seven, which are barneys fem pineapple chunk. It's my first grow and these lot have been an absolute nightmare in terms of stretching and I have found it really difficult to manage them, which mainly centred around cropping and topping. Badly I think. I shall be doing Dutch Passion Think Different Autos next time. Anyhow, as part of regular inspections for mould, I'm getting a bit concerned that three of them could be hermies and given the chop should hopefully be a couple of weeks away, I would hate to ruin months worth of effort, especially those fat white widow colas. Fecking late I know as well. I can't decide whether there are any balls, though any ball like shapes seem to have pistils coming out them. The other thing is plant 1 had a bad case of light bun, not to mentioning cropping/plant abuse and so I've probabably have stressed the poor thing, which is making me think its gone herme and spread perhaps to the others. I've taken some pics and I would really welcome some advice, as it's driving me nuts. Chop or not to chop?
  10. i was just wondering what the humidity should be in my flower tent.im in the last 2 weeks of flower. buds are looking awesome.just waiting for triches to start turning.humidity is between 48-52%{lights on}and wondered if this is ok.any help much appreciated peeps.
  11. Hi I've already posted on here a week ago or so because I have an issue with the leaves turning yellow on my blue treacle autoflower. She's now 3 weeks or more into flowering. I had an issue with temps being too low during lights out. I've now sorted that with Changing the light cycle to 24/0. The problem I have is that 90% of the leaves are yellow. Completely different to my other plants I have growing. She's still growing mind, slowly but defo still growing. I'm watering every 2 or 3 days, whenever she feels dry with 1ltr water 4ml biogrow and 5ml biobloom. Even gave some epsom salts aswell. Nothing is changing tho . the temps remain between 27c and 30c.if anybody can can give me some advice I'd appreciate it. Thanks.
  12. Cream Caramel Day 17

    From the album Grow

  13. Spider mite

    Hi. This is my first post so excuse my ignorance if it’s in the wrong section. I am 4 ½ weeks in flowering Lemon Haze, suddenly noticed I have huge amounts of spider mites and decided to spray all the plants including the flowers in Dr Schemmell Spider Mite terminator. Since doing this (yesterday) I have read everywhere its not suitable to spray plants with chemicals so late into flower. Could anyone recommend anything I can now do to rectify my fuck up? Also anything I could do to reduce them if they are to return in the final weeks of flowering that isnt so toxic? Many thanks, Inexperienced Idiot.
  14. image

    From the album Serious problems unknown!

    Is this looking any good? First timer
  15. Aren't the roots too small as for 26 days in flowering? I am affraid :/
  16. anyone have approx. flowering time for this strain
  17. Just wondered what may cause a female plant in week 7 of flowering? Strain is Royal Queen Shining Silver Haze, there's no males present, but took a little sample from bottom of plant for purely testing purposes and discovered a handful of seeds, not fully developed but the pods had started to harden to mature seeds! Probably out of approx 2gs +\-10 seeds were discovered... Would high temps cause this to happen? Other stress factors? Or is this a quirk of the strain? Any thoughts anyone?
  18. Hi, just wondering what the temperature should be (max) whilst flowering? Currently I'm running between 20c lights off/ 29-33c lights on! Does the flowering process cease above a certain temp? I know for bottom end its about 14c Any help be mucho appreciated
  19. Jock horror auto

    From the album jh auto preflower

    Planted on 11/5/14
  20. Jock horror

    From the album jh auto preflower

    Planted on the 11/5/14
  21. So its my first grow and ive had a few worries on the way but all seems okay on week 5 of flower now, growing uk cheese and im not sure on the strains flowering time... ive got a couple of photos of my room not amazing quality but its all I can dp right now, ive got 4 plants and im feeding an hobbyist range. http://www.uk420.com/boards/index.php?app=galleryℑ=248108 http://www.uk420.com/boards/index.php?app=galleryℑ=248109