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Found 588 results

  1. Hello everyone and welcome to my diary for the Dinafem / Intense nutrients competition I was chuffed to bits when I got selected to take part in this contest, but I've been blown away by the generosity of both @Dinafem-Mark and @Intense Nutrients Matt. When the postie delivered me a box i could hardly carry I thought what the hell could this be? I wasn't expecting the range of nutrients that has been supplied so it was like christmas morning when i opened it. Many thanks to you both In a previous Dinafem grow diary I posted a pic of a new groom I've been building in my loft. Mark very kindly offered me seeds to christen it in style. I choose Purps#1 and quick gorilla. When i got accepted to the comp he also sent me some blueberry cookies so Ill be growing the 3 strains. 2 quick gorilla, 1 blueberry cookies and 1 Purps#1. I only hope i can do them justice. Now lets get this show on the road! Propagation I started by soaking some root it sponges in water. Squeezed out any excess then popped the seeds in the hole, covering it up with a piece picked off from the bottom. Labelled them up then into my small prop wrapped in a towel and sat on top of my veg cab for warmth. Fingers crossed they'll all show their heads in the next few days. I will keep them in the veg cab for the next few weeks and then they will be moved up into my new groom in the loft. Im very nearly finished and should hopefully have the equipment installed by next week. Heres how its going if you'd like to have a look. My biggest DIY job to date, In fact I think its worthy of a feature in George Clarkes amazing spaces Thats all for now. Ill be back when they've popped. Best of luck to all taking part
  2. Hey guys, I've been growing this P.A.K plant and it is on week 5 or 6 of flower and the plant is dying. The roots are looking sickly but not like it has Root rot. The roots are not gooey and they don't stink( I have experience with root rot). I just changed the res and added beneficial bacterias 3 days ago and it keeps getting worse. Is the plant sick or it is an early pheno? I have it in the same reservoir as a Black D.O.G which is doing great. Weird Here are the pictures of the Sick looking P.A.K Here is a picture of the beautiful Black D.O.G in the same resevoir (DWC)
  3. Good day fellow growers, I have a question, I'm currently 3 weeks 3 days into flower on my first grow using coco and am considering going for the urban R-DWC 8 pot setup for the next grow. Currently in a 1.2x.1.2x2 with a single 600w hps and 4 plants but if moving to the dwc considering just using the room itself instead of a tent, is this viable and have others here had much experience/luck with that particular brand/setup? Cheers.
  4. Evening all, I have a question about flowering nutes in DWC. Flowering started 10 days ago and so far I've been feeding AN Grow and Rhino Skin. Is it best to slowly transition to flowering nutes using both grow and bloom or can I just use the bloom from now on? Not sure if the stretch has long to go so I am not sure whether to continue using grow as I want to avid nitrogen tox. Any advice would be appreciated. Y
  5. Evening all, I'm running a 70L Oxypot XL DWC and my plants were well over ready to kick into flower - 8 weeks of veg in dwc. I attempted to scrog but it looks like it may have been too late. I flipped them Tuesday last week and they look like they're coming on okay. My issue is I was using a 1.5m x 1.5m z 2m GroCell tent. I thought these were pretty well made until I made mine. Absolute rubbish. The only good thing was how smooth the zips were but light glowing through the thick seems and crappy build quality let me down. The poles are very thin and now I'm realising that the tent is struggling to take the weight of the massive 8 inch stealth extractor+mountain air filter & LED lights. The weight has bent two vertical support poles and now it is really struggling to bare the load and bowing out. It almost feels like it's about to implode when I have extraction set any higher than 25% - yet the RH is high at 70%. The negative prerssure caused the tent sides to be sucked in and knock the fan onto the grow...bending and snapping some branches. Anyways I digress...my main worry is that I flipped the plants and I wanna cause them as little stress as possible. I am about to purchase another tent and was wondering if it would stress them out loads moving them out and rebuilding the new tent? Just asking as with disconnecting lights, chiller, pumps and moving them around (they're under my crappy homemade scrog net) and into the new tent. I'd imagine would cause them loads of stress. The seeds in the DWC are The New HSO. I'd aim to get this started lights on any the whole move completed a few hours later. As this is my first grow I wanna avoid stressing anything...including myself which is easier said than done! Any guidance would be appreciated Yoreel
  6. Alright folks hope your all well, As some of you may have seen my attempt at the female seeds comp did not go well. I managed to murder my plants and bowed out of the comp with my head hung in shame . I still had 2 seeds left so i thought it would be rude not to get them cracked and get straight on with another diary to say thank you to Mr B for donating me the seeds to take part in the comp. My set up Custom built 70 watt veg cab for the seedlings (not actual chem og's in pic) 120x60x160 monster buds grow tent in the loft 275watt Hlgv2 quantum board 5 inch extraction with Rhino pro filter, 4 inch intake, all run off an sms com controller 3x oxypots with a Hailea 4 point 600l/hr pump 3x Fish tank heaters Floor stand oscillating fan that doesn't oscillate Clip on fan For nutrients I will be going back to the shogun samurai range as i have used these from the start and they have served me well. In hindsight I don't think trying out new nutrients on all plants was a good idea. I should have tried them one one plant and seen how they performed. I also like the fact that when you monitor the ph yourself it can tell you how the plant is reacting to the feed levels. I started the same as usual and soaked some root it cubes in tap water. Popped in the seeds and they got wrapped up inside a prop on top of my veg cab for heat. 3 days later and they were all up and looking healthy. I them moved them into the cab and kept the cubes moist until they were spitting out some roots from the cube. I then washed my clay pebbles and put them into the net pots I will hand feed them with a spray bottle containing root it first feed at 5ml/L until they have some roots showing from the net pots. The tent has been stripped and cleaned and awaits their arrival. Ive also popped a Critical Kush that I've grown before so its gonna be a Kushy new year round my house Hope you all can follow along and help me out along the way. My last 2 grows have ended in disaster and the jars are down to crumbs so Im starting to feel like I'm loosing my mojo Thanks for looking
  7. Afternoon all, 28th Sept - Popped 2 seeds in riot cubes. 2nd Oct - put them in the net pots after the roots started showing on both. 6th Oct - Added to dry DWC - 60 Litre Oxy Pot XL as 2nd set of leaves were showing and wanted to protect the roots if they were coming through. 13th Oct - Still no roots coming through the net pots. Plants look fine. Just got my RO system sorted and wanted add RO and nutes to the reservoir and have the pump going to tease the roots out. I was advised to let the root system build be for adding them to the DWC but I expected them to root quicker than this? I've been hand feeding them 10ml morning and evening. 10ml of mixed 1.5 litre of the following with half the recommended dosage - 1ml AN calmag, 1ml AN rhino skin, 1ml, 1/2ml of each AN Grow A+B, I've been feeding around and in the centre to try and tease out the roots. I went to 3 times a day and noticed it may have been too much. Shall I fill up the reservoir halfway to get the bubbles splashing on the net pot? I would have done this sooner but again wanted to get the root system spread. Any advice would be great. Yo
  8. Right....mistakes were made. I've got the two plants still in a dry reservoir top feeding twice a day 10ml-15ml - small amount of AN A+B and 0.5ml of superthrive for 1L RO water. PH'd 5.8. EC 0.3. The pebbles were dry so I put a fair amount over them and the centre. Came back 15hrs later to droopy plants. Checked the PH in the litre tub and it had shot up to PH 13.8. Feed the plants some AN Revive and they looked perked for a day but had light green leaves and began drooping again in the evening after feeding superthrive and RO and revive - 250ppm. The morning they weren't drooping as much but still looked ill. I checked the PH pen and the probe I had and both were out by quite a bit despite calibrating them a 6 weeks ago. So my plants have PH issues - droopy & yellowing leaves. I calibrated both and now constantly checking the PH. I didn't realise surperthrive changed the PH. I've now read I should have left the solution 1hr or so and then check the PH and then fed. I've now put them in smaller 10L buckets with air stones temporarily to keep the bottoms moist and hopefully tempt the roots out. EC @0.3 PH 5.8. Pot is 2inches below with 2x 4 inch flat air stones. Both plants are HSO The New. One is short and stubby and had one leaf when germinated. The other seems like a decent grower but both have never prayed to the lights as it were. Bottom leaves turning light green/yellow. Taller one below but leaves still look droopy and yellowing. Nute burn happened a few weeks back. I was thinking of adding them to the Oxypot XL tomorrow so I can leave them be and get the roots teased out. Keeping the pebbles wet and not letting them dry out whilst top feeding twice a day wasn't working. Every time I increased the frequency of the 'pebble wetting' they'd wilt - due to my pens being off. The one leaf one below - I wasn't sure whether to just put her in some soil and let her be? Not sure if it's just a short pheno or just naturally stunted due to one leaf during germination. I kind of want to now have this one in soil and have the other one in the Oxypot XL. Would it be too late to transplant into soil? My other question is does it matter what PH you're feeding your seedling to when waiting for the roots to grow? I know the solution has to be in range of 5.8PH but until the roots are out and in the reservoir whats the best PH to feed seedlings at? Any guidance would be appreciated Thanks in advance!
  9. Evening UK420 hope your all enjoying the weekend, quick question I’ve just flipped to 12/12 and wondering when should I change the res to the bloom nutrient. I’m due a weekly res change tomorrow but unsure to stick with grow for a week then swap over. Im using advance nutrients sensi line if that makes a different or not. thanks in advance
  10. Hello everybody I’m going for my 1st indoor grow and I’ve chosen to give DWC a go as I’ve always wanted to master hydro. ive got a 1.2 x 1.2 x 1.8m hydrolabs tent...which is bloody lovely to be honest ive got a 600w digital ballast light with parabolic hood Rhino pro carbon filter 125x300 Ruck hi power fan with a digital fan speed controller attached to that 70l oxypot xl reservoir (with two oxygen stones) I’ve got aquarium water heaters to maintain solution temperatures A fan to circulate air inside the tent I’ve gone with canna Aqua Flores and vega , and have canna start, cannazym, rhizotonic, and canna boost accelerator as my nutes....(I’m sure there is better out there in regards to cost and results but I thought I couldn’t go wrong with them for now) i got got some silver bullet roots too just to be safe ive got a PH and EC meter with buffer solution for both ive done a test run and generally my environment has been running at... LIGHTS ON; 24.5 degrees Celsius 50% humidity LIGHTS OFF; 16.5 degrees celcius 50% humidity IM REALLY HAPPY WITH THOSE RESULTS what do u guys and girls think???? I WILL BE TRYING TO WARM THE GROW ROOM UP WHEN THE LIGHTS ARE OFF DURING THE 1ST 3 WEEKS OF FLOWER THOUGH...AS IM AWARE THAT THIS CAN PREVENT UNNECESSARY STRETCHING OF THE PLANTS DURING THAT PERIOD...would anyone be able to confirm this to be true??? Just going off previous research on that one but thought it might be a valuable tip to any grower if it’s true...? my main area of concern is the PPM of my local rap water... an R/o system is a no go for now but if all goes well I will invest in one for future grows... anyway... the PPM of my rap water is 212ppm (after I’ve put it through a filter jug)... is this fine for seedlings? Baring in mind I wanted to add some cannastart to the seedling solution... And once I start early stages of veg...will this ppm level have too much of an affect to the amount of nutes I can add at one time? Or am I just worrying about nothing? My ph is 6.5 so I will probably need to adjust with ph down to get to around 5.7-5.8 and I’m aware that this will bump my ppm levels up too...? sorry for for the essay! And cheers for reading! Experts please feed me with ur knowledge Cheers
  11. Hello Everyone and welcome to my Chem Og diary for the Female Seeds Competition Many thanks to @Female Seeds Team for giving me the opportunity to take part and the very best of luck to all other participants I decided to go with the Chem Og for its Indica Dominance. I like a good couch locker, the kind that puts you into drool induced mess right before bed time. I also read that its good for stress and relaxation. Lets hope I do her justice and she can hit the spot! I soaked some root it cubes in plain tap water for 4 hrs Then i picked out the 3 fattest looking seeds, squeezed out the excess water in the cubes and placed the seeds in the holes. Finally picking off a bottom piece of the cube to cover the hole They are then placed into my mini prop, wrapped in a t shirt and stay on top of my diy veg cab for a bit of warmth. 36 hrs later and we have life from all 3. Happy Days! They continued to grow for the next few days in my cab. I just kept the cubes moist with a spray bottle of plain water. This morning I transferred them into net pots with clay pebbles. Currently basking under 70 watts of cfl. Here they will stay until they have established some roots and are ready for the move into the dwc pots. I live in a soft water area and my Ec is less than 0.1. I have only been growing for just over a year and have had some highs and recently some real lows. I keep it very simple, just root stim, grow and bloom. I was starting to run low on my shogun hydro nutes and fancied trying something different. Ive always noticed @stu914 speak highly of the advanced nutrients sensi range so thought id give them a try. There is no need to ph using these nutrients so that'll be one less thing to worry about. When the girls are ready they will be moved up into my 1.2x0.6x1.6 tent in the loft. I will be running a 275 watt quantum board, 5 inch fan and filter, 4 inch intake and a few circulation fans. The plan with this grow is to mainline them to 8 colas each. 8 fat sticky baseball bats!! Ive been playing with this method over the last few grows and it can turn out really well when done right. But I've also had some slips with the scissors and ruined weeks of nurturing Thats us all up to date for now. Thanks for looking
  12. Morning all, got a day off work today and considering doing a res change on my DWC it’s been running just over a week now there 50litres of feed in there and it’s been sat at 0.4 all week hasn’t changed up or down. Plants are really starting to grow quickly now. I’ve read lots about changing the res out weekly and there’s a lot of information with some doing it weekly and some not doing it at all only topping up. Please anyone with experience in using DWC let me the best route to take please. Thanks AG
  13. Evening all I’m after some advice please, anyone who has experience in dwc. I moved my pair of seedlings into there main system as the diy starter box I made was getting abit warm. My main system has chiller plumbed into it, Temp is set to 20c on the chiller so temps fluctuate between 19.7-20.7 I think I left two much of a air gap between water line and bottom of net pots, the roots are looking shrivelled up and dark coloured above water line below water like they are bright white and look thick and healthy. Is this something to be worried about or normal? Couple pictures not the best quality sorry. I have topped up the res so the roots are further covered now. Just panicking as it’s my first time dwc/hydro. Thanks in advance.
  14. alright folks...has anyone tried bubbling with plant magic or bio bizz organic feeds.
  15. Hello everyone and welcome to my first attempt at some of Dinafems genetics. Ive done a few grows in the bubblers now and I think I'm getting the swing of them. I just keep it simple as I can. Thanks to @Dinafem-Mark for sorting me out with the beans. He recommended a list of strains for me to choose from and i settled on.... Setup 120x60x160 tent in the loft 600watt mh for veg Dual spec bulb for flower 5inch extractor with rhino pro filter 19l Oxypots x 3 Hailea 600l/hr air pump Clip on fans x 2 Nutes Silver bullets roots Shogun silicone Vitalink Calmag Shogun Samurai Hydro Grow and Bloom I soaked some root it cubes in tap water then gave them a gentle squeeze so they are damp but not dripping. Then In went the seeds. one of each. I pick off a bit of the underneath and cover up the hole on top. They are placed into a prop, wrapped in a t-shirt and placed on top of my wee veg cab in the bedroom. A few days later and the Sweet Deep Grapefruit was out of the blocks closely followed by the Bubba Kush Ive been going through a bit of a shit patch in my life and at this point it started to show in my growing. I somehow managed to kill the Bubba Kush. No worries ill pop another bean. It came out upside down I tried to turn it round but it didn't take at all. I then popped the final one and it came up. I also had popped another bean from another breader. I wanted to try 3 plants mainlined. I always seem to have a bit of free space in the middle when i run 2. Last grow i had a few clones in compost to fill the gap but i still think there was room for more. I ended up keeping the 3 of them in my Veg cab whilst i waited for the tent to get freed up in the loft. I was hand feeding them with a spray bottle. Ive been real careless with the spray bottle and damaged some of the lower growth. They were starting to look a bit gnarly and not getting the love and attention they deserve Bubba Kush front left SDG back left They were being fed root it first feed at 6ml/l I moved them up into the loft last wednesday but they have to share the tent with my drying harvest in cardboard boxes as it absolutely stinks and I've nowhere else to dry it. Bubba Kush SDG I topped the SDG at the 4th node and striped everything below leaving me with 2 main shoots She was throwing out pistils flat out since being in the veg cab. Is this normal or something I've done wrong? Ive never noticed it before i don't think gotta lay off the shatter Bubba Kush was topped at the 3rd node and everything below removed The 3rd plant from another breader I chopped clean in half!! Knob. I tried taping it back together but it didn't make it. The Cana Gods have decided this was meant to be Dinafem only in this house I will let them grow out a bit before i start training them. I have only done this method a few times but Ive been happy with how they turned out. They are being fed EC 0.6 ph set to 5.9 Thats us all up to date with this grow. I hope I can do these seeds some justice so please feel free to help out along the way. Dab anyone???
  16. Hi new to the site and looking for some advice, been growing for many years now, tried many different ways and systems, I recently bought a Rush RDWC 16pot 60ltr system. I’ve had this connected up with a chiller included, all was working fine until the chiller broke, I removed it from the system and connected back up without chiller. Now when I plug in the pump the system does this, it’s 4 lanes with 4 pots in each, when I switch the pump on it starts recirculating after 20secs you can notice in control pots that the water level goes down on one side of system and rises on the other, if pump left running the side that’s filling begins to overflow causing a flood (system holds 860ltrs total) I have drained the whole system and refilled it with pump running to try clear any air locks etc but once full it does the same thing, does anyone have any idea what’s happening here, it’s doing my head in lol, it’s as if the pump is putting more water into the system than it’s draining out. I used al sorts of hydro systems aqua farms, nft, Oct pots without problems but cat seem to work this one out, any help would be appreciated
  17. Afternoon all! After a bit of research I'm acquiring all the gear for my first grow. The space I have is a 1.2m by 1.2m x 2.2m grow tent. I was planning to do my first grow in batmix but decided I'd rather go the hydro path. I'm now looking at the following: 1 x Oxypot V6 6 Pot System - Needs pumps etc. 6 X Bubbler, Oxy Pot, DWC System 20L 20 Litre Inc Clay Pebbles & Air Pump Kit or 20L Urban Arctic Freeze Bubble Pot DWC Oxy Bubbler Alien Ice Line Hydroponics I may go with 4 pots instead of 6 due to the space. Can anyone suggest if this is fit for purpose for my setup? I was going to use rockwool to germ but would like advice on how others do it. Temps are higish in my tent and it's practically empty. 24-30°C day time and 23-28°C night time - I'll need to bring that down - but will see what the temps are when the tent has kit in it. Thanks in advance!
  18. Hi folks. Is this a cal mag def? Growing dwc soft water area. Background less than 0.1 2 weeks into flower Getting 1ml/l cal mag. Total ec 1.0 Quite a few leaves similar to this one Many thanks
  19. Flower week-3

    From the album FIRST EVER ROOM

  20. Flower week-3

    From the album FIRST EVER ROOM

  21. Flower week-3

    From the album FIRST EVER ROOM

  22. Flower week-3

    From the album FIRST EVER ROOM

  23. flower week 3

    From the album FIRST EVER ROOM

  24. Flower week-3

    From the album FIRST EVER ROOM

  25. Flower week-2

    From the album FIRST EVER ROOM

    week 2 flower just had a go at lollipoping !!!! and SCROGED as you can see. I think I have done this way too late, from what I can see it should have been done during veg.