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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, I've seen quite a few posts recently about saving head room in a tent, or not being able to lift the equipment to the top of the tent. It is often assumed that this is where the carbon filter must be located but there are other options, the fan & cf can even go outside the tent it necessary. I am in a wheelchair so had to opt for #4 in the below diagram with the fan & filter in a box on the floor (outside the tent) with a cushion underneath to dampen the vibrations/noise and it works a treat. Good negative pressure in the tent, no whiffs, job's a good 'un. (Fan blows air through filter). Hope this helps a few of you Tip: fully stretching out ducting reduces noise. Found this diagram on this forum but forget who posted it. If this is your picture, thank you
  2. I am setting up a grow tent (50 x 100 x 200), which is relatively small, and have some questions about the exhaust and intake fans. 1. Does it make any difference if I place the exhaust fan inside the tent, or outside the tent with ducting running inside? 2. Does it make any difference if I place the carbon filter at the 'blow' end of the duct system, outside of the tent, so the fan is sucking air directly from the volume inside the tent? 3. How noticeable is it to aim the exhaust duct at an open window (with no direct line of sight)? Will it create a noticeable, strange noise that would get attention?
  3. Hello fellow tokers and growers, I have a serious question about having a 1.2x1.2 tent in my bedroom where I sleep! The issue I have is where I can put the extracted air from out of my grow room..... i was contemplating 1000w led in the tent either growing in a single Dwc pot or coco or possibly organic, I'm still weighing up the pros and cons to each media... how ever I am curious as to any ways I can dispose of my waste air out of the grow room?? Is there anything that can be attatched to the end of the ducting?? The only solution I can see is by having the ducting as close to my window as possible...... if any of you guys had any ideas or solutions with my problem I'd greatly appreciate any advice.... thanks
  4. Hey P's What would be the best way to set up ducting for: Black orchid 150mm fan Mountain air 200mm filter Do I use 150mm ducting or 200mm ? And where to put the reducer ? 6"fan, reducer, 8"ducting, 8"filter or 6"Fan, 6"ducting, reducer, 8"filter Do I also need a connector to join the reducer to fan/filter ? Will I need a plastic reducer/connector if attaching to plastic fan ? Is semi rigid ducting better to use? Hope thats understandable... Thanks
  5. Good morning everyone Got a quick question about my heating setup! I have a halogen heater at the start of my intake ducting, so heat travels through about 1.5m of ducting, through the fan and then through about another 3m of ducting eventually reaching my tent! I am using acoustic ducting would my environment be more efficient if I reduced the length of ducting?
  6. Hi peeps, anybody using 4" solid plastic ducting? If so, how do you connect the fan and filter to it? The ducting I have is the same size as my fan and filter but doesn't fit over them. I had thought of using a short piece of flexible ducting to connect them, but the outside diameter of the plastic duct is just a little to big for it to fit over. This is how I want to arrange it, the asterisks mark the joins that don't fit. Any ideas? Natty