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Found 61 results

  1. First Grow CFL 9/1/14

    From the album First Grow (CFL)

    First Grow CFL 9/1/14 1-2 week before harvest
  2. Okay, first of all I would like to welcome everyone, as im a newbie in growing. My budget is £200 I planning on making a small tent, with a light . I am about to do SOIL and not hydroponics. What my problem is, I couldn't find a decent AND cheap fan for this. My friend told me, to buy a PC power supply and a few PC fans, place them in the right orientation and it will make in/out airflow, still being cheap. So the tent will cost me £60, the light will be the same~. So out of 80£, I gotta buy the seeds(10-12£ each) I want TWO plants, both auto-flowering and fans. I think I can get the earth etc easily. I cannot do HPS lights, neither I want. I like CFL lights and they don't overheat, neither CFLs need a ballast. So, I would like to take suggestions, what are you guys think? Any advices before I buy all of these in once? More specially, about how to get the fans right. Would be awesome, if you give me links where I can get the fans/stuff you are telling me about. I would prefer only UK sites. Sorry for the bad english, trying my best. Please be sensitive, thats my first grow and would like to have some decent buds from it. Cheers
  3. Hi guys, I'm growing a Think Different autoflower after reading some great reviews. Currently I'm using; - 125w Dual Spec CFL - 25w 6400k - 11w 2700k 4 weeks left to go, and I've bought an 8 socket extension so I can add more lighting I was wondering which outta these two is best, I'm guessing left, more lumens... Watts: the amount of electricity used by the bulb (a.k.a. "power") Lumens: the amount of visible light the bulb produces (a.k.a. "luminosity") Equivalent watts: an approximate incandescent bulb wattage that outputs a similar amount of light. Luminous efficiency: the amount of light put out by the bulb per watt. Higher means better efficiency. . I've copied the definitions above as I don't understand the relationship between watts and lumens, and now I've read the definitions above, it seems lumens in more important, therefore the bulbs I've bought to fit in a bayonet fitting, may be unsuitable.... Could someone shed some light on this issue for me, as I should no better!
  4. 5 days into veg cheese

    From the album 1st time grow

    5 days into veg cycle
  5. 5 day old cheese

    From the album 1st time grow

    5 days into veg
  6. 5 day veg cheese

    From the album 1st time grow

    5 days into veg
  7. another lady 5 days into veg

    From the album 1st time grow

    Another girl 5 days old
  8. one of the girls 5 days into veg

    From the album 1st time grow

    One of my girls 5 days into veg
  9. just popped

    From the album 1st time grow

    The 1st pics of my 1st grow
  10. Aghan Kush Dry Bud

    From the album Bonsai Style CFL

  11. Afghan Kush Dry Bud

    From the album Bonsai Style CFL