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Found 60 results

  1. Blues#1

    From the album My Blues Grow

  2. Hi and welcome. Since the seeds are popping up to say hello it is time to get the diary started. I have two Wilma systems, identical ones, 4 pot 11 litres using clay pebbles - side by side. Total of 8 pots. Each pot is covered with a see through plastic dome propagator I got from Homebase, 3 for £6.99. There are 4 Killer Kush, 4 Sweet Trainwreck and then 2 Sweet Cheese I have just added into the pots of the two smallest/latest germinating Killer Kush seedlings. Lighting is a 125w CFL 6400k Blue light for the first 2 days and I have now put them in their own big pots in the main tent so added in my dimmable ballast which is set to 400w, shall up this in a week or two when the seedlings are bigger. Nutrients in the 30 litre tank is as follows : 50mil A and 50 Mil B Canna Veg, 60 mil ATA Root Stim, 30mil ATAZYME. Same nutrients in each tank. My cheapo pH pen seems to have failed so should have delivered in 2 days a proper BlueLab pH Pen, it has set me back £75 so it better be good ! In the meantime I am unsure what the pH of the nutrient solution is. A couple of pics, today is day 3. The Setup Killer Kush & Sweet Cheese Day 3 Lazy Killer Kush (day zero for her still) & Sweet Cheese Day 3
  3. Hello there, I am due to pay a visit to my local shop to get a few small items, one of which is a root stimulant. I have done a bit of reading and I think that as I am getting PM Granules. Should I stick with PM Root Stim, or would another brand be just as good? Any advice welcomed.
  4. Hey people this is the first time im actually seeing good results im going into week 6 of flower in a brummy bubbler, ive got 4 girls of an unkown strain under 1 600 they look serious, the tanks are 90l obviously filled up half way so 45l of nutrient solution with 2 barges/ toats in each bubble so 2 girls one bucket , i have gradually increased the feed over time the food i have used up untill now has consisted of Week1 Vitalink a and b bloom 40ml Silicon 50ml Cal mag 40 ml Rhizotonic 80ml Hygrozyme 80ml Carboload 50ml Superthrive 5ml Week 2 Cal mag 40 ml Silicon 50ml Vitalink a and b bloom 40ml Rhizotonic 80ml Hygrozyme 80ml Carboload 50ml Budcandy 50ml Big bud 30 ml Week 3 Cal mag 40ml Vitalink a and b bloom 40ml Hygrozyme 80ml Carboload 50ml Budcandy 50ml Bigbud 40ml Canna boost accelerator 80 ml Week 4 Silicon50ml Cal mag 40ml Vitalink a and b bloom 40ml Carboload 50ml Budcandy 50ml Bigbud 40ml Canna boost accelerator 80 ml Week 5 Silicon50ml Cal mag 40ml Vitalink a and b bloom 40ml Carboload 50ml Budcandy 50ml Canna boost accelerator 80 ml Pk13/14 25ml Now its week 6 tomorrow and time for water change everythings looking sweet should i put the big bud back along side the pk and boost or just keep it like this ive also got overdrive to use, id like to know if i need to add anything else or take anything away also when to use the overdrive when to flush and if maybe i just need to run straight water throught them mid flower for a couple days,if anyones got any advice about anything im very thankful for your input but please i ask dont turn this thread into some advanced nutrients hate crime because im not interested in anything but quality buds and these are the nutients i chose, thanks for the help in advance!
  5. week 1

  6. BioCanna Range

    From the album Big Al's Veganic Grow

    Veganic Nutrients. These are my old nutrients. They are vegan and organic according to Canna.
  7. I've been reading a lot of posts in Forums regarding Canna A+B and Canna pk13/14 Problem I'm having is there's a lot of people saying you should drop back on the A+B While using the Pk, Im really unsure what ml/L to mix at. Unfortunatly I dont have an E.C meter so can only work by measurements. Ive been on 12/12 for 5 weeks and my skunks been flowering for a total of 4 weeks of the 8 any help much appreciated, thanks
  8. My white widow plant is sick, I'm around 5 weeks into vegging under a 600w hps, some of the leaves are turning yellow with some brown markings on them. The leaves are drooping too. 11 litre pots of canna coco, feeding with canna a+b and rhizotonic, using cannas chart. The coco from the plants pot seems to turn the ph solution a greenish yellow colour. When I look down the side of the pot the roots seem to be pretty crammed in there. Any advice please? Will upload some pics now
  9. Hi, im going to be running advanced nutrients sensi range and i have the whole hobbyist package, I've read advanced nutrients online dosage chart but I've seen many people say dont put as much in its not needed, so if anyone could tell me abit about dosages and lower doses chart or feeding schedules that would be great. im growing in canna coco and have 4 ten litre airpots and will be hand watering also do i need cal mag adding to my nutes? If so which one should i purchase and doses?? This is the only thing in having problems with, feeding charts how often to give nutes etc