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Found 37 results

  1. Evening all Just been making some bubble from my trim and it dosnt look great. It's only my 2nd time. The 1st came out great I used my fine trim in my mini washing machine. Everything came out very green and frothy. Most of the concentrait seemed to be in my 25micron bag at the end and everything it a shade of green. Last time I had some realy nice blonde stuff in my last 2 bags but this time it's all green. Is this from using to fine trim. Was in a 220 micron zip up bag and also filtered out the machine into a 220 as the 1st bag. Just drying now so hopefully still nice and tasty
  2. I won some small bubble bags from the Sweet Seeds contest and I have been experimenting with them over the last few weeks. I only vape weed these days as I have always found hash doesn’t really work in a vapouriser. I have now discovered that if left unpressed the bubble hash works really well mixed in with some flowers and vaped at a high temp. I have quite a lot to process, 9oz of frozen trim, 5oz of old dry trim and air buds and also I can maybe run a whole fresh frozen plant in the new year. It’s becoming tedious and time consuming with 1 gallon bags and a wooden spoon so I have ordered a Bubblebagdude washing machine and a set of 5 bubble bags. It’s arriving tomoz and I have brought a load of ice so I am going to run some frozen trim through it tomoz. I have made some this weekend and the cleanest was from half Oz of Seedism Milk flowers, it’s well strong in my Evo cloud on 3 o’clock. I will keep a log of my adventures in here. Its been a fun weekend Seedsim Milk 73 Screen
  3. G'day all, I've done a few bubble runs over the last week or so and arsed things up. One run was an ordeal - the bubble was so sticky it was like working with tar. I'm amazed I got anything from it at all since it immediately welded itself to anything it touched: bags, pressing screens, hands, kitchen. I literally (OK, maybe not literally), practically had to hose my entire kitchen down with iso. I attempted to freeze and grate it, which was only partially successful since after 10 secs out the freezer, it was the consistency of warm shatter, and set it out to dry. Yesterday, I was collecting some up from the drying tent and picked up the wrong tray - the sticky one which had only been drying for 3 days. The good grades are now a solid mass in jars which I don't think was fully dry, and I could do with a little advice on what to do now. I intend to press all the hash with a hot bottle (a la Frenchy), so freezing the bubble would not be a problem, but I would rather keep it as bubble since I have different grades/strains and would like the freedom to press 'blends', as and when. So, do I: A, Freeze the bubble and take bits, as and when (preferred option)? B, Freeze the bubble and try to grate and dry it again? C, Press it all now (will the hot bottle be sufficient to remove the moisture I think may still be in there). I doubt this will work, but...? D, Turn it into a rosin/shatter (I really, really don't want to do this since I dab very rarely)? I am aware of the argument that freezing breaks tric heads, but since it was fresh frozen, and frozen to grate, that horse has already bolted. Also, it will be pressed as soon as it comes out the freezer, so I'd much rather freeze it than run the risk of it molding (which I'm fairly sure will happen if I leave it as it is). It is only 12 grams, but that is quite a lot to me. Any ideas anyone? Many thanks
  4. Hi, I've got a 2L jar of recently harvested bud that is dry (harvest 1 month ago), but has a bit of a odd smell. Its not mould, but I don't want to smoke it for the taste. I've just run my trim through the bubble hash bags and got some nice stuff out the end. I'm thinking of rather than chuck the whole jar I can bubble hash it tonite, and see what i end up with. Maybe that smell will go I was wondering though, should i cut up the buds into small pieces or just through them in as is? Cheers!
  5. Hi folks, I'm doing my first bubble hash run and the screen press 25micron that was supposed to come with the bubble bag kit that I ordered off ebay did not arrive, so I have bubble bags but no screen to press with. I need to do the hash tonite as I'm moving house and not sure how to proceed. The bags I have got are: 25, 73, 120 and 220. Am I right thinking I can just use the 25 micron as a bag and a press somehow? How would I go about doing this? Thanks for any info,
  6. A thread about mechanical seperation/solventless extracts. Please feel free to add your own processes and experience to this thread. This first post will be a few pictures and some basic description with future posts detailing the process we use for our extracts. First up are some Tangie heads separated using screens then cleaned up using the static tech. This was with parchment wrapped around a DVD case and I've just started with the paint roller tech. I will detail the whole process from kief to heads in a future post. We have a Sasquash V2 rosin press which we've been playing with trying to find a way to make the process as productive as a butane extraction without a dip in quality..... it's difficult. After pressing a lot of flowers with varying results we are now pressing bubble hash and having greater success. For the bubble hash we use a camping washing machine with the 220u full mesh bag then filtered through a 5 bag set. 220, 150?, 90, 73 and 25. This is the 90 and 73 from the ChemD which was then pressed inside a 35u rosin bag at 165f. I'm really pleased with how this came out. As tasty as bho and bags of power. About 50% return. Here is a shot of some Jack Herer flower rosin which was pressed at 190f and returned 13.5% Next time we squish I'll do a full process with pictures.
  7. Eyup! I have never made hash before, but I have some trim from my recent harvest and just want some opinions and explanations as to what method people prefer. Im a yorkshireman, which means I dont want to spend more than I really have to. Id rather redneck something if I could. If I dry sift, Im going to need at least one or 2 different mircon silk screens (and maybe dry ice). If I do bubble, Im going to need the bag set. What is peoples prefernce? So far all I have bought is a T bar pollen presser. Regards and thanks.
  8. Hiya guys been a while So, regarding the question of whether it is crucial to first dry the trim before making bho, can someone provide a definitive & accurate answer, pretty please? Some say you cant use fresh trim at all, and then some here say you can and that it doesnt make much of a difference whether dry or fresh at all...Naturally, Im not sure which is right so.... Also, in general regarding hash and oil making, can you use fresh trim or is it not worth it. Again Ive heard and read opposing opinions so I would really appreciate a once and for all kinda answer, Anyways, thank you in advance and oh, almossst forgot how much of a gem this place is. Keep rockin!
  9. OO's Auto Bubble Gum @24 days.

    From the album Badbadgers Burrow Grows..

    This is how I'm growing Bubbles.It's an outside pot with 5/6 inches of washed clayballs to ensure good air around the base and hopefully good roots.
  10. 20160102 223435 Copy

    From the album bubbleberry

    a couple of weeks into flowering she is looking beautiful here
  11. Grandaddy Purple IWE

    From the album amc98 buds&hashish parade

    Grandaddy Purple IWE
  12. Grandaddy Purple IWE

    From the album amc98 buds&hashish parade

    Grandaddy Purple IWE
  13. Grandaddy Purple IWE

    From the album amc98 buds&hashish parade

    Grandaddy Purple IWE
  14. Grandaddy Purple IWE

    From the album amc98 buds&hashish parade

    Grandaddy Purple IWE
  15. Ever-faithful 420, As guerilla harvest time has arrived, I want to make some hash/bubble/oil....whatever. I've done a couple of bubble runs in the past, which I find a bit time consuming for the amount of product, and rarely do I end up with a product as tasty as say a good quality Super Pollen I get from NL for example. What I'm looking for are informed suggestions for making the best TASTING extraction product. It doesn't need to be the purest, or the strongest as it's not medicinal....but I want to know what you guys think is the tastiest result. Cheers! Frantic.
  16. 73 micron

    From the album Hash

  17. So I finally got around to running my bubbleator setup for the first time. From this trail run I learnt a few things that I'll encorporate in my next run. Loving the full melt 73, gifted the 120m and 25m to friends.
  18. 73 micron

    From the album Hash

  19. Hey all, I have the trim from my recent harvest which is packed into two plastic sainsburys bags. Not sure on weight but its a fair amount. I have previously always made Bubble hash, doing 3-4 runs each time, usually pulling substantial weights, got something like 60gram last harvest. Quality isn't the highest and with me doing almost daily edibles and moving from spliffs to the volcano, bubble just doesn't appeal as much any more. I want oil for multiple reasons, mostly to use in edibles as I am sick of tasting cannabutter (high tolerence means strong butter needed, nasty stuff). Would be smoking some through my rig aswell though. So because BHOing all of this with my small OG extractor tube would take a hell of alot of butane and time I'm wondering about first making bubble and then making BHO from this? I would probably keep the 25ug bubble. Any problems I should know about? Can you make BHO if material is damp? Also wondering about decarboxylation since I'm thinking about edibles, would I be better decarbing the hash before BHOing? Seems like decarbing BHO is a bit of a pain needing an oil bath rather than just oven. Cheers
  20. Jamaican dream trim bubble bag hash

  21. Jamaican Dream hash

  22. Making some Jamaican dream bubble hash