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Found 520 results

  1. hey i just want some info on using the canna range terra vega and terra flores ill be growing 3x gorrila glue auto by seedsman and 3x lsd 25 by seedsman in a 120cm x 120cm x 200 with a 600 w dimmer set to 250w and moved up as growth grows i be germinating the seeds straight into there pots 3 will be in fabric and 3 will be in plastic 10lt the medium im using is canna terra pro..not the plus as i hear it too hot for seedlings should i ph using canna? also ive got some plant magic bio sillicon and plant magic mage cal will they be okay using with the terra range i live in a area with very soft water so i feel the cal mag is needed ive also got bio bizz top max biobizz alg a mic and their grow and bloom aswell as some root juice are these okay to use with the terra range im really unsure any help its much appreciated thanks regards buddahbuds
  2. hello guys, this is my first time growing in coco and my first time I have actually needed help with an autoflower! So to start off I been using the following: marshydro ts1000 34" away from the plant. 2 6" clip on fans 2 4" extractors for intake and outtake humidifier and controller set to 45% humidity now lowered it to 40% temp controller and a heater been keeping the temps at 28c but at day 7 when I saw the plants looking like that lowered it to 26c Canna A & B Rhizotonic CalMag Vitalink to start I fed nothing but ph balanced tap water (5.8-6.0) for the first few days of the plants being in the coco. once they both had their first true leaves I gave them a batch of 10ml/gallon rhizotonic ph to 5.9 didnt use the whole lot only fed them 500ml at a time. at day 7 I fed them another 500ml of the rhizotonic mix and then just fed them ph tap water (5.8-6.0) up until day 12 where they started to look like this. I got a little concerned about them as they started to look unhealthy so I whipped up a batch the night before of 2ml calmag, 10ml rhizotonic, 2ml canna a, 2ml canna b ph at 6.1 thinking maybe this might fix it but since then the purple and the yellowing has got worse. I have been feeding once every other day but now I have read from someone else on another forum saying I should be feeding every day? I am just so confused so I found the canna chart and it says to mix 16ml per 7ltrs a and b so should I whip up a batch of 4ml a and b with 6ml rhizotonic? it doesn't feel like I am over-watering I have been making sure the coco has been drying out at least an inch below the coco. The image on the left is the auto gelato and the one on the right is auto blueberry the left pictures do not do the purpling justice but there is a lot of purple on the new growth in the centre of the plant and purple and brown spots all over the yellowing of the leaves and its starting to work its way up the plant. left picture is from day 10 and day 14 right picture plant is showing slight purpling on new growth and same with the yellowing no visible spots yet. the pictures on the right are of day 9 and day 14 also forgot to say the plant on the left is auto gelato and the plant on the right is blueberry auto better images
  3. hi all! I have two gelato autoflower (fastbuds) and had them under a 125 cfl in a small res tank with veg feed for the first couple of weeks (1ml/l) I last night moved them under my HPS in flowering tent in 25 l buckets with 1.5ml/l of flowering feed. I've set my light at 250w as they are still quite small. Overnight they have all whilted to the extent that 2 leaves are now almost touching the bucket lids. My PH is 5.7. I have a cool tube which is hooked up to a 6 inch extraction but this is set to 25% with my fan speed controller. anyone any ideas? the feed surely cannot be too strong? the only thing I can think of is that they are too cold as the cool tube will be taking what little heat comes off 250 out of the tent. no discolouration or marking on leaves. any input would be appreciated.
  4. Hi people, I’m currently getting all my kit together for a 120x120x200 indoor grow space. I will be growing autoflowers in there with a fully organic soil set up, no liquid nutes at all if possible! I’ve come across Eco thrive potting soil and although fairly pricey it seems pretty good and perfect for how I want to grow.. Dry amendments here and there and good old h2o! My only worry is that it could possibly be too hot for autos? Have any of you guys used this soil and how have you found it? A.F
  5. Sick plant picture

    From the album 420 2020

    sick blueberry auto
  6. Some better images of the illness

    From the album 420 2020

    sick gelato autoflower
  7. Sick autoflowers:(

    From the album 420 2020

    Really could use some help with these autoflowers!
  8. Sick Autoflowers:(

    From the album 420 2020

    Really could use some help with these autoflowers!
  9. Hi UK420, new grower here. Very curious to hear any thoughts or advice for a noob in coco, my main concern being that I'm using organic pellets (I expected to need to get a housemate to water while i work away and wanted to keep feeding simple) with Coco on a first ever grow. Tent: 50cm x 90cm small grow tent 108w output full spectrum LED 2x 6" fans for circulation 4" RAM extraction fan + Carbon filter Humidifer 2.8ltr 80w tube heater I have been playing with the environment over the last week and now have decent control over it. With such a small space it's relatively easy to increase/decrease the factors but keeping them steady is the challenge. Growing with: 2x Royal Queen Seeds Royal Jack Automatic seeds Royal Queen Seeds Easy Boost Organic Nutrition pellets. I inquired to confirm whether this would work in Coco with autos and the breeder told me it should be fine but I have since become unsure 8% Organic Nitrogen, 7% Phosphoric anhydride, 12% Potassium oxide, 10% Sulphur trioxide, 2% Magnesium Oxide, 30% 'organic material' Canna Coco pro plus mixed with ~25% perlite 2x 11 litre fabric pots By the time I started having my doubts about my organic nutrition it was too late and i had already pre mixed it all and potted, so I thought I would just crack on anyway rather than throw it. I germinated using the paper towel method and when the tap roots were about 1cm I planted them directly into the coco about 1cm deep. Now my first issue/question: I pre-rinsed through my coco a couple of days ago and it was still quite wet when I planted the seeds, though the top had started to dry (bits of light brown) a little. Is this too wet an environment to have planted in or will the coco/perlite drainage be okay? My research has seen some suggest that it's nigh impossible to overwater in coco/perlite/fabric pots and others say that anything other than a bit of water in the seed area will drown it/stump early growth of roots. The tent environment is 23-25C, 60-70% humidity, low level of extraction currently, light on 24h but once sprouting I think i'll go 18/6. The LED is currently 2ft from the pot and on the less intense 'veg' setting. I planted 28 hours ago, already getting nervous to see them pop up! My more fundamental query is whether using those organic pellets is a good idea at all in coco with an auto? I do own Canna A+B, CalMag, 13/14 PK Boost but it would be nice to not have to throw out all the coco, perlite and organic pellets I have mixed but equally I don't want to set myself up for a fail or a very problematic first grow. Any advice on my specific queries or any pointers about my set up in general would be appreciated.
  10. Hey. I have decided to give growing a try. I have been smoking weed for years but I think it's time I stop breaking the bank. It's time I also get my friends to stop breaking the bank, so learning how to yield high will be very important to me to learn. However, I have got an autoflower for my first grow to gain an understanding of the basics of growing marijuana before I move onto multiple expensive projects. Pot: 6Gallon fabric pot Light: 600W Light from Amazon - Soil and Nutrients purchased/planning to use: BioBizz All Mix soil BioBizz Root Juice BioBizz Bio Grow BioBizz Bio Bloom BioBizz Top Max Aim of this harvest: To learn how to grow safely. And I mean safely because I want to experiement in the future and make sure it was my fault if it goes wrong by having the previous knowledge. I was told that I don't need to give no nutrients till the fourth week as it's an autoflower that could get nutrient burned? Basically, I don't want to hear from people who think my weed is doomed and give me advice I should have done. Or if you have advice that don't work here, then you're waffling and you're making the process longer for me to understand. That is called a smartass. Help me ahead and if you want to completely steer me off what I'm doing and make major flaws then have a better plan that has guaranteed results. Thank you.
  11. I’m planning on growing some autos in a nice spot facing south. I’m at LAT 55. Ive been doing a lot of reading on this forum! im growing 3x fast buds Purple lemonade and 1x Blue mango milkshake im going for 10l pots with a compost / perlite / coco mix I’ll be following Serpents grow guide with the Nutes and stuff. my compost is saying it has 5 weeks of nutrients is this good or bad? It’s John innes organic. ( I’ll be putting seeds in coco / perlite until I put them into final pots ) looking for any advice everything will be appreciated. Cheers
  12. Hey Guys back with another question. I'm nearing harvest time now and i'm super excited about my first grow. All has gone as well as i expected it too , there's been a couple problems, although they quickly got sorted out , thanks to some advice i got on here. so my question , i've seen a lot of videos where the grower has done a pretty major leaf thinning about a week or so prior to harvest and they've all said its so the light can hit the lower buds for a little while just whilst they are ripening up. Although i've never seen this done with Autos .... my girls are pretty bushy so i was wondering what you guys think? will it effect the plant at this late stage, am i get to leave it or do you think it might do the lower buds some good ?
  13. hey guys , im 4 weeks into flower and i've just noticed a few browning leaves near my buds , the rest of the plant is looking fairly healthy ... the humidity is always within range 40-50% just wondering if there are some expert eyes in here could give me ideas on if this is the start of bud rot , or if its something else and i'm just being paranoid ?
  14. Hi. First time growing autos and they’re looking really bushy . I’ve tried tucking the leaves as best as possible but it still looks like it’s hiding a lot of buds . Week 2 of flower now , can I trim leaves or will it stress the plant too much ?
  15. Well it will soon be in a few months time to plant our seeds. This time I shall wait till end of May beginning of June to start my Autoflowering seeds, as I realise the auto's aren't photoperiod sensitive. seeds. last year I grew gorilla glue 4 and star dawg, didn't do to well, I was told it is a weak breed and more suited to growing in doors. This year I want to grow some auto's that do well in the outdoor UK climate in pots. please also keep in mind we may also have another hot summer with temps in excess of 35c-40c I am looking for something that will give me a good buzz and relax my body, being in a wheelchair I get a lot of spasms so I need something that will relax my muscles, but also make me feel very relaxed. so good THC levels. Please can people tell me what is good to grow, on a latitude 52 in the UK, give me a good yield even though they are auto's. Good in a vaporizer and give the feeling I am looking for. Also good online sites to get my seeds from, preferably from uk sites. Many thanks to all.
  16. Growing some Alien vs Triangle autos by Mephisto genetics and grown under a Optic 8+ by Optic LEDS. First grow for 6 years after beating cancer, decided to go LED after using HPS before I was ill and I can honestly say if you’re undecided about LEDs, go for it! Get the COBs ones if you can and try and avoid the blurple ones. Anyway... I decided to go autos to get a couple of quick harvests done before I pop my Ethos photoperiods. After a bit of research on how the autoflowers have progressed since I last grew some 7/8 years ago, I decided to run some Mephisto seeds. Popped some Sour Stompers, Northern Cheese Haze, White Crack, Sour Orange Diesel Kush and the AvT. All have been very impressive so far but the star of the show is the Alien vs Triangle. One is so big you could easily pass it off as a photoperiod
  17. My huge Sour Orange Diesel Kush, she’s taking her time but her smell and sticky greasiness are beautiful
  18. Grew out three NCH from Mephisto, out of all of the strains I've grown this run, these were the most uniformed in size even though I had a couple of phenotypes. Not the stinkiest but what's there's nice, two are more cheesy than the other, with that one smelling a bit hazey. Buds are dense and coloured up during late flower and the flush. Excuse the the lopsided photos, some reason it's flipping the photos when I upload them.
  19. The two White Cracks grown under the immense Optic 8+ by Optic LEDs. These two are henching out into plump firm greasy girls. Looking forward to smoking these
  20. Hi All As in title: do you trim your autos? i do LSD on mine and not sure if it make any sens to remove exes leaves from the bottom. Do you lollipop yours?