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Found 520 results

  1. Here’s my setup: Light - Mars Hydro TS1000 (on 75% wattage at the moment) Pots - 3-4 Gallon Smart Pots Seed - GSC Thin Mint Autoflower Substrate - Bio-Bizz Light (top 50%) and Bio-Bizz (bottom 50%) Light height - approx 18” from plant Temp - 26°C day temp, 18° night temp (can fluctuate slightly) RH - Avg. 50% humidity Water schedule - Water every other day, water ONLY, I mist soil if it gets too dry. I took these photos today (16 days from sprout) and I noticed a small yellowish patch on one of the leaves, and a couple of the points are curled upwards very slightly. Could this be an indication of water log? I know they’re quite delicate at this stage, and I don’t want to do anything that will inhibit the growth. The curling only just happened in the last 24 hours, so hopefully no permanent damage has been done. Any help would be great! Thank you! (Temp and RH are dark period, this is just as I turned the light on again).
  2. Hi All. This is my first year of growing cannabis and im looking for some advice please. Ive germinated the three free seeds I got from RGS (am I allowed to name the company?). The varieties are Fighting Gorillaz Auto, Mazarilla Auto and Gorilla Auto. I did this a bit early on the 30th March in the propagator, in the greenhouse. Two girls germinated on the 5th and the Gorilla Auto on the 8th. Here is a pick from the 11th of March. The girls have been moving from the propagator at night to the greenhouse during the day. Its not ideal as I have to move them early in the morning and its still a bit cold in the greenhouse. I cant leave them in the propagator as that reaches very high temps during the day (the heat nearly killed my chillies). These are the girls as of yesterday. A couple of questions. When would you repot? I cant see any signs of roots at the bottom of the pot yet. When I do repot, from what I've read it would be best to go into their final pots. Due to the night temps I dont really want to leave them in the cold greenhouse at the moment, so Id like to keep them in these pots for the moment. When I report how deep should I plant? They look a bit leggy at the moment. I'm used to growing toms and vegetables and a lot of them I would plant up to the first set of leaves. Is this a good idea with these? Thanks.
  3. Okay, so here’s a list of everything I have/am doing: - Mars Hydro 70x70x160 grow tent - Mars Hydro TS1000 on 75% (about 18” from top of leaves) - Biobizz light mix on top half of pot, and All mix on bottom half for root progression. - I *think* the pots are 10L smart fabric pots. - 18/6 light schedule - Lowest Temp (dark period) is about 17°C and highest (light period) is about 25°C. I’m currently on day 10 from sprout, I haven’t had any significant progress since day 7 ish. Leaves are nice and green. (if anyone could let me know how to add an image, that would be great!)
  4. Greetings, looking to do an outdoor grow in the garden this year with some autos, and I want to get going soon - was hoping to get some Dinafem autos in, as heard they are good, but looks like I missed my chance with what happened to them. Most places I've looked totally sold out. So my question is, best breeders and strains for outdoor? I did GHS Super Lemon Auto last summer, was nice but started a bit late so got a bit of budrot by September. Decent lemony hybrid buzz off what I got though, two clearly different phenos. Hoping to have this new grow done more like August time. I hear Sweet Seeds is good? Has anyone tried Humboldts Autos? Any input appreciated, cheers
  5. I’ve got a nutrient schedule for the nutes I’m using. It goes 2 wks seedlings, 4 wks vegetative, 9 wks flowering. They say give pk in week 5 of flower. I’m growing autos for my next grow which harvest in 9 wks from seed. I figure the first 4 wks of the autos life would be veggy growth? which week of the 9 wk lifespan of the auto would I give the pk?, as if I give it in wk 5 of its lifespan it’s only in it’s really early flowering stages. And if I give 5 wks after the 4 wks veggy growth, it will be chop week. So when for the pk does anyone have any experience? mysticriver
  6. GROW REPORT - Tent - 4x4x7 ' Light - Mars Hydro TS3000 450w LED Medium - Biobizz light mix with added worm castings, dolomite lime, perlite, and malted barley in flower. Feed - Organic dry amendments (4-6-4 grow and 1-4-8 bloom) Water: Tap water with some PH down (no need for calmag as it's very hard here). Fairly straightforward grow. I trained her out hard around week 3 when preflowers started showing, she took to training like a dream, every cola round the outside looks like a main. I don't really defoliate autos, but one thing I did do when I had all those colas trained round the edge, is remove the biggest fan leaf from the inside of each of those tops, which I think really helped get the light down to the middle of the plant and turn those little bottom shoots that normally become larf into proper nugs. I'm confident this plant will be 90-95% nice buds with a tiny bit of popcorn. I planted her a month after the others I had in the tent (I had a samsquanch OG that I stunted and I didn't think would make it so I planted the Pinot, but they both made it - things got rather cramped towards the end with 6 plants in a 4x4!) Because of this, she had the light to herself for the last few weeks which I'm sure helped the development of the lower/side buds. She suffered through some cold nights and underfeeding in flower, and she powered through like an absolute trooper.
  7. As per the title, what's your preference when it comes to pots? Plastic Air Pots, Fabric Pots or Solid Plastic Pots? This is specifically for autos if it makes a difference. Top watering will be the approach. And indoors with compost.
  8. Hello, newbie here. (Sorry for long post) I grew autoflowers last year and want to grow again this year! Last year I had a incredibly basic setup, 5 VERY small plants (around 50/60cm Fresian Dew auto grown only with multi purpose compost and rainwater). They were very nice but I've done plenty of research and spoke with friends and have decided to up my game this year. I've got myself; - Sour Diesel auto (Dinafem) - 12l Root Pouch fabric pots - 100l Perlite (far too much) - 100l BioBizz light soil mix - BioBizz Bio Grow & Bio Bloom nutrients Who has had any experience with these products? I plan to add %25 perlite to the soil. I'm also restricted by hight so I want to LST my plants to keep them under 70cm, I have no experience with this so any advice is very appreciated!
  9. Hi yall, so basically what the title says is my question, I'm on week 3 or growing and most of my autos are doing great. There is one that is outgrowing all of em but the others are growing at the same rate. But then there are 2 autoflowers that arent growing as fast as the other and I have multiple autos of the same strain and the other ones of the same strain are doing great so I was wondering if I was doing anything wrong but they all get the same amount of water and light so idk what its down to. Just wanted to ask yall as there are many with the expertise that I wish I had lol. Any and every input is appreciated! (strains I have are: Gorilla Glue, Runtz, Skunk, Purple Punch and GSC)
  10. On biobizz all mix it states to mix with warm water and sit in a warm dark spot for 3 days to allow the microbes etc to activate. How much water am I supposed to mix in with the soil.? What consistency does it need to be, and what temperature is ideal.? Thanks for the help.
  11. Hi so first of all id like to say I'm new on here, but really glad that I found this forum. So on to my topic, Ive germinated and planted 18 different plants (5 strains) and as of now they are in 3,5l pots. But I've read so much about that the size of the pots can really determine how big the plants get, and my plan is to put them into 7l pots when they are at day 18. As of now the second set of leaves have sprung and are starting to grow. I feel like there are a lot of experts here from which I could benefit, are 18 plants in 7l pots suitable for the 1 square meter tent Ive got or should I sacrifice some of them to let the others have more space? And is a 7l pot too small or is it fine? (they are all autos) As of now they are growing well and seem to have it great but I'm just worried that it will be too crammed in there when they get bigger. Ive also thought about maybe only having 3 of each strain, as I now have 5 of each... I would really love some input!
  12. Hey UK420 peeps, I hope you’re all super good. New here and looking to learn from others and contribute where I can. I’m a new (Ish) autoflower grower (grew my first Autoflowers last year after previously always doing outdoor photos) and looking for some confirmation/advice in preparation for this season's grow.Last year I grew my first autoflowers with varying success. I was growing completely outdoors in the South of Spain, so summers are long, hot, and sunny days which are great for cannabis, but obviously being completely outdoor, I had some issues as they were completely exposed to the elements and wildlife of the area. I was using the synthetic canna line of nutrients and additives as well as their soil in 19l fabric pots. I messed up all season as I was PH'ing my water to 5.8 which I had read somewhere was correct for the Canna Terra Soil I was using, but after more research, I realised I should have been PH'ing at 6.5 rather. I know that the soil can buffer itself to a point but I believe that my PH'ing at 5.8 was a major cause of stunting and varying issues. I also got bud rot, whitefly etc across most of my plants to various degrees so a greenhouse is definitely the way to go to have some control.Long story short, this year I have decided to grow organic, still outdoors, but in a greenhouse to have some sort of control of the environment.As the subject says, I will be using the BAC line, and in particular the Autostimulator and Fast Food organic as it just seems so easy and straightforward. My question is has anyone else used these products and would you suggest I add any other products to give the autos their best chance at growing big and beautiful?The strains I will be growing are all Fastbuds, they'll be in 19L fabric pots and I'll be using the Biobizz Light Mix as the medium.Would I need any calmag or other additives? I want it to be a relatively easy grow, last year was a real mission keeping a few strains going and having to mix different ratios of each nutrient and additive depending on where each plant was in it's cycle or if one was a heavier feeder than another etc. The BAC Auto Stimulator and Fast Food just seem to be a no-brainer as far as ease of use goes.Thanks for reading and I look forward to the replies and setting up a grow diary once I'm ready to start the grows.
  13. Hey guys, just a novice looking for some reassurance. How are my babies looking, as you can see in one of the pictures you can see a shell sat level with the soil. This has been like this over 24hrs now, it looks as if its bent. The shell has opened but doesn't seem to progress from there. Also on the other pictures you can see the mishaped leafs. (forgot proper name of them). Are these okay, somewhat worried.
  14. Hey All, Just noticed some sacks on what're supposed to be my autoflowers? Am I being silly and they're just flowering, female glans? Or have my plants gone hermie or male?! RQS Northern Lights and Diesel, both about 9-10 weeks post popping.
  15. Hi guys!running 3 autoflower lost track of flower!but one plants seems to be maturing good!!and the other two I think one is doing okay and the other I don’t seem to notice the maturing of the buds any guess??also attached some photos of all three flowering sites please let me know if may just be younger stages of flower compared to main one using GHE 3 parts also atami bloombastic statin is lemonberry haze
  16. Hi UK420ites I am hoping someone will be able to help me identify what is going on with this plant before it progresses further. The spots are a bit more orange to the naked eye. I am growing a couple of Blackberry Gum Autoflowers and a Gorilla Glue Auto. The plants are just standing in an insulated loft, not a grow tent, and I have a temperature controller which will turn on a heater if the space drops below 24C during lights on (target temperature of 26C), or 18C during lights off (target temperature of 20C). In practice the room is usually 24-25C during lights on, with a max so far around 27C, and 20-21 lights off, with a minimum reached of 18.7C. I have an air circulator 16” fan and small oscillating fan, which move the leaves but aren't pointed directly at the plants. I don't have extraction set up at the moment but have a filter and fan in the space sucking the air through. The loft hatch is open all but a few hours a night so there should be plenty air getting up there and I imagine I replenish the CO2 quite well with all the time I'm up there ogling them. Plants 2 x Seed stockers Blackberry Gum Auto started around 20 September 1 x Gorilla Glue Auto free seed from Herbies started around 30 September Lights 2x Mars Hydro SP3000 LED lights, now at just over 3 weeks since flowering they are 12-16 inches above canopy and near 100% power. 18h on / 6h off light cycle Environment 19-21 Lights off 24-27 Lights on Humidity 50-60% Nutrients I am using Growers Ark Coco Soft water Nutes. Currently feeding about 0.5ml/L Boost, 2.5ml Bloom A & B and Extra Traces, 2ml Root Tonic. My tap water has background 0.35EC and this solution is 1.35EC. Every couple of feeds I also add about 0.5ml/L Cal Mag and dial back the base nutrients accordingly, keeping EC to 1.3-1.4 (I have also strayed higher to 1.5-1.6EC but the plants looked a little overfed, so backed off again). I only do this as the instructions for the light say that more Cal Mag is needed than usual to grow well under LED. Plants are in 10L fabric pots and are fed twice a day to a good run off of 30% or so, there are no wild fluctuations in EC or PH with the run off. This problem is only showing on one plant on several leaves and the rest all look ok. I don't think calyx production has slowed but then again it always seems to take forever when you look at the plants 10 times a day haha. I think maybe I went for too many firsts with these (First time using LED, first autoflowers indoors, first time doing LST, first use of Growers Ark nutes) and am suffering from information overload from the amount of reading I've done, so maybe I am missing something obvious? Sorry for the essay, thanks in advance for any help you can give me, if I've missed anything off please just ask.
  17. After my two photoperiods are done I would like to switch my lights back to 18/6 however I have two autos that I started under 12/12 to get a head start ready for the next grow. Will I be okay to change the lights immediately back to 18/6 in the tent after chopping the photos or should I change the hours 1 hour per day at a time to not stress the plants ? Thanks !
  18. Hi, I planted 3 autoflowers, specifically ‘Quick One’ by Royal Queen Seeds on the 8th September so 2 months ago. However they have not got any buds at all as of yet, is this normal? The plants are not in the perfect environment however they do seem to be growing fairly decently. I can’t see any pistils either maybe the odd few but I think there should be a lot more at this age, can anyone help please??? Please see pics below
  19. The seeds have arrived! I wont be germinating until april/may as my greenhouse has been destroyed so no early plants this year. This years grow will be a garden centre job i think ill probably still keep it organic which means i get to go poop shopping anyway these are the seeds i ordered (nice 1 @Dinafem-Mark) no doubt ill run other dinafem strains as i have plenty of others
  20. Hello everyone, this is my first time growing indoor and I am very confused because I found too many information, but after days of researches I think I came up with something good: - 3 Quick One RQS autoflowers: 8 weeks, 60 cm max height - BudBox Lite - 0.6m x 0.9m x 0.9m - Grow Tent - 3 Air Pruner Fabric Pots 8 liters 20cm X 20cm X 23cm - BioBizz Light-Mix Soil 20 litre (plus some extra perlite) - Mars Hydro TS 1000 LED I think that 3 Quick One with a max height of 60cm will fit good in a 90cm height tent, also the light seems to be appropriate for 3 autoflowers. I will then add 2 fan (1 in, 1 out I guess?) and that's it. What do you think ? Am I missing something ? Thank you for your replies <3