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Found 69 results

  1. hi on my last grow had a major problem it was that my autos would only take 500ml every 3 days why was this and if it ever happened again what could i do they were in 10 litre pots and under a 250 was under a 250 watts hps i thought maybe to dry ? and water jus running right hrough or there may have been damp compost in the bottom of the pots and oh forgot they were on a wet and dry cycle cheers
  2. Just found out a family friend has MS, they are fairly young and open minded so I'm sure canna related treatments will be accepted. Just wondered if anyone has any advice re bud based medication as I'm sure they'd benefit, just have no experience of MS and promised I'd ask a few friends. What doses for relief of spasms etc? What's the best means of administering? Anyone got a link to some info for other less canna friendly family members for reassurance we ain't planning on a mass doping! Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated!
  3. these seem to me to have stopped growing at about 12 inches high and they only have a few branches. Will they grow bigger or is the such a thing as plants that only grow to a certain height?
  4. ive planted my seeds and i have long thin seedlings growing after a week. I am just wondering how much longer does it take to get a decent sized plant from seeds whilst on veg? I have only used clones before andthey where quite big after a week. Im growing chocolope in coco medium.
  5. The seeds i have ordered have not arrived yet. I emailed the company after 5 days asking and they said they were sorting my order. No money has left my bank account and they have not replied to two more emails. Should I assume they are not coming and order off another company or should I wait? Has any one ordered off this company before and are they trust worthy? Thanks. P.S. Could any one recommend any reliable companies that sell feminised seeds, that produce good plants!? I have asked that question on a previous post but some people who see this may not have seen that post.
  6. ive decided to cut a few buds off and dry it in the oven because im skint and have no medical to smoke for the night
  7. Hi all, i'm now 2 months into veg and thinking of moving into flower...my plants are around 1 1/2 feet, should be bigger i know, but due to late re-potting there only that size (first grow). As i said i want to move into flower but i haven't seen anything in pre-flower terms to state if male or female. There's just the stipules showing. Can i just move straight into 12/12 and await signs of sex then or should i wait till they show pre-flower, so then their more mature and in my mind ready??? Also with the plants being 1 and half foot, will i be likely to get a decent yield still...i've heard that plant size can double through flower. There under a 400 hps, 2 foot from canopy. 10 inch passive intake that i've closed up slightly with tape to increase negative pressure. in light mix soil that gets hesi tnt complex every 3rd watering, in 3 litre pots. oscillating fan inside tent. TD 5 inch silent extractor hooked up to a 6inch rhino. Most plants been topped 2-3 times. night time temps 21-23c light temps 25-28c humidity 50-60% I would just grow them till they were 4 foot if i had the time and money but i'm running low on both Thanks for any replies
  8. Hi guys, i've just topped my 3 week old plants...i'm just wondering, once they have grown new tops and matured a bit, can you top them again and again before flowering to maximize yield??
  9. Hi all, i'm having to go away for 3-4 days...will it be okay just watering my plants and leaving the pots to stand in shallow water for that time period i'm not there? I'm having to water them every other day at the minute....can the plants absorb what water they need through the holes in the bottom of the pots??
  10. Hi all, I'm on my 8th day of my seedlings life and they have started to form the second leave shoots...on one or two of the plants there is a slight deformity in the first set of leaves, is this anything to worry about?? This picture is not that clear but the leave looks like it is going crinkly a bit and dark greenish, all the other leaves look fine... Temp in g-room is around 29c...Thanks for any replies
  11. Hi once again, It is day 5 of my plants life and some of them are beginning to look like their getting a bit ropey...like their reaching out towards the light. Should i start to bring down the light towards them?? Just a bit scared that the 400 watt HPS might cook them The light is like 3 foot away from them at the moment....if i should bring it down, how much by?? My temp at pot level is always around 30c, if i bring the light down it's just gonna increase it ain't it??
  12. Hi all, just want to share the strains i'm using for my first grow..... Double Berry Power Africa Easy Kush White Widow Kosher Kush I tried to make sure flowering times were similar, although the power africa and easy kush were freebies... What's people's opinions on them growing well together...smell produced etc...Thanks
  13. Hi again, I just done another experiment in my tent to see the conditions before i get my seedlings in. Two issues, well not sure if there really big issues, but hopefully you can tell me. One - Closing myself in with all zips closed and seals sealed there are a few tiny little holes in the edges of the tent(where the support bars are), not enough to let enough light in but enough to look like little stars in the sky if you know what i mean.I'm not so worried about them for the 18/6 period as the lights will be turning off when it is dark anyhow and coming on early when pretty much sunrise is. It's more for when on 12/12 period. WIll them little star like light sources effect the plants??Like i say they are only miniscule holes... Two - When i switch my TD extractor on and close myself in as before i have quite a lot of negative pressure. I know negative pressure is a good thing to get rid of smells, increase airflow etc, but is a lot of negative pressure going to have a bad effect in any way?? The sides of the tent come right in and become solid to touch. I use 5 inch passive intake ducting, and can defo feel to air being draw through it inside the tent. I would get another intake duct, but there is no more ducting port things...... Thanks people
  14. Hi all, i'm in the seedling stage and i have temp of 29c in light period with around 30% humidity (which i'm gonna sort out with humidifier), but at night i have temp of 21c and humitity actually goes up to 40 %...is 21c an okay temp for night time?
  15. Hi all, my groom temp reach 31c today...its gone back down to 29-30c. If it continues to stay at 31c will i have problems?? If so, what's the best way to decrease the temp. I've tried everything to decrease it, leaving vents open and the tent door but still staying at 31c..help please
  16. Hi all, just got my seedlings going and my temp is 29c and humidity 30-33%. I'm gonna try get a humidifier for the humidity to boost it up abit but not sure what else i can do with the temps. I'm running a 400 watt HPS at it's most far away distance from the seedlings. I have a 5inch passive intake with a 5inch TD silent running on a 6inch rhino. I've opened the other vent window flap (which i'll have to manually shut when dark period) but i don't know what else i can really do to bring the temps down..Is 29c a big issue at this point??? Thanks for replies
  17. Hi all, i was cleaning my tent with my hoover and caught my carbon filter's pre-filter...it sucked a bit of the soot from the carbon filter through to the pre-filter. WIll this damage the carbon filter??? I was thinking of hoovering the prefilter when it was on the filter but with that soot coming through the pre filter, it can't be healthy can it??
  18. Hi people, I'm just coming up to completing setting up and basically i have a 125 watt CFL light that i wish to use for the first few weeks of the grow and i have a 400watt ballast and reflector that i got with my HPS light. Is it ok to put my 125 watt CFL in that reflector and 400 watt ballast?? Will doing so blow the bulb or use excess electricity i don't need to use?? I have a bulb socket that i got with my CFL light, but it just hangs and i thought it would be better to use the 400 watt reflector and ballast with it instead as it will reflect the light a lot better then a hanging bulb.. Thanks for any replies
  19. I'm currently setting up and i have a 6inch CF connecting to a 5inch extractor...i bought a ducting reducer, but i expected at least it would overlap the filter and fan to create a air tight fit, but it is level with the seal on both...whats the best way to secure a tight fit for the filter and fan on theis ducting reducer? I have duct tape and jubilee clips, but there not exactly going to hold the fan and filter together :/ not sure how to properly go about this...