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Found 153 results

  1. 13672163 1223237351042030 157074917 N

    From the album Finally on the grow (Hans panel 180w)

    The White widow auto at 7 days with some heat stress and some water droplets on the edge of the fist set of leaves.. Sorry about the quality of the pictures. it's a phone camera.
  2. White Widow day 37 of 12/12

    From the album Dinafem grow

  3. White Widow day 37 of 12/12

    From the album Dinafem grow

  4. White widow

    From the album Dinafem grow

  5. WW D107 F58 20160701 154334

    From the album RQS Pine Kush + White Widow 2016

    48 hours after res emptied and lights on 12/12
  6. White widow

    From the album Dinafem grow

    © Stonerwizard

  7. Dinafem WWXL starting week 3

    From the album Greenhouse grow 2016

    © Castro.

  8. White widow entering flower

    From the album Dinafem grow

  9. The convicts...

    From the album Second Grow

  10. IMG 20150615 105747

    From the album grow2015

    This is paradise seeds white widow about a month cured solid small buds with a very sweet smell to it
  11. Big up to Dinafem for sending me some of their seeds to try (Deep Cheese & Strawberry Amnesia). In return, I promissed them a diary. I also had a few dinafem freebies from previous orders and thought it might be a good idea to test those at the same time. So here is the Line up: 4x Deep Cheese 4x Strawberry Amnesia 1x White Widow 1x Power Kush 1x Sweet Deep Grapefruit I've only smoked Sweet deep grapefruit before and i must say that i was quite impressed by the flavour at the time - hopefully i will get a similar pheno as my friend had. I also wonder if the deep cheese will be anything like the original cheese? Will the white widow bring back memories from the 90s? And will the strawberry amnesia taste of strawberries or melt my brain? It's been a while since i've grown fem seeds only! Have I sold my soul to the devil? Hopefully, all of these questions will be answered in the course of the next couple of months. Finally, will i be able to recommend dinafem to other people based on my experience? The seedlings are currently on their 3rd week of veg, topped and their 2nd pot up - currently 3,5L pots. I will do a final pot up in about weeks time and then the fun will start in roughly 2 weeks as i will switch to 12/12. The girls are growing in compost mixed with coco and I'll be using organic nutes throughout the grow - Switching between Bionova and Guano Kalong. Pictures and more details will follow shortly...
  12. White Widow

    From the album Misc.

  13. White Widow

    From the album Misc.

  14. Dinafem White widow auto

    From the album 1st ever grow

    She got a bit cold when I moved my set-up into the loft.
  15. Dinafem white widow auto

    From the album 1st ever grow

    Getting bigger.
  16. Dinafem white widow auto

    From the album 1st ever grow

    This is what she looked like when I was given her, the runt of the litter.