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Found 2,416 results

  1. IMG 0683

    From the album Lenny's pics

    48 hours in
  2. IMG 0672

    From the album Lenny's pics

    Cream 47 @ 36 hours
  3. IMG 0668

    From the album Lenny's pics

    Sweet Special @ 36 hours
  4. IMG 0665

    From the album Lenny's pics

    Green Poison @ 36 hours
  5. IMG 0664

    From the album Lenny's pics

    Seeds cracked in coffee filter papers ready to transplant into Seramis pots
  6. Sweet Skunk Auto

    From the album pics

    8 week old sweet skunk auto, im pm+ soil and ot bloom. 400w dual spec, dr120

    © inertia

  7. Hi everyone, I'm new to Sweet Seeds, there's a huge choice, was hoping you could help me narrow it down: Do we know which auto gives the best chance of reaching harvest outside without moulding up? Over in the guerilla grow forum I've heard Big Devil #2, anything more resistant than that?
  8. Welcome to the UK420 Twelve Days of Christmas competition It gives me enormous pleasure to be able to announce the the biggest competition we have ever held here I think, and before I go any further I would like to say a massive thanks to our friends and sponsors listed below who have dug very deep to provide the amazing list of prizes we have to give away to some very lucky winners in the run up to Christmas, and also big thanks to Distracted for having the idea and organizing it Some of you will notice that there are actually more than 12 days worth of comps, this is because when we started planning this it was going to be the 12 days of Christmas but it's kind of snowballed beyond that now We will be posting a brand new comp each day at 12 noon for 12 13 days from the 12th of December onwards Each competition will run for 24 hours only, to enter each competition all you need to do is make a humourous or festive post in the relevant thread, winning posts will be picked randomly by feeding the post numbers into random.org and a screen grab of the winning post numbers will be posted into the thread. Normal UK420 competition rules and terms apply, no cash alternatives and admins decision is final Prizes inc shipping to UK mainland only Lifetime members get 3 posts per competition, yearly members get 2 posts, all other members get one post each. The prizes _____________________________________________________________ Day 1 3 x prize packs each for: A Pack of G13 Labs Pineapple Express seeds Attitude Seeds T-shirt Attitude Seeds Grinder Attitude Seeds Bottle Opener Attitude Seeds Keyring Attitude Seeds Base Ball Cap http://www.cannabis-seeds-bank.co.uk/ _____________________________________________________________ DAY 2 A packet of 7 AutoMazar seeds "This extreme-performance AutoFem takes just 10 weeks from seed to a finished female plant. She uses the very best original Mazar genetics taken from Dutch Passions multiple prize-winning Afghani Indica." http://www.dutch-passion.nl/ _____________________________________________________________ DAY 3 A Hydrolab GL120XL grow tent. Perfect for a 600w in a space with a bit more headroom. Hydrolab have a major update to their grow tent range available from Mid-January consisting of 14 sizes (6 totally new) which now come with ultra thick frames, diamond mylar interiors plus all the usual high end features you would expect to find on a Hydrolab grow tent. Big pre-order discounts will be available from December so keep an eye open on the UK420 forums for further details. http://www.hydrolab-grow-tents.co.uk/ _____________________________________________________________ DAY 4 1st Prize Choice of Heady Pipe or Oil Rig + Hempwick and OG Lighter 2nd Prize OG Spoon Pipe Hempwick and OG lighter http://www.original-glass.co.uk ______________________________________________________________________ DAY 5 1st Prize 3 pack of fem Wappa, Paradise Seed Space Case Grinder + assorted goodies 2nd Prize 3 pack of fem Nebula, gents Paradise T-Shirt (L) + assorted goodies 3rd Prize 3 pack of fem Ice Cream, ladies Paradise T-Shirt (L) + assorted goodies https://www.paradise-seeds.com/ _____________________________________________________________ DAY 6 1st Prize 1 pack of 5 Cream Mandarine 1 pack of 5 Red Poison 1 pack of 5 Ice Cool Sweet Seeds Grinder Jack 47 T Shirt 2nd Prize 1 pack of 5 Sweet Special F1 Fast Version Sweet Seeds Grinder Jack 47 T shirt 3rd Prize 1 pack of 5 Green Poison F1 Fast Version Jack 47 T Shirt http://sweetseeds.es/shop/ _____________________________________________________________ DAY 7 1st Prize 1 pack of Applejack 1 pack of Big Red 1 pack of Blzbud 1 pack of CheeseWreck 1 pack of Diesel 2nd Prize 1 pack of Hex 1 pack of Hippie Killer 1 pack of Killa-watt 3rd Prize 1 pack of Superglue 1 pack of Milk 1 pack of Elvis http://www.seedism.com/ _____________________________________________________________ Day 8 TBA http://www.therealseedcompany.com/ _____________________________________________________________ Day 9 1st Prize Selection Box, Grinder Cards and Stickers. 2nd Prize Any packet of seeds from the UGORG store. 3rd Prize Any packet of seeds from the UGORG store. http://www.ugorg.com _____________________________________________________________ Day 10 A new IOLITE vaporizer The ultimate festival and camping vaporizer, the IOLITE is small, lightweight and discreet, so you can carry it wherever you go and vaporize without attracting attention. Powered by inexpensive butane gas, you'll never need to be near a power supply, and when the gas runs out, you can recharge the IOLITE in under 5 seconds! For more details see http://www.vapefiend.com/IOLITE _____________________________________________________________ DAY 11 1st Prize 1 pack William's Wonder 1 pack Wonder Kush 1 pack Chupacabra (femmed) 1 x SickMeds T- Shirt SickMeds Stickers 2nd Prize 1 pack William's Wonder 1 pack Wonder Kush 1 pack Chupacabra (femmed) 1 x SickMeds T- Shirt SickMeds Stickers 3rd Prize 1 pack William's Wonder 1 pack Wonder Kush 1 pack Chupacabra (femmed) 1 x SickMeds T- Shirt SickMeds Stickers 6 runner up prizes of Sickmeds T-shirts and stickers https://www.sickmeds.com _____________________________________________________________ DAY 12 1st Prize ET Emerald Jack 12 reg Medicann Afghani 10 reg ET Trinity Kush 5 Fem x 1 2nd prize ET Emerald Jack 12 reg Medicann Afghani 10 reg Medicann Scrog 5 Fem x1 3rd prize Medicann Afghani 10 reg 4th prize Medicann Afghani 10 reg 5th prize Medicann Afghani 10 reg http://www.weedworld.co.uk/ _____________________________________________________________ DAY 13 Greens Horticulture Prize 1 The Sunmaster FX 600W digital ballast Prize 2 Parabolic Reflector, 600w Maxibright Compact Ballast + 600W Sunmaster Lamp Prize 3 Lightwave 60cm x 4 T5 Tube http://www.greenshorticulture.co.uk/
  9. New Gen

    From the album misc

    Sweet Seeds Cream Caramel, S.A.D. and Sweet Cheese (All autos)
  10. ..................Sweet Seeds gave away......................... 1st Prize 1 pack of 5 Cream Mandarine 1 pack of 5 Red Poison 1 pack of 5 Ice Cool Sweet Seeds Grinder Jack 47 T Shirt 2nd Prize 1 pack of 5 Sweet Special F1 Fast Version Sweet Seeds Grinder Jack 47 T shirt 3rd Prize 1 pack of 5 Green Poison F1 Fast Version Jack 47 T Shirt http://sweetseeds.es/shop/ So here we go with day 6 for our crazy Xmas giveaway Just post in this thread to be in with a chance of winning today's amazing prizes competition closes at midday tomorrow, members get one post, subscribers get two posts, Lifers get 3 Winning posts will picked at random using the random generator @ www.random.org on Boxing Day Good luck to everybody
  11. Photographic Contest ★ Sweet Seeds ★ FaceBook ➲ send the pictures to this email: WeLikeSweetSeeds@gmail.com 1.- Organizing company Sweet Seeds S.L., with head office in C/ Rev. Jose Mª Pinazo, 9 46020 Valencia with CIF B-97811616, runs a PHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST with plants of any genetic from Sweet Seeds. 2.- Disengagement regarding Facebook Facebook does not sponsor, support and does not manage in any way this promotion and its not associated with it. The user completely disengages from Facebook and is aware that the data is being provided to Sweet Seeds and not to Facebook. The provided data will be used to process the contestant participation, to inform the contestant of eventual prizes and with commercial purposes if the organizer decides, meaning that Sweet Seeds reserves the right to use some of the published pictures in catalogs, articles or other type of promotional actions. 3.- Object, mechanic of the contest and prizes Monthly photography contest, where the best 3 photos which adapt to the monthly theme win a prize. To decide the winners we will evaluate the photos that fit in the monthly theme, but also and as important, the technique and quality of the picture. You can participate with as many pictures you want, as long as the criteria and contest rules are respected. In each month only one of your pictures can be chosen for one of the first 3 prizes. There will be 1st, 2nd and 3rd Prizes. Besides that there is also a Public Vote Prize for the picture with the higher number of Likes at Face Book, receiving a prize of 200 euros in seeds. Prizes: 1st 200 euros in seeds 2nd 100 euros in seeds 3rd 50 euros in seeds. Public Vote Prize 200 euros in seeds Conditions to participate: 1 Click the Like button in the Face Book Sweet Seeds page to be follower and to share the contest information in your Face Book page. 2 You have to be an adult in your country (18 year old or older). 3 Fit into all the mentioned criteria, presenting only pictures of Sweet Seeds plants according to the monthly theme. To participate, send us your best pictures of any plant(s) from Sweet Seeds between the 1st and the 20th of each month to the email address WeLikeSweetSeeds@gmail.com and we will publish the pictures in our Face Book page. By the 25th of every month the winners will be announced and the theme for next contest will be published. To determine the winner of the Public Vote Prize we will consider every Like received until 23h59m59s of the 24th of every month. If 2 or more pictures have the same number of Like, it will be the Sweet Seeds team to decide which picture should win this prize. Important: the picture must be an original, it cant be a picture that was previously a winner of a prize in other contests. It cant also be a picture previously published in a professional format of any media, including electronic media, with the exception of social networks of personal use. We also ask you to send us the picture with the best quality and bigger size possible (minimum accepted is 1800 x 1200 pixels). We also ask for a clear file name and it should be like this: Strain name FaceBook username of the contestant Contest nº x Example: Green Poison John Parker Contest nº 1 The inadequate participations will be eliminated, just like any other participation that Sweet Seeds considers unadjusted to the established in this bases. The participation in the Contest supposes the cession and express authorization of all the intellectual property (copyright) and the rights of image for all the participations, with this meaning that the contestant cedes to Sweet Seeds the rights of exploitation of intellectual, industrial and/or image nature that belong to the author of the picture used to participate in the Contest. 4. Range and duration The Contest starts by the 1st of December of 2013 and its a monthly contest available to every country in the world. Sweet Seeds reserves the right to decide the number of editions (months). 5.- Requirements to participate This Contest is available for: - All the persons with 18 years or more who are fans of the official Sweet Seeds page at Face Book and who have a real profile page at Face Book. On the other hand, all users of cannabic forums where Sweet Seeds has a subforum can send the pictures by email and share them in the Sweet Seeds subforum, and be a candidate to all the prizes except to the "Public Vote" prize (as it can only be applied to contestants with a page at Facebook). 6.- Election of the winner/winners, substitutes, communication, prizes and prize delivery Between all the pictures received, a jury composed by members of the Sweet Seeds team will choose the 3 winning pictures, based on originality, quality and on how good the picture fits the theme. Between all the pictures the Public Vote Prize will go to the picture with more Likes at Face Book before the finish date. This prize can accumulate with the other prizes. This means that, as an example, if a picture that won the 2nd place is also the picture with the highest number of Likes, then the author of that picture will win a total of 300 euros in seeds (100+200). If for any reason the winner gets unreachable and we cant contact him/her in a period of 15 days counting from the first attempt of contact, or if the winner renounces the prize, it will not be given and the amount of money in seeds will be used in the prize of the next contest presented, improving the prizes for that month. Additionally, the name of the winner will be announced in the Sweet Seeds Face Book fan page and through email or private message, as soon as the Contest finishes and during the following 24 hours. Sweet Seeds will send the prizes directly to the winners, who have to share a name and an address for that matter. Sweet Seeds denies any responsibility related with deliveries that dont reach the addressee due to mistakes in the given address o if the contestants send a fake name. The prizes will be sent by mail to the address shared by each winner and the shipping costs are covered by Sweet Seeds. The difference between the value of the prize and the total value of the chosen seed packages will be considered lost and Sweet Seeds will not cover it in any way. Example: if a winner of the 2nd prize asks for 4 packs of seeds and the total value is 97 euros, the 3 euros of difference (100-97) are considered lost. The prizes will be sent in a maximum of 30 days after the winner claims it. All the strains available for this contest are Sweet Seeds originals. 7.- Warnings and limitations We will consider, on an illustrative but not limitative way, that a fraud is produced when we detect a use of applications that are external to the Website; the procedure of an abuse of enquiries to the server and all the behaviors that can result apparently abusive and/or malicious. The verification of any of the previously mentioned circumstances during the contest would mean the automatic disqualification of the contestant and also the loss of the award/prize given. Sweet Seeds declines any responsibility related to errors on the details given by the winners that could impede his/her identification or the delivery of the prizes. On the same way the company is not responsable for any possible losses, damage, steals or any other circumstance imputable to the mail service/office that could affect the shipping of the prizes. Sweet Seeds reserves the right of carrying out legal/judicial actions against any person that performs any type of act that is susceptible to be considered manipulation or falsification of the Contest. Sweet Seeds excludes any responsibility for damage or loss of any kind that could be originated by the lack of time availability or of continuity of the operation of the service though which the participation in the Contest is possible, to the defrauding of the utility that the users could have attributed to the mentioned services, and, specially, although in an exclusive way, to the fails in the access to the different pages and responses of participation through the Internet. Sweet Seeds reserves the right to make changes that allow for a better Contest or when unforeseen circumstances does not allow to finish it in the way projected in the present bases. Sweet Seeds reserves the right to postpone or extend the period of the Contest and also the right to interpret the present legal bases. Like this, the company will be exempt of any responsibility if any of the mentioned cases occur, and refuses any responsibility for any loss or harm caused during the use of the prize. 8.- Data protection The data shared by the contestants will be treated confidentially and compiled in an automated file of personal data, being the company Sweet Seeds the owner and responsible of that same file, with social head office in C/Rev. Jose Mª Pinazo, 9 46020 Valencia con CIF B-97811616, which purpose will be the management of the present contest (and delivery of commercial information that could be of the contestants interest). Sweet Seeds assures the entire compliance of the Organic Law 15/1999, of 13 of December, regarding the Personal Data Protection when treating the personal data collected during the present Contest, especially when it comes to the attention of the exercise of the informative rights, access, rectification, opposition and cancellation of personal data from the contestants. 9.- Bases acceptance The simple participation in this Contest mean the acceptation of the present Bases, which means that the manifestation of a non acceptance of the totality or part of them will mean the exclusion of the contestant and as a consequence of it, the company Sweet Seeds will be free of the obligation obtained by the contestant.
  12. Group Shot

    From the album Dark Devil Diary Pics

    First night under 250W in Tent.
  13. All Look Happy

    From the album Dark Devil Diary Pics

  14. Day 1 Group shot

    From the album Dark Devil Diary Pics

    About 4 Hours above Ground.
  15. Hi All, I'm getting set up for my next grow and I thought would give some Autos a try this time around. At my disposal are: +Speed (Sweet Seeds) (Auto) Big Devil (Sweet Seeds) (Auto) If anyone has any experience growing either of these and feels to drop in to drop some knowledge then thats all cool with me =) I'm growing in a 75x75x200cm Budbox with 1x400w (I have both a HPS and MH) with lumatek dimable digi ballast, 5" extraction with carbon filter. I also have a 110w CFL for possible use for vegging. Snaps of the tent to follow soon. Thanks for reading Mecca