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Found 28 results

  1. Welcome to the UK420 Twelve Days of Christmas competition It gives me enormous pleasure to be able to announce the the biggest competition we have ever held here I think, and before I go any further I would like to say a massive thanks to our friends and sponsors listed below who have dug very deep to provide the amazing list of prizes we have to give away to some very lucky winners in the run up to Christmas, and also big thanks to Distracted for having the idea and organizing it Some of you will notice that there are actually more than 12 days worth of comps, this is because when we started planning this it was going to be the 12 days of Christmas but it's kind of snowballed beyond that now We will be posting a brand new comp each day at 12 noon for 12 13 days from the 12th of December onwards Each competition will run for 24 hours only, to enter each competition all you need to do is make a humourous or festive post in the relevant thread, winning posts will be picked randomly by feeding the post numbers into random.org and a screen grab of the winning post numbers will be posted into the thread. Normal UK420 competition rules and terms apply, no cash alternatives and admins decision is final Prizes inc shipping to UK mainland only Lifetime members get 3 posts per competition, yearly members get 2 posts, all other members get one post each. The prizes _____________________________________________________________ Day 1 3 x prize packs each for: A Pack of G13 Labs Pineapple Express seeds Attitude Seeds T-shirt Attitude Seeds Grinder Attitude Seeds Bottle Opener Attitude Seeds Keyring Attitude Seeds Base Ball Cap http://www.cannabis-seeds-bank.co.uk/ _____________________________________________________________ DAY 2 A packet of 7 AutoMazar seeds "This extreme-performance AutoFem takes just 10 weeks from seed to a finished female plant. She uses the very best original Mazar genetics taken from Dutch Passions multiple prize-winning Afghani Indica." http://www.dutch-passion.nl/ _____________________________________________________________ DAY 3 A Hydrolab GL120XL grow tent. Perfect for a 600w in a space with a bit more headroom. Hydrolab have a major update to their grow tent range available from Mid-January consisting of 14 sizes (6 totally new) which now come with ultra thick frames, diamond mylar interiors plus all the usual high end features you would expect to find on a Hydrolab grow tent. Big pre-order discounts will be available from December so keep an eye open on the UK420 forums for further details. http://www.hydrolab-grow-tents.co.uk/ _____________________________________________________________ DAY 4 1st Prize Choice of Heady Pipe or Oil Rig + Hempwick and OG Lighter 2nd Prize OG Spoon Pipe Hempwick and OG lighter http://www.original-glass.co.uk ______________________________________________________________________ DAY 5 1st Prize 3 pack of fem Wappa, Paradise Seed Space Case Grinder + assorted goodies 2nd Prize 3 pack of fem Nebula, gents Paradise T-Shirt (L) + assorted goodies 3rd Prize 3 pack of fem Ice Cream, ladies Paradise T-Shirt (L) + assorted goodies https://www.paradise-seeds.com/ _____________________________________________________________ DAY 6 1st Prize 1 pack of 5 Cream Mandarine 1 pack of 5 Red Poison 1 pack of 5 Ice Cool Sweet Seeds Grinder Jack 47 T Shirt 2nd Prize 1 pack of 5 Sweet Special F1 Fast Version Sweet Seeds Grinder Jack 47 T shirt 3rd Prize 1 pack of 5 Green Poison F1 Fast Version Jack 47 T Shirt http://sweetseeds.es/shop/ _____________________________________________________________ DAY 7 1st Prize 1 pack of Applejack 1 pack of Big Red 1 pack of Blzbud 1 pack of CheeseWreck 1 pack of Diesel 2nd Prize 1 pack of Hex 1 pack of Hippie Killer 1 pack of Killa-watt 3rd Prize 1 pack of Superglue 1 pack of Milk 1 pack of Elvis http://www.seedism.com/ _____________________________________________________________ Day 8 TBA http://www.therealseedcompany.com/ _____________________________________________________________ Day 9 1st Prize Selection Box, Grinder Cards and Stickers. 2nd Prize Any packet of seeds from the UGORG store. 3rd Prize Any packet of seeds from the UGORG store. http://www.ugorg.com _____________________________________________________________ Day 10 A new IOLITE vaporizer The ultimate festival and camping vaporizer, the IOLITE is small, lightweight and discreet, so you can carry it wherever you go and vaporize without attracting attention. Powered by inexpensive butane gas, you'll never need to be near a power supply, and when the gas runs out, you can recharge the IOLITE in under 5 seconds! For more details see http://www.vapefiend.com/IOLITE _____________________________________________________________ DAY 11 1st Prize 1 pack William's Wonder 1 pack Wonder Kush 1 pack Chupacabra (femmed) 1 x SickMeds T- Shirt SickMeds Stickers 2nd Prize 1 pack William's Wonder 1 pack Wonder Kush 1 pack Chupacabra (femmed) 1 x SickMeds T- Shirt SickMeds Stickers 3rd Prize 1 pack William's Wonder 1 pack Wonder Kush 1 pack Chupacabra (femmed) 1 x SickMeds T- Shirt SickMeds Stickers 6 runner up prizes of Sickmeds T-shirts and stickers https://www.sickmeds.com _____________________________________________________________ DAY 12 1st Prize ET Emerald Jack 12 reg Medicann Afghani 10 reg ET Trinity Kush 5 Fem x 1 2nd prize ET Emerald Jack 12 reg Medicann Afghani 10 reg Medicann Scrog 5 Fem x1 3rd prize Medicann Afghani 10 reg 4th prize Medicann Afghani 10 reg 5th prize Medicann Afghani 10 reg http://www.weedworld.co.uk/ _____________________________________________________________ DAY 13 Greens Horticulture Prize 1 The Sunmaster FX 600W digital ballast Prize 2 Parabolic Reflector, 600w Maxibright Compact Ballast + 600W Sunmaster Lamp Prize 3 Lightwave 60cm x 4 T5 Tube http://www.greenshorticulture.co.uk/