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Found 57 results

  1. Dinafem auto grow

    From the album Dinafem auto grow

    All Autos, seeds put directly into bio bizz all mix soil on Tuesday 19th September,all broke soil on Sunday 24th Sept (pic 8 days from breaking soil 2nd Oct) 2 x OG Kush 2 x Bubba Kush 1 x Sour Diesel 1 x Critical 2.0
  2. OGK.jpg

    From the album Gorilla grow 2017

  3. OG Kush dinafem, 7w+2

    From the album Random

  4. OG Kush 7w+2

    From the album Random

  5. Let's get this show on the road shall we? First of all a big thank you to Mark and all at Dinafem for making this possible. I hope I can show my gratitude by producing a stunning summer show. I'm currently trawling the net for completed outdoor diaries of the 4 strains I'll be having a go with, none of which I've grown out before. A bit about the environment first. I'm at Lat 37N, on the coast, hmmm...OG!! I'm pretty much guaranteed blue skies from April through until November and the sun is intense to say the least. Last summer temps went way up into the 40'sC for about 3 weeks non stop which didn't suit everything so I may run into some problems if that happens again. Can't order the weather as you all well know. I'll be growing organically using either Compo or Flortis Eco veg & bloom nutrients which served me well last year. They're basically the same as BioBizz but about 40% cheaper. BioBizz light mix or Grotek, not sure yet. I'll also have some seabird guano which I'll use as a top dressing once flowering is underway. Today DPD arrived with my new wormery, a Wormcity 100 4 tray setup and 500 worms went into it this morning. They take a while to get up and running but I should have some lovely tea by the flowering stage. The strains. Pre'98 Bubba Kush. Sounds right up my street, I do like a good knockout indica for a relaxing evening. I rarely smoke during the day - too busy looking after my girls & boys and when I'm not doing that I play golf 3 or 4 times a week. I've read it's short, stocky, average yields, best topped, notoriously slow in veg...among other things. Let's see about that shall we! I may start this one off earlier than, for example, the OG Kush as I can probably trust it not to take over the whole neighbourhood. A 40L Smartpot will be perfect methinks. OG Kush. I picked up a pack at the Canamoexpo in Sevilla last year so it's time to get going with them. I'm toying with the idea of growing one of these using a SCROG. I have 2 sturdy 'nets' 1M x 1M that I could place either side of a 40L Smartpot. Why not? The other one I'll start off in May. I can't have 2-3m plants so starting towards the end of May will give them enough veg time without me ending up with triffids. Original Amnesia. 'It needs high levels of Ec and light. Those seeking the highest quality, it is best to grow it organically' 'The breeder recommends that it is with respect, as it is said that it's power is very high and to be careful with it, because it can cause temporary memory loss'. I'll smoke this when I need to forget something White Widow. Not much to say that hasn't already been said about this strain although I have yet to grow it. That's got the ball rolling, first update when I get the beans sprouted. Good luck to everyone else taking part, here's to a great outdoor grow in 2017 !
  6. Put to germinate 11:06 AM 9/5/2016 OG Kush (2) Critical+ (3) OG Kush CBD (3) coconut oil Big Kush (2) All beans cracked but one C+ hadn't sprouted yet. In starter cups with heat pad. 02:44 PM 9/7/2016
  7. DSCN3171

    From the album OG Kush, Critical+,OG Kush CBD and Big Kush

    day 22 flower
  8. DSCN3169

    From the album OG Kush, Critical+,OG Kush CBD and Big Kush

    day 22 flower, had a toxicity issue, resolved
  9. Over the last year or so I've spent a lot of time digging around the forums researching different strains and seed banks and put together this 'wish list' of stable and well rated seeds... ​ Cheese is my favourite smoke but is very easy to get hold of so I'll order a UGROG Collectors Pack to keep aside for when that time comes. For now I thought I would stick to feminized seeds to keep it simple as I'm still trying to master the basics. Any feedback is appreciated! Amnesia Lemon - Barney's Farm Finishing up now, heard bad things about barney's but am really impressed so far! (250w HPS) CheeseWreck - Seedism BLZ Bud - Seedism LSD - Barney's Farm Northern Lights #5 x Haze - Sensi Skywalker OG Kush - Reserva Privada Blue Dream - Humboldt Grapegod - Next Generation Ghost Train Haze #1 - Rare Dankness Sensi Star - Paradise Caramello - Delicious Original Strawberry Cough - Dinafem Has anyone had any experience with any of these strains? Let me know!
  10. DSCN3135

  11. DSCN3134

  12. DSCN3117

  13. 20160424 150711

    From the album My firstish grow og kush (Done with a friend)

    Og kush it's my first grow 9 week old. If anyone notices that I'm doing something wrong please feel free to tell me what to fix.
  14. Hi Guys, this is my first grow, and diary, and I thought I'd use this site to log my results as I have rather a funny experimental setup, to help me decide how I want to grow in future. I have a small, 25 Litre NFT, with 3 autos in it, a blue cheese, bubba kush and critical+2.0. Alongside these, popped at the same time, are two blue cheese, in a little compost and perlite but mostly canna coco. I have another 3 auto kushes, 2 Blue Kush and one OG, popped 2 weeks after the first five plants so I can get a slightly staggered grow. My plan is to go full term with these babies until around the end of March. I will be using the last month of this as veg time for the "proper" plants. Tent size - 1.2x1.2x2 Light - 600W HPS Nutes - Canna Rhizotonic, Vitalink biopac, VitaLink Max (Grow and Bloom 2 part), Growth tech Liquid Silicon, PK13/14. I also have a co2 bag. I am currently at just over 3 weeks with first five, and one with the other three. First pictures up soon.
  15. Ok the other night i may have over watered my girls a bit, i put them into flower last night, it has been there first day on 12/12 today, they are in 11 litre pots, in plagrons bat mix, they have been in there for roughly five weeks but the soil seems dry and kind of worn out since i over watered, i have another bag of plagron bat mix left over, so i'm gonna repot them into 16 litre pots thinkin with a fresh dose of bat mix they will love it right? is this a bad idea to do at the start of flower? how long until stretch? theres a quite a few yellow leaves on my afghan clones i was given but my o'g kush seems fine just a tad droopy since i over watered other then that quite healthy, apart from newer bottom leaves yellowing a little bit ive been giving them fox farms grow big recently also any tips and pointers will help tremendously thanks Logo
  16. Afternoon all, hope this finds you well! I've opened this diary just to cover all the dinafem stuff i run and to try and keep it all in one place. Nothing exciting just yet, ive got a few og kush seedlings coming along, And a Strawberry Amnesia which i'm attempting to mainline, I'll be popping more varieties in the not too distant future, stay tuned folks! bests
  17. Styers White Widow Scrog Hi all , Time for an other grow again .This time an going to try 2 White Widows in a scrog I think i have been putting to many plants into my small space and am not getting the big WOW yield that i am looking for I had 6 StarRyders in my last Scrog and was fracked for space and watering, pruning ,checking. was a nightmare so just 2 this time Ok set up is , 250 watt Metal Halide 400 watt Hps 600 watt Hps 2 shower fan fresh air intakes 1 Rhino extractor fan and carbon filter 12 inch desk fan 1 1000 watt oil filled Rad with termostat on wall away from rad Nutes are Plant Magic Bio Silicon Bio Bizz Bloom Bio Bizz Fish Mix Temps are 28 lights on 21 lights off Humidity is low at the moment but have trays of open water and a wet towel in box ,cant be helped just trying to keep it as high as i can in veg Veg for 1 week on 20/4 light cycle Veg for 3 weeks on 18/6 light cycle Flower for 8 weeks on 12/12 Here are the seeds I put the seeds into a class of tepid water for six hours then straight in to 2 inch pot and into propagator then hotpress for 24 hours both seeds popped there heads and i put them under 250 watt metal halide Week later and they look like this Gave half a mill of silicon per litre at watering potted them up to these bigger 4 inch pots roots were showing at bottom of pots WEEK 1 have put them under the 400 watt hps and will leave them for an other few days then under the 600 watt cant wait because the 600 watt is new This is the thermostat that i put on the oil rad its fantastic keeps the temp dialed in way better Well hope i have not forgot anything Hope to veg for 3 more weeks and hopefully they will have filled out the scrog a bit Any help and advice would be appriceted as i have forgot a lot about Feminised grows Thanks for looking in Hope this post made sense <StarRyder quick dried making me a bit foggy headed